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‪#WhiteGenocide‬ is really well explained in this audio:  
BRO! do you even MULTI TASK!? Listen to this whoolisblog AUDIO while you watch the #NoDAPL live DRONE vids on my wall. NOW!

     whoolisblog AUDIO 
Hour 3 - Invasion of Libya with guests: James and JoAnne Moriarty

Inside the Eye Live 11/19/2016

Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch", is an American
ex-patriot living in Amman, Jordan. He is the
author of the Illuminatus Observor, a blog
regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic
Qaballa blog in all of blogdom. The Fetch also
has a second site called "Inside The Eye"
Nick Spero fills in for Dennis Fetcho.

Hour 1 - Guest Kyle Hunt Election;Trump Card; White genocide etc KYLE HUNT says BEWARE: "ALT RIGHT" was coined by the Jew Paul Godfried in 2008 be very wary
Hour 2 - The history of Breitbart; Trump's Jewish influence. Brietbart News Network born in USA but conceived in Israel
Hour 3 - Invasion of Libya with guests: James and JoAnne Moriarty


Digital Smoke Signals was live.

     #NoDAPL Act now! Demand this be stopped! Contact: 
Army of engineers 202-761-8700
National guard 701-333-2000
White House 201-456-1111
North Dakota Governor 701-328-2200
Amnesty International 
Morton county sheriff 701-328-8118 & 701-667-3330

Aluminum + Fluoride = Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Fluoride “enhances the bio-availability of aluminum,” allowing it to cross the blood-brain barrier easier, thus making it more toxic.

Real News = Carcinogenic’ weedkiller found in alarming levels in American Food like General Mills cereal ! We Are Change
Monsanto Weed Killer Found in Cheerios & Other Popular Foods ! | We Are Change
The tests were done on 29 separate foods commonly found on grocery store shelves. Glyphosate residues were found the higest in General Mills’ Cheerios at…

     $ shtf = Shite Hits The Fan
Unfortunately, this is not something that is even on Donald Trump’s radar at this point.
Looming Behind the Victory: “Depressing Economic Realities That Donald Trump Will Inherit”

Trump is walking into the Oval Office in January, and it's only because the elites decided to put him there in advance — and for a reason! 
To blame the impending economic collapse on him? 
“He Won Because The Elites WANT HIM There, The Global Economy WILL Collapse”
2017 is going to be a bumpy ride, and Trump will make a great scapegoat for what the elite have in store.

im not here just to create a virtual safe space for people protected from butt hurt, but I believe this is important info that needs to get out.
What You Need To Look Out For With President Donald Trump
In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about President Elect Donald Trump and what drove him to power. As Trump is picking his cabinet and advisors we are…
Abel Danger: Neocon Invasion of Team Trump Fully Underway
Trump's Corporate Consolidation 
Michael Hudson: Donald Trump Wants to Make the 1% Even Richer
Will Trump Break The Media?
Breitbart News Network: Born In The USA, Conceived In Israel ?
Fooling ourselves - ‘Who is the new boss? Same as the old boss!’

Who is the new boss? Same as the old boss! - John Kaminski

"As long as the real perpetrators of 9-11 go free, 
humanity will continue to live in a demoralized
political fantasy created by criminals"

Fooling ourselves
By John Kaminski - November 20  2016     
‘Who is the new boss? Same as the old boss!’

John Pilger: Liberals created Trump by pushing corrupt Clinton, but now act surprised
Award-winning journalist John Pilger says that Donald Trump’s election victory “could be seen from miles away,” and has blamed a union of political, financial and media… 

     ITALY - Muslums rioting in Italy

Ping Pong and Pedophiles in High Places
by Puddy Dunne
BREAKING - Investigator Monica Petersen Found Dead In Haiti - Was Investigating… 

#PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza

- - - - - Sat Nov 19 2016 

Trump is walking into the Oval Office in January, and it's only because the elites decided to put him there in advance — and for a reason! 
To blame the impending economic collapse on him? 
“He Won Because The Elites WANT HIM There, The Global Economy WILL Collapse”
2017 is going to be a bumpy ride, and Trump will make a great scapegoat for what the elite have in store.

Soros & Hillary Launch Purple Revolution Against Trump
Globalists try to usurp power from the people
Is Soros creating a “color revolution” in the US to oppose Trump?

? who has the ORIGINAL SOUTHPARK beta / bootleg? where MEDIATION efforts are made between Santa and JESUS

I feel this is what the LEFT needs to see right now as they do not seem to understand that lots of folks were scared into voting for Trump due to Hillary being an ACTUAL CRIMINAL guilty of 1,000s of crimes…

Left is all: VOTE for H cause T is BAD. yet cannot conceive that other Americans are thinking: Vote for T cause H is bad. srsly 

The Story of Your Enslavement #StephanMolyneux 
The same media that gave Hillary a 98% chance of winning, WMDs in Iraq & hoax rape stories is lecturing us about "fake news". 
Give me a break.

The actual list of fake news media and 'journalists' as exposed by WikiLeaks
We've seen the make-shift "fake news" list created by a leftist feminist professor.…
The tolerant left suddenly doesn't seem so 'tolerant' anymore. Smh
Liberals set a Mustang on fire for having a Trump bumper sticker on it
Our government are the terrorists, and the domestic enemy.
Russia Today : 9 /11 Was A 100% Inside Job !
With Assange and Snowden, the Truth has Now Moved to the East ! Watch RT live : RT - Conspiracy Files
We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook - Full Video in Higher…

Here are all the comments from the Wikileaks poster on 8chan confirming our worst fears. SPREAD THIS
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet. 

Podestas, Pizza and Pedos everything you need to know about the Wikileaks Emails and the satanic cult ritualistic child abuse that were reviled within them. Via. Evil HillaryRead More;  

Woman Investigating Clinton Foundation Pedophile Ring Found Dead
Add one more person to the Clinton body count. Monica Petersen was found dead under “suspicious circumstances” while working for the Human Trafficking Center in Haiti. During the time leading up to the election, Wikileaks released thousands of emails linking the Clintons to pedophilia and strange co...
Comet Ping Pong on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: Would you like some pedophilia with that Mr. Fieri? - YouTube
Tina Simerly shared a video

#PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza

Yo Mama so DUMB she lost a RIGGED ELECTION 
Rigged by yo mama LOL

- - - - - Fri Nov 18 2016

THE PSYCHOPATH GEORGE SOROS: Corbett Report uncovers the infamous 60 Minutes piece on George Soros, which has just emerged online - Here are the highlights and narration by James Corbett:
Infamous 60 Minutes Piece on Soros Emerges Online - Here are the highlights

#PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza

Wikileaks Pizza Pedo Ring Summarized: Podestas, Clintons, Marina Abramovic, Everything Known 

The Pizza-Related Pedophile Ring
Including Terasol, Besta Pizza, and Comet Ping Pong

Inside Comet Ping Pong
#PizzaGate (work in progress) josephjstallion at gmail com to…

this pedophelia stuff is totally out of control. this story will shake you to your core. NOT for the sensitive minded.
Satanism and children
Satan's Children 60 Minutes Pt 1. 9 4 89
Originally aired in 1989 by Australian 60 minutes journalist Ian Leslie

Illuminati Card Game it's astonishing how many times these cards are spot on
I am so PISSED that I have not posted more PEDO stuff earlier  
and I did not cause it is too hard for most to stomach has been covering this PEDO stuff OVER 20 years.
I have wanted to post about this but I get so much CRAP for posting even 911 truth.
NOW we came within a breath of having QUEEN PEDO CLINTON as PRESIDENT cause all these nifty LIBTARDS think the DEM PARTY is the ANSWER. NO IT IS NOT. 
#PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza #PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary

     $     YES BUT! 
Why Donald Trump Must Shut Down The Federal Reserve And Start Issuing Debt-Free Money
If Donald Trump truly wants to fix the economy, he must shut down the Federal Reserve. If he just tries to patch up our current system, he will fail, because it has…

Obama Hints The END of USA! "End of the Republic" Last President? 2016 Final Speech

It's all engineered... all designed perfectly... The election has polarized many perfectly through it's divide and conquer agenda. It has brought out the best and worst in people. It is showing everyone's true color through their taking sides... black vs white, democrat vs republican... Us vs them.... The illusion of duality is fully and completely being played right in front of you...Many vehemently standing behind their indoctrinated perception of reality much of which is not truly of their own making.
There is a deep divide. It was engineered that way. See the game. No need to participate. Choosing sides you become an agent of the system. True love has no color...does not choose sides in this false reality based in duality.....
Become the observer... become aware... in that neutral space is a place..... of love, acceptance..... and power....
This is the frequency..... of a system breaker..... 

The joys of multiculturalism.
Spotted: Asians U.K
Yet another young lad gets beaten up...
What is wrong with these kids...
Please share so they are Identified and caught

Interesting news.
Leaked Video Shows Hillary Celebrating Election Night!

- - - - - Thu Nov 17 2016

A complete US Media Blackout continues on this breaking information... Monsanto weed killer found in alarming amounts in Cheerios, Stacy's Pita Chips and more. It's made the front page in Europe but what about here? If you really want to stop the corruption perpetuated by Monsanto and the large chemical companies – Share this post and spread the word to shut them down!

Thank you to Food Democracy Now! and The Detox Project for your incredible investigation!

Monsanto Is Scrambling To Bury This Breaking Story - Don't Let This Go Unshared! Glyphosate Monsanto RoundUp 1125 ppb in Cheerios. 
I am frankly shocked this information is not making front page news right now. Monsanto will do anything to bury this story… and as of right now, it’s working. Not a single mainstream media outlet has covered this appalling new report that shows millions of people being poisoned by a chemical that does not belong in our food. This chemical is ending up in processed foods like Cheerios, Ritz Crackers, and Oreos and being consumed by humans across the world. The health of millions of people is on the line and this news must go mainstream! That’s why I’m calling on every single one of you who reads this post to share this breaking story now. The only way this injustice will be corrected is if enough of us stand up and demand that something be done to stop the poisoning of our food supply.

Another good reason to not eat any processed food... !! Eat as close to the ground, as organic as possible, and know your growers... In all things, do the best you can and radiate healing to self and others no matter what you eat, think or say.

Here's WHY: American Farmers spray their crops with ROUNDUP 2 days before HARVEST to cause the 
Oats Wheat Barley Rye etc to DRY OUT for ease of TILLING tractor harvesting etc. … CRIMINAL TOXIC ABUSIVE PRACTICE to say the least

Why I didn't get fat or diabetes while eating lots of sugar and carbs

The Truth About Fake News 
Dear MSM: You're the fucking experts at fake news, so how dare you accuse us of being fake news? 
Facebook @ FOLLOW
"Dear MSM: You're the fucking experts at fake news, so how dare you accuse us of being fake news?"

Quote of the day: "Can't wait for Facebook to take down the FAKE NEWS is a partial list to help them out......"

You guys hear about this list of "fake news" this troll put out? Sites like Zero Hedge, Lew Rockwell and The Free Thought Project are on it. 
Learn More: 

We've seen the make-shift "fake news" list created by a leftist feminist professor. Well, another fake news list has been revealed and this one holds a lot more water.
This list contains the culprits who told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and lied us into multiple bogus wars. These are the news sources that told us "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." They told us that Hillary Clinton had a 98% of winning the election. They tell us in a never-ending loop that "The economy is in great shape!"
REVEALED: The Real Fake News List
By Chris Rossini We've seen the make-shift "fake news" list created by a leftist feminist professor . Well, another fake news list has been revealed and this one holds a lot more water. This list...

BREAKING: From the anon who brought you the Laura Silsby connection: I have uncovered a pedophile with links to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, David Brock, George Soros, Marina Abramovic and the Podestas

when people ask why. Icke provides as good an answer as any. and if you study this stuff, it totally makes sense

Spirit Cooking? Politics & Satanic Rituals - David Icke
World Tour Tickets - 2016/17 Spirit Cooking? Politics & Satanic Rituals - 

I FOUND A SMOKING GUN - Monica Petersen found dead in Haiti 3 days ago - family is kept in the dark - SHE WAS INVESTIGATING CLINTON

After Election, the Woman Investigating Clinton Foundation Crimes, FOUND DEAD! DEAD!
Monica Petersen who was Investigating the Clinton Foundation CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING Found DEAD...
Family has yet to be given any details on her death.

Monica Petersen obit

Wanna see some pedo paintings and meet the people who love them? Then show up tonight. 
7:30 SF
 Marina Abramović (Sold out) Today 19:30 · City Arts & Lecture City Arts & Lectures 275 Hayes St, San Francisco, California 94102
Marina Abramovic

 "Pizzagate": How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington's Occult Elite - The Vigilant Citizen - Symbols Rule the World

can you see what they are saying?
and see: #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza

 Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble – The Real Strategy
Over 70,000 Members… Largest Pedophile Ring in History EXPOSED. By Gordon…
St. James Island exposed: The elites best kept secret, until now

Anti-Trump Left Pushing Pedophile Rights » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Moral relativism leads to societal collapse
"A self-admitted pedophile claims his attraction to children is just a “sexual orientation” as leftist media promotes “pedophile rights.”

LOL! The exact moment Anthony Weiner was busted is caught on camera. Huma was there... awkward silence

Gateway drug? Most people who try marijuana don't even keep smoking marijuana.
Watch an all-new @Adam Ruins Everything on truTV every Tuesday 10/9C! #AdamRuinsEverything
D.A.R.E. to keep the CIA off DRUGS!

The real fact about British universities and feminism today. Please share, share and share.
Original video here
The real fact about British universities and feminism today.
Women Against Feminism UK

Most Americans aren't aware of this ... #ENDtheFED
Why I'm Not A Feminist 

Wait...Stevia Hailed by Overpopulation Propagandists as an Anti-Fertility Agent?

Wikileaks: Reporters who met in secret and coordinated with Hillary's campaign. 

     Tomi Lahren
"The Hillary apologists seem to think women should exist inside one giant ovary. Wrong."

     Hillary Rampage
Hillary Rampage, DYING Now? Crazed Drunk Assaults Staff On Election Night - Now Looks Dead!

Donald Trump & the Disabled Reporter. 
The whole truth and not the spin put on by the media. 

     No more crap!
This week the House passed HR 5982, the "Midnight Regulation Relief Act" to prevent the Obama administration from passing any more regulations during its last 60 or so days in office.

Who's really behind America's current protests 

Good try Soros but we love our country too much to let you mess with it anymore.  

AMERICA #UNDERSTANDTHIS: #MFA's MASTER PLAN TO STOP GEORGE SOROS - PROJECT "ZERO TOLERANCE" #PRJTZeroTollerance / Obama and German Chancellor Merkel speech clearly supporting the ongoing plan of #NWO Globalization / #MFATraitor #DanaHanceFalls time to have her arrested / Explaining the true meaning behind Obama's Executive Order 13603.
Join March For America today:
Follow Scott Binsack on Twitter:
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For More On Scott Binsack:
#ScottBinsack #MFA #MarchForAmerica #MFANews #MFAStrong #MFAWAGeorgeSoros #MAGA #TrumpIsOurPresident 
Infowars Announces Fake News Analysis Center » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Discredited "mainstream" media makes desperate attempt to control narrative.

QuantCast Blacklists Infowars as "Fake News" Free Speech Purge Accelerates » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Quantcast has blacklisted Infowars from its top trafficked websites as the establishment’s attempt to silence opposing voices by declaring conservative outlets “fake news” accelerates.

     EMF Wi-Fi
Time to disable the Wi-Fi hotspot in GM cars....they are making people sick. 
Watch the damage. Wireless microwave radiation is a Class 2B Possible Human Carcinogen in the same category as lead, DDT and chloroform.
So we were flying over Colorado, New Mexico and western Texas and saw all these stripped-land rectangular shapes with water reservoirs on or near them. This went on for HUNDREDS OF MILES. When I got home and searched on the Internet to find out what they were, I was horrified to find out that these are thousands of fracking sites. THOUSANDS!!
boy, I sure got an education today just by looking down. It turns out that these rectangular shaped water reservoirs are the contaminated pools of water from the chemicals used to frack.

Duthsinse broke this story first years ago:

Jon Stewart Calls Out Left’s Hypocrisy of Labeling All Trump Voters ‘Racist’ While Defending Muslims

Please join us on Tue, Nov 22, 2016 at 7:00 PM Central Standard Time for this free webinar hosted by Oath Keepers.
Register Here:

When there is civil unrest, or a long term breakdown in law and order, you will need to come together with your neighbors to defend yourselves and each other. Going it alone will not work. It takes a community to provide effective security for you and your loved ones. This webinar, presented by two U.S. Army Ranger veterans, will teach you how. They will show you how to put together a “Neighborhood Protection Plan” (NPP), as described in the excellent (but sadly out of print) book, A Failure of Civility, so you are ready, in advance, to stand up a neighborhood watch, “with teeth” to defend against looters, arsonists, predatory gangs, terrorists, and the “doomsday marauders” or “prepper pirates” who will all try to take advantage of any disaster to prey on the weak.
Free Webinar: Standing Up A Neighborhood Watch "With Teeth" - Oath Keepers
“You Gotta Have Friends” but they Gotta Be Organized (and Trained!) Are you and your neighbors ready to defend against looters, arsonists, terrorists, and gangs?…

     At least the U.K. admits it spies on its slaves.
Britain just passed the "most extreme surveillance law ever passed in a democracy"
The law forces UK internet providers to store browsing histories -- including…

"Put simply, Democrats knowingly chose to nominate a deeply unpopular, extremely vulnerable, scandal-plagued candidate, who — for very good reason — was widely perceived to be a protector and beneficiary of all the worst components of status quo elite corruption. It’s astonishing that those of us who tried frantically to warn Democrats that nominating Hillary Clinton was a huge and scary gamble — that all empirical evidence showed that she could lose to anyone and Bernie Sanders would be a much stronger candidate, especially in this climate — are now the ones being blamed: by the very same people who insisted on ignoring all that data and nominating her anyway."
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