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The Neoliberal Echo Chamber Is Turning Us All Into Idiots
It's becoming more and more acceptable in liberal circles to ignore all information that doesn't validate one's ideology, and it's making us all stupid.

     fake news
‘Fake news’? Time to choose: Corporate media fakes us into wars that aren’t even close to lawful, are Orwellian illegal Wars of Aggression (1 of 14)
The Washington Post: Useful-Idiot Shills for a Failed, Frantic Status Quo That Has Lost Control of the Narrative

Lone Blogger Rages Against The Washington Post’s Russian “Hit List”

Glenn Greenwald Just Beat The Snot Out Of Fake News Rag 'The Washington Post'
In a single article, Greenwald highlighted all the sickest elements of WaPo, corporate media, and the neoliberal agenda, and ripped it all to shreds.

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The American Dream Film-Full Length 
#ENDtheFED re: the Federal Reserve Bank
If you don;t know or understand the who/what/when/where/how the Federal Reserve came to happen and how it affects us now, this animation is a great's been out for years.

US Presidents Murdered By Rothschild Banksters   

Doctors Conclude Statins Do More Harm Than Good; Claim Study Was Flawed
One doctor calls it "the great cholesterol con"

     (eat organic steel cut oats)
Quaker Oats Is Being Sued For Putting A Cancer-Causing Pesticide In Their Oatmeal - Health Nut News
Quaker Oats Is Being Sued For Putting A Cancer-Causing Pesticide In Their…

Instant noodles are absolute GARBAGE. They provide NO nutritional value whatsoever.
It may come as no surprise, but I would like to emphasize that eating instant noodles is NOT health and has NO nutritional value or benefit to you.
BREAKING: Donald Trump Picks Hawk CFR Henry Kissinger Aid To Cabinet
In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about Donald Trump's latest National Security Advisor pick apart of…

     This is what Muslims think… 
Really people Muslim says it s okay to sleep with a 9 year old girl because she's an adult.

Thanksgiving Shoppers Get Trolled with Bullhorn   

Migrants burned down refugee centre causing €10 million in damage because there wasn't enough Nutella, Gummibears or chocolate, German Red Cross worker reveals..

War Veteran turned Cop, Aaron Weiss, gives the greatest Pro-Gun/Anti Gun Control Speech you'll ever hear in your Lifetime!! #2A

Fun fact: the effect of mass incarceration on the actual crime rate is effectively ZERO.
Watch an all-new @Adam Ruins Everything on truTV every Tuesday 10/9C! #AdamRuinsEverything

new info... #PizzaGate Is Real
Pledge $1 per video to help me create more viral videos like this one because we are the new media: 

HELP! is there a SINGLE Max Igan VIDEO that is a CENTERPIECE? similar to how Story of Your Enslavement is the CENTERPIECE of Stephan Molynuex' vieos? thanks

Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Episode 274 - America 
#Pizzagate is Real - Tearing Away the Veil 
#PizzaGate #LittleLivesMatter #PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza

The Story of Your Enslavement #StephanMolyneux 
Let's take a look at the "real news"... ‪#fakenews‬ ‪#NYTpedo‬ ‪#PedoNewYorkTimes‬ #PEDOpaper
The "Fake News" Psyop: Our Freedom Depends on the Freedom of the Press
"Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press and that can not be limited without being lost!" 

#PizzaGate: What We Know So Far
The Pizza-Related Pedophile Ring:
Spirit Cooking With The Clintons: 
Inside Comet Ping Pong #PizzaGate
#PizzaGate #LittleLivesMatter #PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza #PodestaPizza #PodestaHotDogs #PodestaTortureChamber

Please watch and share this video #PodestaPortugal May 3 2007 the day Madeline McCann Vanished
PEDO BROS. SMOKING GUN: The Podesta Brothers & Madeleine McCann
PEDO BROS. - A SGT Report Micro-Doc. Mounting circumstantial evidence now suggests that Tony and John Podesta should be investigated in the case of 3-year ol... SGT Report 9:45
#PizzaGate #LittleLivesMatter #PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza  
#MKultra #Tavistock #PsyOp #PsyOps  #CovertOps #BlackOps
#PodestaPizza #PodestaHotDogs #PodestaTortureChamber

     Titus Frost
#PizzaGate DOCUMENTARY: Political Elite Pedophile Ring Exposed
A great video by Titus Frost that everyone should see. 1:46:06
     David Seaman 
says Twitter is the New MySpace. sign up for GAB
It turns out that the author of the NY Times article, Cecelia Kang, has been outed as a shill peddling propaganda to cover up the pedophile ring and respected journalists are tearing her to shreds for it. Check it out:
NYT's Defense Of PizzaGate DC Pedophiles Blown Apart
Journalist David Seaman DS #JournalistDavidSeaman #DavidSeaman

Satanic #PizzaGate Is Going Viral Worldwide (Elites Are Terrified)
Too late elites, you can't kill us ALL.
You can't accuse us ALL of being pedos, when you're the ones with Instagram accounts of child victims 14:17 by David Seaman DS
Journalist David Seaman DS #JournalistDavidSeaman #DavidSeaman
Corey Haim Murdered Exposing Pedophiles in Hollywood
Corey Haim was murdered by prescribed medicine and phony new doctor, an MK Ultra satanic sacrifice. I DO NOT OWN any of the material or audio in this video.
Wow. This one gets into people you totally wouldn't expect. But when u see the footage, it totally makes sense and is creepy as fuuunk

“The Number one problem in Hollywood was and always will be pedophilia.”
-Corey Feldman, During interview with ABC News

“There are a lot of vipers in this industry, people who only have their own interests in mind,” continued Elijah Wood in his interview. “There is a darkness in the underbelly – if you can imagine it, it’s probably happened.”
Zionist pedophilia in Hollywood
In an interview with ABC's "Nightline," Corey Feldman s

     David Icke
ask David Icke he has outed 10 Downing St London for 20 years!
David Icke - Exposing The Dreamworld We Believe To Be Real…

The Children of Table 34 (complete film)
The Children of Table 34 (complete film)Did you know that the "comprehensive sexuality education" currently being forced into schools is based primarily on the debauched activities of pedophile per...
The Children of Table 34 (complete film)

Murder suicide .... of course..... case closed..
Murdered for knowing too much
PIZZAGATE SMOKING GUN: Senator Nancy Schaefer MURDERED for Exposing CPS! WOW!
The Economic Collapse Financial Armageddon Blog tracks investigative journalists like Gerald Celente Rush Limbaugh Tim Rifat Steve Quayle Ben Fulford|By Nicole Bourbaki

PIZZA GATE: James Alefantis Answers Questions From Protesters:
In a video uploaded to YouTube, some Pizza Gate protesters barraged the owner of Comet Ping Pong, James Alefantis with some questions that many people now…
Spies, Lords, and Predators - Politicians Pedophile Ring in…

Looks pretty accurate! 

Journalists Now Breaking Silence and Covering Deep Child Trafficking Ring in Washington DC
The dam is about to break, and there's no stopping it now.
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