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TUE DEC 6 2016

"It appears that entire block was owned by the Saudis and given to Andrew kline as a gift in 2003.
Dhs.CON.N.E.B appears to be Saudi Arabian owned, this means the entire block both sides the street was bought by SAUDIA ARABIA and given to Friend's Andrew Kline for FREE in 2003
Con-NEB is National Engineering Bureau of Dubai/Saudi/Arab-Emigrate, owned by Saudi it is the largest construction company in the middle east and just so happens to own most of WASH-DC including all the property's associated with #Pizzagate. Now we're finding out that almost all of these are tied to andrew kline and not 5021 can do corpse-disposal with caustics and drainage, and 5029 is besta-pizza Conneb II LLC, H Gill & Son - sold all on 2003, for $0 ( zero dollars )
[ Gill & Son is WASH-DC realtor, CONNEB is Saudi Owner of entire block most likely all the way to DC Whitehouse ]
5013 = CVS Pharmacy and Moneygram
5015 = Politics & Prose and The Den Coffeehouse and Wine Bar
5019 = Sheffields Wine & Liquors
5020 = Exxon Gas Station
5021 = Regal Custom Wet Cleaners
5029 = Besta Pizza
5031 = Bucks Camping & Fishing
5035 = Little Red Fox
5037 = Comet Ping Pong
‎الإمارات العربية المتحدة - ‎CON - National Engineering Bureau Dhs.CON.N.E.B ...
Once you head over to Saudi Arabia & Dubai ( Where Hillary Keeps $1.5 Billion USD in her personal account ) you can find a lot of stuff on CON. N.E.B. Ii LLC, it appears that SAUDIS BOUGHT the BLOCK a long time ago, and handed it over for Zero Dollars to Andrew Kline... it would be interesting if CLINTON FOUNDATION had built a recreational SEX center early in 2003, well before OBAMA election, perhaps CLINTONS were were actually running sex entertainment with SAUDIS going back even pre 911 (2001); This could be reason big bucks from Norway, and SAUDI and everywhere else.
IMHO this is not just about CLINTONS, but its what FBIanon said all along that SAUDI was deeply involved the child sex slavery at all levels of GOV in WASH-DC.
Lastly, what was brilliant about your post Is I never could find a VET who could incinerate corpses, but once I saw you had found a WET-CLEANER then everything fell together as a wet-cleaner has caustics and tubs that can turn a corpse to liquid and flush down the drain with no evidence VERY EASY. GOOD FIND.
Did you see this?
The SAUDI connection is really coming together as this guy goes back to CLINTON'S first term, could be that Clinton Foundation has been running CHILD FUCK STREET for the Saudi's since 1990's.
Don't blame CLINTONS 100% for this shit. BUSH was always into boys coming to him via these tunnels, and TRUMP got rich by turning 12 year old girls into whores for the Jewish MOB ( Sheldon Adelson) & EPSTEIN/Trumps Teenage-Models NYC (1980-1999). BUSH Family is tied to CON-Bin-Laden, which used to be pre-9/11 the biggest construction firm, it appears they have shifted front to CON-NEB.
I've searched the DC Data base, and here are my findings:
Best Pizza is the Doing Business As Name for Uptown Pizza LLC - owner is Abdel Rahman Hammad - who has been the owner for 22 years. The registered agent is Anthony Kline (DeptOfJustice)"
Besta Pizza is owned by Andrew Kline of the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the DOJ, so there is no excuse for him having an obvious pedophile symbol as his logo. It's his job to know this stuff. Either he is just really stupid, or really evil.
Mon Dec 5 2016

TUE Dec 6 2016

      #GoBackItsATrap #PizzaGate #Psyop #Snookered #TheyDoneFooledUsAgain
     Max Igan posts: An interesting perspective
PIZZAGATE IS REAL. S.W.S. Sentient World Simulation by RichieFromBoston
I have totally had it with the just popped up out of nowhere less than a year ago gang of truthers,reporters etc. this is it its the all the info you would e...
I have totally had it with the just popped up out of nowhere less than a year ago gang of truthers,reporters etc. this is it its the all the info you would ever need to understand what the true actual aim of this wikileak is.
"appears to be dividing the truth community which is a bonus, or part of it"

     Lee Sayer Posts: great breakdown on the Assange sitch by Truthstream Media 
Hey Wikileaks, Where's the Real #ProofofLife?
The truth is, we don't live in a world where seeing is believing. If something is digital, it cannot be considered automatically trustworthy and reliable, ju...
     #EdwardSnowden is a #LimitedHangout (Meaning we are allowed to digest only this much info)
it seems like Assange went bye bye. If you watch the breakdown at the end, it's pretty apparent  
Julian Assange has been taken & Wikileaks Compromised 

Sentient World Simulation (SWS): A Continuously Running Model of the Real World 
Whereby TPTP can game the statistically likely responses of TRUTHERS and ACTIVISTS then develop a PLAN to TRAP and DISCREDIT THEM. (US) 

WikiLeaks is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION that has never told truth about 911 Israel. Just as ISIS has never attacked ISRAEL… HINT HINT
REMEMBER: Julian Assange said 911 truth was a FALSE CONPIRACY. HINT! WAKE UP 

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss... ... Then I get on my knees and pray, we don't get fooled again." = The Who

look we done got fooled again. PizzaGate is a TRAP! yes there are VAST PEDO CIRCLES and we must continue to expose them but BEWARE! TPTB likely are setting us up for a FALL so they can CENSOR US! OH SHITE! LOOKOUT! see TOP VIDEO NOW.

UPDATES DAILY @ for latest on #PizzaGate
#PizzaGate #LittleLivesMatter #PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza  
#MKultra #Tavistock #PsyOp #PsyOps  #CovertOps #BlackOps #Monarch 
#PodestaPizza #PodestaHotDogs #PodestaTortureChamber 

The Red Fox next door says closed on their web-site due to emergency.....On the employee profiles the chef is proud of a dinner he made for Jay-Z........Same Masonic image as in oval office... #PizzaGate 

SUN Dec 4 2016

     SGT Report 392 Missing Children in Virginia 2015 / 2016 #PizzaGate
In 2013 over 500 children who were taken by CPS in LA County were killed while in foster care. There are over 1000 sex offenders who were approved to be foster parents in LA County. If children go missing while in the states care they are not required to report it. Hundreds of thousands of children go missing who have been taken by CPS who are then sold into human trafficking and the sex trade and exploited. If you ever suspect child abuse call the police not CPS, this is beyond horrific.

An anonymous citizen journalist researcher joins me to break shocking news about the astonishing number of children missing from the Virginia-Washington DC a... LEADS: Multiple Shops Spread Across Connecticut Ave Bought on SAME DAY as…

There's absolutely no doubt at this point that Comet Ping Pong is not a child friendly place. And from the property sales that I was shown last night show this shady deal. Which means criminal/illegal activity in the area is almost a certainty.

This business
Sat Dec 3 2016

James Alefantis used pic of Antinous as his Instagram Avatar. Antinous aged 13 was loved by Roman Emperor Hadrian aged 48 
PizzaGate New Finding. Thanks to  Antin— Steemit by holabebe

PizzaGate - The Documentary

Omg wanting to not focus on this but I'm reading everything. Just bring video cameras down under the shop, and down through the WH train network, and stop everywhere relevant to the alleged crimes including underneath Nebraska Ave and Connecticut Ave, and show the entire public everything there is to see, already!

     1 picture worth 1000 words #BenGarrison

FRI DEC 2 2016

huge image best introduction to #pizzagate

full disclosure here Pizza Pentagram Part Two
Is Pizza Gate being covered up by the New York Times? 
Media pedophile protection has happened before...
 PIZZAGATE: NYT Boss Mark Thompson Covered Up BBC Pedo Jimmy Savile Scandal 
Covering up for #PizzaGate pedophiles? Current New York Times CEO Mark Thompson has been linked to the BBC pedophile scandal.

The band associated with Comet Pizza. Nothing strange here. Lol
Heavy Breathing - U the One I Want
The first video from our debut album, "Body Problems".

THU DEC 1 2016

Washington D.C is BY FAR the GAYEST city in the country. It isn’t even close. 10% of adult residents in Washington, D.C. identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.. To give you an idea, in second place is Hawaii, which is half as queer as DC, at 5.1%.
Continually voted as the gayest neighborhoods in D.C. ,year after year, are Dupont and Logan Circle, the two horns of Baphomet.
Pizza Pentagram Part II: 

Notice all the schools and children organizations at the points of the inverted pentagram
Following Connect-i-cut Ave south runs directly into the White House, another cite that should be investigated for pedophilia.
I wouldn't doubt if there are underground tunnels connected all of these places together.
Continuing south east Connecticut runs almost directly into "The Child Plaza" (L'Enfant Plaza)
The Pizza Pentagram
Pizza Pentagram Part Two

      #PizzaGate Won't Go Away
#PizzaGate Scheduled On The Daily Show Panel!
It's TRUE: The Daily Show plans to do a panel on the PizzaGate scandal, and I've been invited, along with some other leading journalists. by Journalist David Seaman 6:53

Hillary Clinton's Child Torture Cult & COMET-PIZZAGATE
VIDEO BY: David Seaman Hillary Clinton lost the election, but her close associates have not been stopped yet. #PizzaGate is going viral on Twitter and social...
     MUST SEE!!!!
HO-LY PIZZA PIE... this is extreeemely disturbing
Disturbing #PizzaGate developments from Comet Ping Pong

for those into the occult, i'll leave this right here 
De-Coding The Meaning On Podesta's Hands 

#Pizzagate, Clinton, & Podesta: What is it, and is it credible?

JEWISH HERO AARON SWARTZ; EXPOSING ELITE CHILD ABUSEAaron Swartz, founder of the Reddit website. 
Aaron Swartz may be a hero, who was murdered for trying to expose dangerous elite pedophile...

George Bush Pedophile Sex Ring and Blackmail of Congress 
The legacy we leave to our future generations. Let's be the change and make the…

Suspected Pedophile Ring Exposed
Featured DC Pizza Gate: A Primer UPDATED 11/23 I’ve created this blog to share the information 4chan has collectively gathered and researched about a suspected pedophilia and human trafficking ring that we seem to have uncovered existing within our DC politicians and the elite class. It all started… 

#PizzaGate - The Update - Wikileaks Psyop, Assange #ProofOfLife, Breitbart Connection & More
This is a quick update video I am throwing up here on the #PizzaGate scandal. Please enjoy the video and…

UPDATES DAILY @ for latest on #PizzaGate
#PizzaGate #LittleLivesMatter #PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza  
#MKultra #Tavistock #PsyOp #PsyOps  #CovertOps #BlackOps #Monarch 
#PodestaPizza #PodestaHotDogs #PodestaTortureChamber 

‪Donald Trump Election & New Gold Standard Could CHANGE THE GAME‬
 by Journalist David Seaman 6:53
Wed Nov 30 2016

Andrew Breitbart left an eerie message about John…   

     #666 #PizzaGate

Tue Nov 29 2016

The Pizza Pentagram #PizzaGate #Pentagram #Pedophile
     #PizzaGate #PentaGram
"In symbolism, an inverted figure always signifies a perverted power. The average person does not even suspect the occult properties of emblematic pentacles.
...The black magician cannot use the symbols of white magic without bringing down upon himself the forces of white magic, which would be fatal to his schemes. He must therefore distort the hierograms so that they typify the occult fact that he himself is distorting the principles for which the symbols stand. Black magic is not a fundamental art; it is the misuse of an art. Therefore it has no symbols of its own. It merely takes the emblematic figures of white magic, and by inverting and reversing them signifies that it is left-handed.
A good instance of this practice is found in the pentagram, or five-pointed star, made of five connected lines. This figure is the time-honored symbol of the magical arts, and signifies the five properties of the Great Magical Agent, the five senses of man, the five elements of nature, the five extremities of the human body. By means of the pentagram within his own soul, man not only may master and govern all creatures inferior to himself, but may demand consideration at the hands of those superior to himself.
The pentagram is used extensively in black magic, but when so used its form always differs in one of three ways: The star may be broken at one point by not permitting the converging lines to touch; it may be inverted by having one point down and two up; or it may be distorted by having the points of varying lengths. When used in black magic, the pentagram is called the "sign of the cloven hoof," or the footprint of the Devil. The star with two points upward is also called the "Goat of Mendes," because the inverted star is the same shape as a goat's head. When the upright star turns and the upper point falls to the bottom, it signifies the fall of the Morning Star."
-Manly Palmer Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

New Sticky 25/11/2016 - What to focus on, and guidelines/background for newbies |…

Podestas, Pizza and Pedos everything you need to know about the Wikileaks Emails and the satanic cult ritualistic child abuse that were reviled within them. Via. Evil Hillary
Read More;

These connections are wayyy too perfect to be mere coincidence. And well. As for Breitbart's murder, the heart attack gun in this video sure fits the scenario
Pizzagate - Was Andrew Breitbart Murdered for Exposing Podesta Child SEX SLAVES?
Andrew Breitbart Andrew Breitbart:…

Feb 29 2012 Andrew Breitbart dies of heart attack

PIZZAGATE : The Rest Of The Story by
Why does pizzagate matter? Key elements include the ownership of Besta Pizza, located two doors down from Comet Ping Pong Pizza. Besta pizza is owned by Andrew Kline a lawyer with the doj's Human trafficking unit. This symbol, which has since been removed, is the exact symbol representing boylove that the FBI flagged in their investigation of public displays of pedophilia code. It's pretty simple, one of the leading prosecutors dealing exclusively with child trafficking decided to overtly display it on the menu of a business he owns. Coincidence? A case of bad luck regarding artistic license? Or is the red fox running the hen house? … snip … re: HAITI 
Say what you want about the filth found on Comet Ping Pong Pizza owner James Alefantis' Instagram. The most damaging pictures are those of Alefantis and crew digging holes in the floor without a permit and what appears to be an attempt to connect Comet Ping Pong to the exclusive underground Labyrinth of Washington DC. Tie all of that into to Alefantis ranking as GQ's 49th th most powerful man in DC and Politics and Prose owners Graham and Muscatine as Number 50. Alefantis and company and the circumstantial evidence far outweighs even the Michael Jackson pedo scandal. Maybe that's why McCauley Culkin named his band the Pizza Underground?
- - - - - Mon Nov 28 2016      Jounalist David Seaman
WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON? Why hasn't the CIA or NSA, with all their sophisticated spy and data gathering capacities, broken up this international pedophile ring? Or at least gone after those so obviously tied to the recent PizzaGate scandal in this country? Why do citizen's groups have to do what these bloated spy agencies should be doing to bring justice to these innocent victims? I think the answer to these questions should be obvious.

PIZZA-GATE: NSA/CIA Muzzled By Obama Admin? -- Why aren't NSA analysts all over #PizzaGate and the global spider web of #pedophiles it reveals? Is it possible, as some researchers believe, that Obama has muzzled the American people's intelligence agencies? You work for us, NSA and CIA. Or at least, at one point, you did. Be fearless. Trump is watching.

     #PizzaGate videos
NY Times CEO was Same BBC Exec Who Defended Pedo Jimmy Savile: Currently Belittling Pizza Gate
It turns out Mark Thompson, CEO of the news agency (NY Times) that interviewed James Alefantis and… #PizzaGate #MarkThompsonCEOpedoNYT
Definition of a crime: there is a VICTIM. #Pedophilia messes you up, victimizes you, disturbs you for life. A child can NOT CONSENT.

Satanic PizzaGate Is Going Viral Worldwide (Elites Are Terrified)
PizzaGate is going viral worldwide. Too late elites, you can't kill us ALL. You can't accuse us ALL of being pedos, when you're the ones with Instagram accou...
Journalist David Seaman is going to GAB because Twitter is censoring investigators

Breaking: New #Pizzagate Revelations/Trump To Launch Investigation Of Clinton Foundation
-Full Show The Alex Jones Channel 

     Gimme Pizza
"Whipped cream pouring like waterfalls, here's a little sausage to make it hot."
The Olsen Twins- Gimme Pizza
Gimme Pizza music video from "You're Invited To Mary-Kate and Ashley's…

Check out how creepy this is-
Mary Kate and Ashley Olson - Gimme Pizza Song (Slowed…
MUST SEE..... Holy shit this is HUUUUUUUGE!!!!
Breitbart was assassinated! And his coroner was POISONED! Now it's all making sense!!! Wow wow wow
Operation Reinhard - Andrew Breitbart Knew About #PizzaGate - YouTube 
Were Illuminati Vampires Olsen Twins Invloved in Pizza Gate?

#PIZZAGATE SMOKING GUN: Senator Nancy Schaefer MURDERED for Exposing CPS! WOW!
Keep in mind 800,000 children GO MISSING every year!
Folks. This is bigger than we can even wrap our heads around....

Sun Nov 27 2016

     Max Igan on pizzagate.
#Pizzagate is Real - Tearing Away the Veil

While the NY Times tries to soft peddle #PizzaGate, Reddit tries to kill the Sub-Reddit investigation and Twitter attempts to censor breaking news on the glo... SGT Report 6:24
The Ultimate Exposure of Pedophile Rings in London, Hollywood, and…

#PizzaGate The Documentary - Pedophilia, Podesta, Clinton,…
Abby Martin Exposes John Podesta (Empire Files)…

#PizzaGate the Documentary, Pedophilia involving Podesta Emails, Clinton, Obama, David Brock, DNC 1 & Legalizing Pedophilia #Pizzagate a community platform where you can have your say. No censorship 

Joe Biden Fondles Little Girl's Breast! Pizzagate Pedophile
Joe Biden openly fondles a little girl who has to get away from this sicko! This is OUTRAGEOUS! Share this everywhere to expose this pervert and be sure to…
Andrew Breitbart: "F*ck. You. John. Podesta."
Breitbart died unexpectedly of a heart attack while taking a walk not long after...

Sat Nov 26 2016

#pizzagate #podesta #wikileaks #HILLARY #ladygaga #Truth #cometpingpong #JOHNPODESTA #pedophilealert #satanicsexcult #baphomet #realnews #satan #pedophilia #pedophile

UPDATES DAILY @ for latest on #PizzaGate
#PizzaGate #LittleLivesMatter #PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza  
#MKultra #Tavistock #PsyOp #PsyOps  #CovertOps #BlackOps
#PodestaPizza #PodestaHotDogs #PodestaTortureChamber

Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Episode 274 - America 
#Pizzagate is Real - Tearing Away the Veil 
#PizzaGate #LittleLivesMatter #PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza

The Story of Your Enslavement #StephanMolyneux 

     Pedo Fri Nov 25 2016 - - - - - one day email and Blog Update 

Let's take a look at the "real news"... ‪#fakenews‬ ‪#NYTpedo‬ ‪#PedoNewYorkTimes‬ 

#PizzaGate: What We Know So Far
The Pizza-Related Pedophile Ring:
Spirit Cooking With The Clintons: 
Inside Comet Ping Pong #PizzaGate
#PizzaGate #LittleLivesMatter #PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza

Please watch and share this video #PodestaPortugal May 3 2007 the day Madeline McCann Vanished
PEDO BROS. SMOKING GUN: The Podesta Brothers & Madeleine McCann
PEDO BROS. - A SGT Report Micro-Doc. Mounting circumstantial evidence now suggests that Tony and John Podesta should be investigated in the case of 3-year ol... SGT Report 9:45
#PizzaGate #LittleLivesMatter #PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza

1400 kids were abused and sold into sexual slavery for 13 years while the officials covered it up. 13 fking years! 1400 kids, British kids!
Part I; Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and U.S. Presidents
Amerika, Big Brother, child pedophilia, Conspiracy, Health, Higher Consciousness, mind control, Revisionist History, sex slaves, shadow government January 7, 2015 Comments: 4

Part I Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and U.S. Presidents

Part II Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and the Vatican

Part III Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and British Royalty

Part IV Pedophiles, Sex Slaves and the U.S. Military & Boy Scouts (TBD)

Part V Pedophiles, Sex Slaves, Hollywood, Music Industry and Big Time Sports (TBD)
Excellent Summary Database of Historical Sexual Child Abuse of Above Catergories
Comet Ping Pong - Pizzagate Summary : pizzagate
Backup, just in case. - (4:30 PM 11/17/16) Archive of James Alefantis' instagram as well as Comet Ping Pong related...
Woman Investigating Clinton Foundation Child Trafficking Found Dead!
Mysterious Circumstances!
NYT's Defense Of #PizzaGate DC Pedophiles Blown Apart
Shame on The New York Times. Shame on Cecilia Kang. Shame on disgusting James Alefantis. America is watching, sickos. The entire world is watching.…
Main stream media now saying if you talk about Pizzagate .. you're now an ONLINE BULLY. by David Seaman 12:28
DERP! Media is failing to protect their peed people.

     Jeffrey Epstein 
They're ALL involved in the pedo scandal
Here Is Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein s Little Black Book
Donald Trump, Courtney Love, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, and uber-lawyer Alan Dershowitz may have been identified by a butler as potential… 

While the NY Times tries to soft peddle #PizzaGate, Reddit tries to kill the Sub-Reddit investigation and Twitter attempts to censor breaking news on the glo...

This will be SHOCKING to those who are unaware. Boy Scouts have always had pedo issues... Which have been covered up. Just like the Catholic church. Pedophelia is a MASSIVE problem which spans the entire globe and all walks of life. From the gov, to military, to boy scouts, to the church, and more.
Not only that, but this whole system is the first step in military indoctrination and allegiance to the state.
Scout's Honour - Sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts - the fifth estate
For young people across North America, Scouting offers fun, adventure and new friendships. But, given the nature of Scouting, the organization sometimes…

Children in Scotland have been filmed being murdered by paedophiles in so-called ‘snuff movies’
A LEADING charity says often brothers and sisters are made to have sex with each other, and that animals are also involved.

#PizzaGate #LittleLivesMatter #PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza

NYT's Defense Of #PizzaGate DC Pedophiles Blown Apart
Shame on The New York Times. Shame on Cecilia Kang. Shame on disgusting James Alefantis. America is watching, sickos. The entire world is watching.…
Main stream media now saying if you talk about Pizzagate .. you're now an ONLINE BULLY.
DERP! Media is failing to protect their ped0 people.

- - - - -     Pedo Thurs Nov 24 2016
#PizzaGate: What We Know So Far
Please watch and share this video #PodestaPortugal May 3 2007 the day Madeline McCann Vanished
PEDO BROS. SMOKING GUN: The Podesta Brothers & Madeleine McCann
PEDO BROS. - A SGT Report Micro-Doc. Mounting circumstantial evidence now suggests that Tony and John Podesta should be investigated in the case of 3-year ol... SGT Report 9:45

Evidence places John and Tony Podesta in Portugal on May 3 2007 staying in the house of Pedophile Friend Clement Freud, 1/3 mile from the SITE of ABDUCTION

#PedoPizza 3 minutes from John Podesta House 

‪#PedoTunnels‬ from DC under ‪#PEDOpizza‬ ‪#PizzaGate‬ ?

Something doesn't seem right about all of this, and I…

Fake story titled "PIZZAGATE" put out by mainstream media to throw off the sheep from finding the real story. Unbelievable 

Obama mansions across the world. Where did the money come from?

UPDATES DAILY @ for latest on #PizzaGate
#PizzaGate #LittleLivesMatter #PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza #MKultra #Tavistock #PsyOp #PsyOps  #CovertOps #BlackOps

- - - - - PedoWednesday AM Nov 23 2016 

BOYCOTT pedo controlled reddit. goto

also please use to capture any content you fear may be memoryholed 

The monsters involved in this scandal are scared shitless. Here is yet ANOTHER act of censorship
BREAKING: Reddit Bans #Pizzagate Investigation. The Corbett Report Continues It.
JOIN THE INVESTIGATION: So reddit has banned the pizzagate subreddit...but the investigation continues. A pizzagate fo...
This is why people are freaking out about #pizzagate.

     by Titus Frost 12:21
#PizzaGate Update - NY Times PizzaGate LIES and Trump NOT investigating Hillary Clinton
This is my response video to the New York Times piece on the PizzaGate scandal. The only fake news on… by Titus Frost 12:21

The Tavistock Agenda 
#MKultra #Tavistock #PsyOp #PsyOps

For those investigating #pizzagate Here is some more in depth info
#MKULTRA and The Intelligence Community

UPDATES DAILY @ for latest on #PizzaGate
#PizzaGate #LittleLivesMatter #PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza #MKultra #Tavistock #PsyOp #PsyOps  #CovertOps #BlackOps

     PEDOTuesday PM Nov 22 2016
WIKILEAKS DATA: PizzaGate Real, Hillary Clinton Is Deplorable!
Thanks to Wikileaks emails of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta a "hub of coincidences" has been unearthed. PizzaGate is real - Hillary Clinton ...
Comet Pizza & Neighboring Pizza Shops Have TUNNELS… by Titus Frost 32:32
YOUTUBE CENSORSHIP! youtube AgeRestricted David's TruthTelling VIDEO so it is more difficult to watch.
YouTube also DeMonetized him. NOT FAIR.

Watch this video then say that over again.

David Seaman on #pizzagate - YouTube 
Eric Schmidt CEO Google / Hillary Clinton SpokesMan Collusion in Bed with Hillary Clinton
Monica Peterson and Max Spears (sp.) 2 investigators already MURDERED for looking into #PizzaGate
#PizzaGate the Documentary, Pedophilia involving Podestas by Titus Frost  / Operation: DeathEaters


UPDATES DAILY @ for latest on #PizzaGate
#PizzaGate #LittleLivesMatter #PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza #MKultra #Tavistock #PsyOp #PsyOps  #CovertOps #BlackOps

#PEDOphile #weekInReview #PEDOweekInReview

THIS. IS. behind the scenes of #MKultra #MindControl

     #PEDOtuesday AM 2016.10.22

UNDERGROUND pedo #TUNNELS from WASH DC transit underneath COMET PING PONG, BESTA PIZZA, RED FOX BUCKS and Hillary Rodham Clinton related Businesses?
#PizzaGate #LittleLivesMatter #PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza

Hillary Clinton's Child Torture Cult: Why No Arrests? 
Hillary Clinton lost the election, but her close associates have not been stopped yet. 
#PizzaGate is going viral on Twitter and social media this weekend.… by DAVID SEAMAN SHOW DS

pedophilia is RAMPANT in Hollywood, in the government, in the church, etc etc etc... good doc. this must be exposed. to not speak out against it is to participate in it's perpetuation

An Open Secret - A MUST WATCH!
An Open Secret A documentary on Hollywood Pedophilia Thank You Bucke Wilde for posting! Shout out to Tariq Nasheed for bringing it to my attention. While the...

NY Times is a DISINFO RAG that A: promised us Hillary would WIN. B: says Pedo is a disorder not a crime. C: says #PizzaGate is FAKE. D: Says GMOs are SAFE
NYT should be bulldozed into the ground after they are stripped of their corporate charter.

Read this 1/2 truth. She cherry picks a false statement about Clintons role model, Margaret Sanger, but doesn't mention she is a genocidal black hating KKK nazi. ‪‬

How Thatcher’s Government Covered Up a VIP Pedophile Ring
Now that most of the major figures are dead, the truth is emerging about the systematic sexual abuse of children by members of the British government.

     #PEDOsunday 2016.10.20
Ping Pong and Pedophiles in High Places
by Puddy Dunne
BREAKING - Investigator Monica Petersen Found Dead In Haiti - Was Investigating… 

#PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza

     #PedoSaturday 2016.10.19
Podestas, Pizza and Pedos everything you need to know about the Wikileaks Emails and the satanic cult ritualistic child abuse that were reviled within them. Via. Evil HillaryRead More;  

Woman Investigating Clinton Foundation Pedophile Ring Found Dead
Add one more person to the Clinton body count. Monica Petersen was found dead under “suspicious circumstances” while working for the Human Trafficking Center in Haiti. During the time leading up to the election, Wikileaks released thousands of emails linking the Clintons to pedophilia and strange co...
Comet Ping Pong on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: Would you like some pedophilia with that Mr. Fieri? - YouTube
Tina Simerly shared a video

#PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza
- - - - - Fri Nov 18 2016 

     #PEDOfriday 2016.10.18
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Wikileaks Pizza Pedo Ring Summarized: Podestas, Clintons, Marina Abramovic, Everything Known 

The Pizza-Related Pedophile Ring
Including Terasol, Besta Pizza, and Comet Ping Pong

Inside Comet Ping Pong
#PizzaGate (work in progress) josephjstallion at gmail com to…

this pedophelia stuff is totally out of control. this story will shake you to your core. NOT for the sensitive minded.
Satanism and children
Satan's Children 60 Minutes Pt 1. 9 4 89
Originally aired in 1989 by Australian 60 minutes journalist Ian Leslie

Illuminati Card Game it's astonishing how many times these cards are spot on
I am so PISSED that I have not posted more PEDO stuff earlier  
and I did not cause it is too hard for most to stomach has been covering this PEDO stuff OVER 20 years.
I have wanted to post about this but I get so much CRAP for posting even 911 truth.
NOW we came within a breath of having QUEEN PEDO CLINTON as PRESIDENT cause all these nifty LIBTARDS think the DEM PARTY is the ANSWER. NO IT IS NOT. 
#PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza #PedoClinton #PedoPodesta #PedoBill #PedoHillary

     #PEDOthursday 2016.10.17
BREAKING: From the anon who brought you the Laura Silsby connection: I have uncovered a pedophile with links to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, David Brock, George Soros, Marina Abramovic and the Podestas

when people ask why. Icke provides as good an answer as any. and if you study this stuff, it totally makes sense

Spirit Cooking? Politics & Satanic Rituals - David Icke
World Tour Tickets - 2016/17 Spirit Cooking? Politics & Satanic Rituals - 

I FOUND A SMOKING GUN - Monica Petersen found dead in Haiti 3 days ago - family is kept in the dark - SHE WAS INVESTIGATING CLINTON

After Election, the Woman Investigating Clinton Foundation Crimes, FOUND DEAD! DEAD!
Monica Petersen who was Investigating the Clinton Foundation CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING Found DEAD...
Family has yet to be given any details on her death.

Monica Petersen obit

Wanna see some pedo paintings and meet the people who love them? Then show up tonight. 
7:30 SF
 Marina Abramović (Sold out) Today 19:30 · City Arts & Lecture City Arts & Lectures 275 Hayes St, San Francisco, California 94102
Marina Abramovic

 "Pizzagate": How 4Chan Uncovered the Sick World of Washington's Occult Elite - The Vigilant Citizen - Symbols Rule the World

can you see what they are saying?
and see: #PEDO #PodestaMolesta #PedoPizza

 Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble – The Real Strategy
Over 70,000 Members… Largest Pedophile Ring in History EXPOSED. By Gordon…
St. James Island exposed: The elites best kept secret, until now

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