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We Are Watching The Long Game to Total Censorship Play Out

"The aide said that guys like me were 'in what we call the reality-based
community,' which he defined as people who 'believe that solutions emerge
from your judicious study of discernible reality.' I nodded and murmured
something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off.
'That's not the way the world really works anymore,' he continued. 'We're an
empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're
studying that reality - judiciously, as you will - we'll act again, creating
other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will
sort out. We're history's actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to
just study what we do.'"


"Sooner or later, the reality our rulers think they create is going to have
its revenge - the costs, in dollars and lives and human misery, are being
counted even as I write. Who will pay, in the end? When will there be an
accounting? Soon, I hope."

Subject: Re: Linda Stone - PizzaGate…The Effort To Bury It As 'Fake News' Fwd: Rense161208Þ Gerald Celente, Preston James

Resne says keyword is desensitization ... desensitization to need for evidence,  desensitized uninterested in  more evidenced mass murder war crimes,    whodid911?

They spend much time on Art, calling it art, then saying it isn't art ... then spend so much time further devolving away from any evidence discussion to instead talk about satanism in general ... 

They talk about axioms of being a dogged journalist, and need to hold said 'suspects' accountability ... but again, what about more evidenced crime of MURDER, MASS MURDER

It's like WE are desensitized regarding need for accountability,  ... what about all the horrible stuff we played with claiming people should be held accountable, but than distracted from so easily

Where's the corruption that matters?  Are the so-called criminal satanic deviant elite going to prosecute themselves, hold themselves accountable, turn themselves in?  Of course not. It us us, the supposed good guys, that supposedly seek the accountability we preach, but are so easily corrupted distracted into distracting to not do anything but play with the current evil narrative waiting for the next evil story to play with, emote about ... and time rolls on, the supposed evil prime operators go scotch free due to our corruption collusion cover-up routine 

Where are the activist / shows actually seeking accountability against the corruption cancer entropy demolition us?  Where is the focus necessary for resolution solution regarding the problem, the focus necessary for uniting?

Am I making any sense?

Subject: Linda Stone - PizzaGate…The Effort To Bury It As 'Fake News' Fwd: Rense161208Þ Gerald Celente, Preston James

1st hour already half way through, .. Linda Stone / PizzaGate will air at 3rd hour of show

  all 3 hours of the show will repeat right after first airing 

if decide you want link to it, it will probably be available tomorror ?



Gerald Celente
The Trends Ahead

Preston James
Directed Energy Weapons All Around Us

Linda Stone
PizzaGate…The Effort To Bury It As 'Fake News'

- - - - - Thu Dec 8 2016

Megaquake alert : M8.0 in the West Pacific + California hit by largest earthquake of the year! Within an hour of each other! 
12/08/2016 -- M8.0 megaquake hits West Pacific -- California struck by large M6.5

No! Not just cell phone towers.... They are #GWENTOWERS #MICROWAVETOWERS #ModernWarfare #wakeup

ABC: Cell Towers Causing Microwave Burns and Depression

this is a brilliant interview fron Sean from the STG Report with my dear friend Ole Damegard and his amazing friend Carine Hutsebaud. Please share this widely. It's worth it.
Operation Mockingbird, CIA Media Control Program


Denzel Washington Slams MSM For Peddling 'Bullshit' (Fake News)

CNN Issues Gateway Pundit Retraction Over Fake News Smear
Hillary 'Mad Man' David Brock Declares War On Breitbart, Alt Media
Rappoport - Why I Named My Site 'No More Fake News' In 2001
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MSM Russian 'Fake News' Narrative Kills Real Debate
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Watch CNN Accidentally Explain How They Fake News!
US 'News' Media & Intel Blame Moscow For Trump's Election
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The 'Fake News' Psyop - Our Freedom Depends A Free Press
Political Dissent In The Land Of The Sheeple
Roberts - Obama Behind Fake News Attacks On Trump?
Obama TV - Is Obama Planning His Own Fake News TV

When Truth-Telling Becomes 'Russian Propaganda'
Buchanan - Fake News And War Party Lies
Communist US News Blames Russia For Trump Win
We Do Not Accept Mainstream Media Fake News

- - - - - Wed Dec 7 2016

The Pineal Gland is a tiny pine-cone-shaped endocrine gland about the size of a grain of rice, tucked in a small groove where the two halves of the thalamus join. Aside from regulating sleep and wakefulness through melatonin production, the pineal gland, also known as the third eye, has been referred to the principal seat of the soul and is a common focus of spirituality and mysticism. #pinealgland #awareness #mysticism

#truth Wake-up People!
The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order Agenda 21 ☁☢☁☰☰☰☰☰✈
US Population outlook for 2025: Bush Sr is a pedophile, a murderer, and a traitor. to this nation, and all of mankind... why? because he is a PSYCHOPATH = zero empathyDavid Icke Exposes George H W BushWorld Tour Tickets - 2016/17 David Icke Exposes George H W Bush All David's Books…
12.4.16 North of the bridge - new oil police barracks going up, conveniently out of sight of the media cams in Oceti Sakowin Camp #nodapl #mortoncountylies

Uh OH. Scores of HUMMERS and APCs @ Standing Rock :( NOT OVER YET!
Smoke and mirrors ~ Sweet dreams family ... Dec 4th, 2016

Wow. So twisted. I would be irate. Then again, I would never trust the state with my baby in the first place
They are stealing your babies blood.
Race specific bio-weapons come to mind? You decide. The video speaks for itself. If you are not angry about this something is wrong with you.

Podestas, Pizza and Pedos everything you need to know about the Wikileaks Emails and the satanic cult ritualistic child abuse that were reviled within them. Via. Evil Hillary 
Read More;

     Massive Death Cap Mushroom Bloom
I can't stress enough how massive the Death Cap bloom is right now in California. Six years ago I lost a Bernese Mt. Dog pup to a Death Cap. Since then I have tried to spread the word about mushroom toxcitiy.

These DeathCaps were found in Menlo Park, Ca in the woods by Alpine Road. I know people who picked five grocery bags of Death Caps today in Woodside California trying to make their property safe.

Please be careful if you go hiking in parks. Personally I would not let a dog run free right now in the woods. The Death Caps have a sweet scent that is attractive to our pups. After the mushrooms start to decay they smell like dead fish and are even more enticing. They are called Death Caps for a reason.
For more info go to

Thank you Diana. I saw your story about your dog. It was heart breaking. Because of it, I comb my property in Woodside every day, both in the morning and at night. They grow SO FAST and are easy to miss on a big property. Sometimes its good to walk in both directions because they can hide under leaves and grass. You see them when you look one direction, but not the other. I've literally picked more than 1000+ this year alone. I know your efforts to make people aware have made a difference. You've likely saved some dogs along with their owners from the awful grief that goes along with losing a pet. I for one really appreciate it!

President Obama is now using Donald Trump to raise awareness about the same executive power he has been abusing for the last eight years. But the thing is, if Obama and his supporters are worried about Trump having too much power when he is in office, they have one person to thank: Obama.
Watch on YouTube:

Always have an escape route and move away when the tree starts falling
tree falls on guy GoPro
Man suffered 4 broken ribs, a punctured lung and a broken shoulder

AMONG the errors... he was down hill. tree fell and bounced ergo sat in air for a second during which time gravity said: hey as long as this tree is sitting in mid air, how bout we apply some Newtonian physics and start moving down hill...

Is this the value of women for these migrants?!
Berlin: Migrant gang kick woman down subway stairs

I am so sick of these bigoted leftists bringing in their anti gay anti woman anti animal Islamic Fundamentalists
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.