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LEGIT SOURCES: … GOAL = SAVE EARTH I will park this list on my site: 

I am seeking HELP to A: tell me if I make mistakes that should NOT be on this LIST. B: suggest additions to list. thx 
y'all are getting this list now as it is 10 minutes old, so this is the SHORT LIST... ok

The American Dream Film-Full Length re: the Federal Reserve Bank redirects to ok. including Sibel Edmonds Christopher Bollyn + calls out Rothschild Zionism accurately predicted Shemitah 7 and 49 year cycle crash of StockMarket Sept 2015 + YouTube broke the story of Fracking EarthQuakes 3? 5? years ago Electronic Freedom Foundation + + Broke story of BPA in Cash Register Receipts. Created Clean15 and DirtyDozen of list of fruits veggies + / / Broke Story of Subway Plastics in Bread, Glyphosate RoundUp in Cheerios @ 1125 PPB
Dennis Kucinich would be a fine VP to balance Ron Paul as PRESIDENT ? Ivanka Trump Triad Hand Signs? have a look... + Plus who is that Anthony Rivero guy who would criticize Israel? 
Max Igan on YouTube "The Story of Your Enslavement" +  #MaxIgan 
MichaelRuppert for
The Story of Your Enslavement #StephanMolyneux Broke story of Heavy Metals in Whole Foods Supplements current and former Police and Military who commit to keeping the OATH they SWORE to PROTECT the CONSTITUTION including Stewart Rhodes, Fndr
ProjectVeritas Patrick Roddie in SF and Oregon
SyrianGirlPartisan Fred Burkes is a Light Worker who was an interpreter for GW Bush in Indonesia and left service when they asked him to sign a NDA LukeRudKowski
WikiLeaks Julian Assange might be controlled opposition but helped us avoid WarHawk Serial Killer Hillary and showed us how she unfairly squashed Bernie Sanders, forced GMO and Fracking on EU Pay for Play etc. for 911 physics. see also

OH and these ARE REAL, and guess where I found them? on that BS list of "FAKE" sites from silly lib blogger
to name just a FEW. lesson being: her list was a GOOD example of why a FASCIST should not create or admin such a list...


Right Bias but still provide value: see: to learn why I have to warn folks about these sites now. sigh 
Other… NationalPolicyInstitute or whatever…. this BS about NAZI salutes is PRECISELY outlined by Whoolisblog above… as controlled opposition FAKERY / Mossad Deception … these 3 sites are gatekeepers / controlled opposition … 
let's not forget that BreitBart was Assassinated in good company with Michael Hastings, Paul WellStone, JFK, RFK, MLK Michael Ruppert? Gary Webb, novelist Tom Clancey ad nauseum + 60 dead bodies in #ClintonBodyCount

Left Bias. Wait we don't need any more of that. those brainwashed LIBTARDS nearly served us Hillary Clinton!  they can simmer down… 
NPR DemocracyNow AmyGoodman is a 911 truth GateKeeper to heck with her! She denied 911 was an inside job, as did Noam Chomsky, Zionist Greg Palast, etc. somebody got to Bill Moyers too. Sigh. they don't stay good very long :(
MediaMatters is not only a WhiteHouse PR mouthpiece but a #PEDO front as outlined now in #PizzaGate #PodestaMolesta #Alefantis = "I Love Infants"… see vids on blog

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