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Incendiary Radio with Robert Reyvolt 12/11/2016 #pizzagate 1:21

PizzaGate leads all the way to Jesuit Vatican Zionist involvement … so Vatican got to Alex Jones who BACKED OFF and JOE BIGGS is LEAVING INFOWARS due to FIGHT over PizzaGate?
AJ threw John Bounds under the Bus. after John Bounds did good stories on #PizzaGate 
Sharif (Selme) sp. Arab Lawyer comes on and puts AJ in his place then AJ backs off and says:
"Oh I never said PizzaGate was real. Some of my staff might have said that…" 
#WhiteGenocide in Germany today is under the thumb of #ZioAmerica 
to think that Merkel does anything without USA telling her to
#JesuitControlledAmerica Cucked germany and they are still under this system. 1:31
1:37 Veterans Today Duff DISINFO: heroic american drives across american and takes riffle to CometPizza
1:41 PizzaGate 
1:42 David Seaman Psyop to suck people into Pizzagate
1:52 People are waking up to FAKE NEWS on #MSM who gave us FAKE Gulf of TONKIN and FAKE CNN Iraqwar YellowCakeUranium 
2:00 PPP 3 Ps Power Psycopathy Pedophilia
2:01 #WhiteGenocide of Canada America Europe. Bring in immigrants from every craphole around the world.
Then bring them into every ZioCrapHole contolled Weimar of the West warlord run silliness. 
Then expose every one of them to the worst armpit of our western societies; inner cities… then it's a bleedover into their countries…
2:07 Victim Class #BLM #BlackLivesMatter whole system is falling apart. Black neighborhoods are out of control. Blacks act with impunity playing victim card.
2:12 Neil Postman Amusing Ourselves to Death Aldus Huxley vs George Orwell
2:15 Clip 13? "FB Twitter YouTube Microsoft are teaming up against terrorist content. CENSORSHIP IS COMING! They tolerate ISIS and MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD but NOT TRUTHERS
2:17 Clip 20 Take everything the Govt does not want on internet and label it "FAKEnews" and Propoganda to censor it.
2:20 Counteractive Measures 
2:21 Window keeps getting smaller and tighter, vice gets pressure, balloon gets pressure… between now and Jan 20 Innauguration
2:21 Clip 16 Current commander in Chief of MARTIAL LAW since 1933. US MILITARY actors have already infiltrated all structures of RUSSIA and are READY TO GO
2:22 InterOperability Exercise Joint Control Civil Support Teams. Tell the local sheriff to just go back to his office. Counter Terrorism training for Fake news people. That's you and me.
2:23 What if the whole Dust Off with Russia is just Theater and AmeRusso is already here! AmeRusso = AmericanRussian SuperState Alliance. PrePlanned. PSYOP
2:24 Clip 17 Electoral Crisis that might happen before then. Constitutional Crisis against Electoral College… Russian Hackers! the CIA says so! Tsunami of Info and Propoganda. 
CIA says Trump is an enemy agent. Welp. That takes care of him. We don't have to vote for him says Electoral College
Dave Actin regulars will know I predicted this months ago. Trump will never be inaugurated. electoral college will be in CHAOS so it will be Pence or Prince? NOPE! will be MILITARY JUNTA! / MARTIAL LAW
Folks this is it! TRUMPS been a DECOY! whether he's in on it or not… Melania never packed a KLEENEX to move to the WHITEHOUSE. 
We will go into a Constitutional Crisis which will devolve into a CIVIL WAR.
2:28 Whoolis says Well I don't know if I agree with all these points but I like to put these voices out there
2:29 Clip #Weed #Marijuana #pot just for hypocrisy of people in MSM MainStreamMedia wants people to get all wasted on BOOZE so they slander a plant for their advertisers whim.
RIDICULOUS that you can walk up the street and get hard liquor but can not get marijuana
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