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Hey You, yes YOU. You can make your own BLOG! just cut and paste. It. is. fun. here is what I did with the 2nd half of my day:

- - - - - Mon Nov 7 2016 pm - - - - - half day blog entry

     Fluoride Citizens for Safe Drinking Water
Help Get the F Out
Fluoride Action Network
Fluoride Free
Clean Water California
Clean Water Silicon Valley
Clean Water Oregon

     EMF MicroWave
No Smart Meters Sf (NEW group TODAY)
USA EHS Support Group
Ehs Nordic
EMF, Dirty Electricity, Radiation
EMF Analysis EMF and EHS Law
EMF Health Alert
EMF and EHS Law (CLOSED GROUP) Electro Magnetic Radiation Are You Safe South Africa

     CHEMTRAILS #GeoEngineering #WeatherModification #SolarRadiationManagement
Patrick Roddie 

     Breast Cancer PREVENTION Breast Cancer Action

      PREVENTION Environmental Working Group
EWG created the DIRTY DOZEN / Clean 15 list of Organic fruits and veggies
EWG broke the story of BPA plastic coated Cash register receipts: TOP 3 TOXIC receipts are CVS, USPS, SAFEWAY
EWG lists which plastic bottles are safer to drink from via Recycling Codes on BOTTOM. i.e. #1 PTFE is safest.
EWG lists which cell phones have the most MicroWave Radiation / EMF
EWG lists a sunscreen guide: HINT: Safest sunscreen = SHIRT and HAT
EWG has a searchable database for Skin Care products AND their individual ingredients.
EWG has offices in OAKLAND and WASH, D.C. Wait, did I mention

Fluoride: Poison On Tap - Full Documentary
Is fluoride bad for you? Should you be concerned about sodium fluoride being in your water or toothpaste? Learn why Sweden, Norway, Austria,…

ANY declaration of MARTIAL LAW by a CORRUPT GOVT is a declaration of war on the people
... At which point the people have NO CHOICE but to FIGHT that criminal REGIME
Martial Law is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. There is no provision for MARITAL LAW in the CONSTITUTION.

30 years of BUSH / CLINTON regime is 30 years too many.

Hillary Clinton is disqualified to be POTUS due to her innumerable treasonous crimes.

     I hereby declare:
I am bound by no law, statute or code originating from any criminal Bush or Clinton regime.

     Patriot Act is NULL and VOID
Any law which is repugnant to the US Constitution is NULL and VOID
Marbury v. Madison (1803)

Also the FBI, CIA, and DIA are behind the Clinton email hacks. They are horrified of what Clinton will do on top of Hussein Obama.

Pat Condell Finally a real choice. The American way, or the European way?
America's Moment Of Truth
Finally a real choice. The American way, or the European way? Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros’ vision of an open border world

BREAKING: From the anon who brought you the Laura Silsby connection: I have uncovered a pedophile with links to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, David Brock, George Soros, Marina Abramovic and the Podestas

when people ask why. Icke provides as good an answer as any. and if you study this stuff, it totally makes sense

Spirit Cooking? Politics & Satanic Rituals - David Icke
World Tour Tickets - 2016/17 Spirit Cooking? Politics & Satanic Rituals - David Icke All…
"email retention = Benghazi"
Longtime Clinton Aid: If America Read All of Hillary's Emails She Could ‘Lose 49 States’
Obama and Hillary Clinton have spent 8 years DESTROYING the Michigan working class.
 And now they have the audacity and gall to BEG for Michigan voters to hand them more power to sell out American workers...
Obama To Michigan: I Need You to Carry Hillary Clinton to Victory

     JUST IN...
FBI Investigating Texas Muslims About Election Terror Plot

tipsy beauty conference Sunday Pier 27 SF was hundreds of young 20s women with their faces plastered in foundation
"realism is not a value here" were the words of a female hairstylist I talked to
I found myself in a sea of zombies, realizing what I want are : AVOCADOS, beans, nuts seeds, greens, Berkey filtered water and / or Coconut waters etc.

Breaking: Trump Pulling Away, Hillary Desperate For Votes in ‘Blue’ States
Repeat of 1980? Hillary in freefall, losing grip on once Democratic strongholds
Inside sources say Democrat internal polls (not the fluffed-up media polls) show Trump ahead in every swing state:

Clinton Press Secretary Caught on Camera Planting Softball Question With Reporter » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Fact-Checking Snopes: Website's Political 'Fact-Checker' Is Just A Liberal Blogger
Popular myth-busting website Snopes originally gained recognition for being the go-to site for disproving outlandish urban legends -such as the presence of UFOs…

Susan Sarandon on refusing to back Clinton: 'I don't vote with my vagina'
The actress endorsed Jill Stein earlier this week.

"If Clinton is elected tomorrow, the entire world is in danger."
Some extrmely powerful information from Syrian Girl, and why she backs Trump
I Am a Syrian Muslim Woman Who Prefers #Trump over #Hillary, here is why. #Election2016

Clinton Foundation Under FBI Investigation

#MichaelFranti has a heart so big it can fill the biggest stadium. Ironic cause #MoveOn is funded is #GeorgeSoros same agenda as #RockTheVote 
each one teach one about NAZI youth George Soros who says that turning Jews in to the NAZIs were the best years of his life.

     All too often, 
Good Cops don't out/ help/ steer/ intervene with bad cops. 

     All too often, 
Good Jews don't out/ help/ steer/ intervene with bad Jews aka Fake Jews aka Ashkenazi Rothschild Zionists.  

Good, real, basic and other Jews own Hollywood, Congress, The Presidency, Media, etc. 
and we are told we are not allowed to talk about it. 
… cause if we do we are anti semetic blah blah blah

WAIT A MINUTE. you mean there is one power bank that owns ALL COMMUNICATIONS? and we can not communicate about that? is that fair?

***MUST WATCH*** | DAVID ICKE - Rothschild Zionism | They Dare Not Speak Its Name
Dismantle The Matrix 3 years ago 612,497 views

British author and lecturer David Icke has written 20 books and traveled to over 55 countries since 1990. His books reveal how a ...

oh I forgot... guess who owns all the banks? cue Jeopardy music...


Hillary Clinton's Jewish Controllers
Who controls the RNC and the DNC and the Western media? Look at the names and learn their hidden agendas for Talmudic world control. Why do Jewish-owned 'con...


BILL ran COCAINE thru Mena Airfield Arkansas BECAUSE HILLARY RODHAM is the ZIO MAFIA connection… they. run. the. drugs. 


     Rothschild Ashkenazi Zionism
We have managed to exist 200 years as a nation yet we have never put together the puzzle. There is a…

Hahahahahahahahah!.....the last one kills me!!!! LMFAO

I am ok with Jewish folk. I am anti Zionist. thanks. please watch whole video. we may learn something. shalom
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