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     $ SHTF
“Obama Set Up the Next President For a Major Recession”… And A Giant Crash Is Coming
We Are Being Set Up For Higher Interest Rates, A Major Recession And A Giant Stock Market Crash
by Michael Snyder
Since Donald Trump’s victory on election night we have seen the worst bond crash in 15 years. Global bond investors have seen trillions of dollars of wealth wiped out since November 8th, and analysts are warning of another tough week ahead. The general consensus in the investing community is that a Trump administration will mean much higher inflation, and as a result investors are already starting to demand higher interest rates. Unfortunately for all of us, history has shown that higher interest rates always cause an economic slowdown. And this makes perfect sense, because economic activity naturally slows down when it becomes more expensive to borrow money. The Obama administration had already set up the next president for a major recession anyway, but now this bond crash threatens to bring it on sooner rather than later.

Trump is walking into the Oval Office in January, and it's only because the elites decided to put him there in advance — and for a reason! 
To blame the impending economic collapse on him? 
“He Won Because The Elites WANT HIM There, The Global Economy WILL Collapse”
2017 is going to be a bumpy ride, and Trump will make a great scapegoat for what the elite have in store.

     Beautiful Nature Video
[HD] Above & Beyond - Good For Me 

This disturbing time lapse video shows just how "safe" oil and gas pipelines really are...
Lets listen to the professors - turn off your cell phone, wifi and ipad if you are pregnant. Its not safe, the emf radiation. 
Prof. Montagnier emphasized the importance of raising awareness of the entire population of this health issue.
Pregnant women in particular should be protected.
Prof. Montagnier clearly stated that health should take precedence over the economy.
Rothschild and the Illuminati New World Order

Hillary Tied to Bizarre Occult "Spirit Cooking" Ritual 
This is some seriously freaky Eyes Wide Shut-style weirdness. Facebook @ FOLLOW Paul Joseph Watson @…

Do you know? Because you should ALWAYS know what's going into your body!

We are grateful to The Autism Intensive - Expert Interview Series for providing this and over 30 additional interviews featuring functional medicine experts:

And be sure to check out Dr. Thomas' newly released book including his science-based, recommended alternative vaccination schedule and many more tips for keeping your family healthy and protected.

LET'S TALK ABOUT THE REAL FAKE MEDIA: "CNN is Ron Paul’s biggest alleged culprit, with nine entries, followed by the NY Times and MSNBC, with six each. The NY Times has recently come under fire from President-elect Donald Trump, who accuses them of being “totally wrong” on news regarding his transition team, while describing them as “failing.”

UNDERGROUND pedo #TUNNELS from WASH DC transit underneath COMET PING PONG, BESTA PIZZA, RED FOX BUCKS and Hillary Rodham Clinton related Businesses?
#PizzaGate #LittleLivesMatter #PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza

Redditors found a pederast twitter account that led them to thousands of pedos and they are all posting child porn on twitter those that saw it were obviously shaken to the core. Wtf twitter? Are they not liable for this shit?

WIKILEAKS DATA: PizzaGate Real, Hillary Clinton Is Deplorable!
Thanks to Wikileaks emails of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta a "hub of coincidences" has been unearthed. PizzaGate is real - Hillary Clinton ...

LEGIT SITE. This has been going on for a looong time
The Franklin Coverup Scandal The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse
Originally scheduled to air in May of 1994 on the Discovery Channel, "Conspiracy of Silence" was yanked at the last minute due to formidable pressure applied by top…


GET 'EM, DONALD TRUMP PizzaGate Is Real, Hillary's SICK!

Laura Ingraham: 'We Have A Mass Of Humanity Just Walking Across Our Border' 
Good clip on Democratic-controlled sanctuary cities with comments from potential Trump press secretary Laura Ingraham, Gingrich and even cuckservative Charles Krauthammer.
'It's not racist to say that we need a strong border.'

(5 Minutes) 4 PHONE CALLS EASY ACTION to help our Brothers and Sisters at STANDING ROCK
GOVERNOR is Jack Dalrymple at 701-328-2200
Senator Heidi Heitkamp 202.224.2043
Amnesty International - 212-807-8400
Heidi's office is feeling the pressure from our phone calls. She is issuing a statement, but I urged the office to do something NOW and told the office that we are watching. The phone calls are making a difference.
Listen, if you cannot be there...take 5 minutes and leave messages with these people. This is ACTION we can take to support our brothers and sisters at Standing Rock.
If you don't know what to say, try something like: We are watching the atrocities that are happening to the peaceful protestors at Standing Rock. These people are exercising their first amendment right to protest peacefully and are being shot at with rubber bullets, water blasts and sound grenades. This is all being documented by the people. We urge you to take action now.
Thank you for 5 minutes. It can help a lot.
**Please do not share this post. Instead, copy and paste it. It will get more views on facebook. We stand together in love.

The Rothschilds and the super elite, multi BILLIONAIRES, want to eliminate 75% of the world's population, and they are doing it by various methods, such as through Monsanto, with all their GMOs, wheat, corn, that is toxic and slowly killing people by causing disease. Through sugars of all kinds, in every food, leading to an increase in disease, making unhealthy foods addictive causing people to overeat and become obese, which in turn leads to cancer, diabetes, heat disease, gum disease, ... many illnesses. Fast foods, soda pop, candy.... Even with the advancements in medicine, science etc people are sicker than ever!!! The Bilderberg group, make all these plans at secret meetings. There is more cancer, diabetes, autism, obesity and all the illnesses associated with it, Alzheimer's. People like the Clintons and the CLINTON FOUNDATION that make gross profits in the hundreds of millions at the expense of the world's poorest and sickest, I.e. The Haitians, AIDS patients.... Disgusting. Then when people get sick, they make healthcare and medicine prohibitively expensive. There is more than enough for everyone on this planet to have HEALTHY food, water, shelter, medical care. But... they don't want that.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.