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DISINFO SITES: to avoid 
abcnews . com . co It is a faux cite made to mimic ABC news
BeforeItsNews . com 
thebostontribune . com/kratom-ban-reversed-after-support-from-advocates/
christiantimesnewspaper . com 
dailynewsposts . info/every-american-will-salute-with-pride-nypd-announces-they-are-preparing-to-arrest-hillary-clinton-on-pedophilia-and-treason-charges
Departed . co sources SuperStation95
ENDINGTHEFED . com and SECRETSOFTHEFED . com stuff we wish were true, but it's just made up
facebook . com/DMLdaily runs multiple posts pretending crisis actors are real in Munich Germany
and dennismichaellynch . com 
FREEREPUBLIC . com   race.trainnewstrump . com/14111995/austin-protests BEWARE VIRUS SITE from FREEREPUBLIC . com 
 ILoveMyFreedom . com     ViralLiberty . com     are both sourcing YourNewsWire? for this phony clinton ballot sorry which I have NOT yet heard on ANY legit News Site. STOP with the FAKE SITES PEOPLE. DUH!
interestingthingsdaily . com (claims killer whales ate 16 Japanese whalers at once)
LiveLeak . com is running video of Munich Germany Shooting DRILL with BIG RED Earmuffs claiming it is real.
Medium . com parody site claimed Edward Snowden was captured  
MyFreshNews . com by ADMIN gimme a break
mysteriousearth . net fake pic of human with hand on 6 foot humanoid skull.
NCSCOOPER . com BurningMan cancelled due to Hurricane Marie ncscooper . com/wikileaks-clintons-purchase-200-million-maldives-estate/
OpEdNews . com plays fast and loose with facts
politicususa . com
Russel Brand. 1st says don't' Vote. Then says Vote Labor. Still on Heroin, recent pic with Dealer. Girlfriend is Rothschild. Darling of BBC. BBC does not let you in unless you are gatekeeper.
Russell Brand definitely works for the other team. He's a member of the Fabian Society, sub-group of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the sister organization of the CFR. He guest edited the Fabian "New Statesman" and dated a Rothschild. 
And there's the fawning adoration the BBC gives him. 
Total agent/gatekeeper/scumbag. 
secretsofthefed . com presents photoshop 911 Pentagon plane as "leaked photo"
scorchedearthnews  .  com fake pic alligator swim in town LA flood
SecretEnergy dot com asks if Devil's Postpile in WY is really a GIANT TREE STUMP 
Snopes is literally two people with Google and a deep bias against conservatives and conservative issues, like, say, gun rights pronounced SUCHA FOOL / CIA disinfo troll
Southendnewsnetwork Spoof news site x etc. 
SuperStation95 . com outed by Luke RudKowski when they FALSELY claimed turkey had BLOCKED RUSSIAN NAVY  into BLACK SEA
thebostontribune . com/florida-business-owners-engage-in-shootout-with-looters-31-confirmed-dead/
thefreepatriot . org/breaking-bernie-sanders-endorses-donald-trump/
theglobalsun . com/17-year-old-canadian-boy-dies-from-marijuana-overdose/  aka PARODY
tmzworldnews . com/60-kkk-members-commit-suicide-after-learning-harriet-tubman-will-be-on-20-bill/
unitedstates-politics . com/obama-raises-retirement-age-73-says-need-work-help-refugees
uspoliticslive . com/2016/11/06/shocking-another-key-hillary-witness-dies-car-crash-days-elections/
USAPoliticsToday . com
uspoliticslive . com/2016/09/10/breaking-news-dc-explosion-leaves-key-hillary-clinton-witness-dead/
uspoliticslive . com/2016/09/20/breaking-key-hillary-witness-dies-car-explosion/
USunCUT . com I'll be ready... To expose hoax after hoax... This one was pretty easy, but amazing how far it got before we shut it down. Also, we need to expose USUncut dot com for the lying, false news site that it is... A lot of neo-liberal extreme fear porn is coming from that, likely Soros funded, fake news site...
ViralLiberty . com sourcing YourNewsWire
webdaily . com/2016/10/31/breaking-obama-to-possibly-suspend-election/
wellaware1 . com 
 wundergroundmusic . com satire . "Crystal Meth Actually Good For You" Admit Doctors
worldnewspolitics . com 
worldpoliticus . com
WorldNewsDaily . com  
worldnewsdailyreport . com/doctors-confirm-first-human-death-officially-caused-by-gmos/
YourNewsWire . com    facebook . com/yournewswire 
     ? more pop up every day: 
Please find a better SOURCE as the above sites will eventually if not FREQUENTLY mislead you with BAD INFO 

     FAKE CRAP from BS sites with BAD SPELLING in URL
amazingcentery . info/2016/08/flying-hawk-picks-live-snake-throws-family-picnic-video/
I might start giving % rankings to sites: ie: infowars is 97% accurate. Sun rises 100% of days. MSM is less than 50% trustable... etc. 

as I have 4500 friends on FB and post frequently I have plenty folks in network to help me learn which are disnfo sites. 

I am fortunate to have a VAST network of Truther friends since 911 and before. WE VET SHIT 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.