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How To Fight Back Against Real Fake News and Facebook

How To Fight Back Against Real Fake News and Facebook
With Facebook announcing how it will combat fake news. we just learned that a liberal blog and main stream media companies like ABC and Washington…
The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office has confirmed that ten separate attacks on their network — which manages the state’s voter database — have been traced to IP addresses belonging to the Department of Homeland Security. We Are Change #VoterFraud2016
TEN Cyber Attacks on Georgia’s Voter Database Linked to Department of Homeland Security | We Are Change

Snopes and Politifact are the mainstream media "fact checkers" .....and they are full of fiction.
Shady "Fact Checking" Sources Snopes and Politico DEBUNKED! | We Are Change
NEW YORK (WeAreChange) — The mainstream media is undoubtedly the biggest collective proponent of fake news, and they often rely upon highly…

CNN provides infomercials for dictators.
Former CNN reporter Exposes CNN as Paid-For Fake News Propaganda

We Are Change: Special Report..
SPECIAL REPORT: China is Almost 'War Ready' | We Are Change
SPRATLEY ISLANDS (WeAreChange) — While Americans were busy caught up in the whole election controversy and the mass fallout that still continues even until

     Ben Swann
Reality Check: 5 Problems with CIA Claim That Russia Hacked DNC/Podesta emails... this is a Reality Check you won't see anywhere else 
BEWARE OF THE RUSSIAN HACK CLAIM: Julian Assange gave an interview to Sean Hannity yesterday and said the email leaks were domestic. Wikileaks has never posted something that turned out to be fake, yet the CIA has been caught lying and/or putting out disinformation for decades. Who ya gonna believe? Ben Swann gives a good "Reality Check" on the issue:

NSA Whistleblower Destroys Obama's Russia Narrative - "Hard Evidence Points To An Inside Leak, Not Hacking" | Zero Hedge

The Abnormalization of Dissent 

Ummmm... I'm gonna need to see his face.
Regarding Assange on Hannity, I'd like to remind you all that audio Photoshop was recently invented-"
Adobe's 'Photoshop For Audio' Is Unbelievable
Last week, Adobe unveiled Project VoCo, which, much like Photoshop does for images, allows you to rearrange and change elements of an audio…

US claims about Russia hacks is 'fake news'

fake news / fake intelligence

The Shock & Awe 9/11 Media Brainwash 'Solution'?

Stephen Lendmean: US claims about Russia hacks is 'fake news'
Posted: 15 Dec 2016 05:15 PM PST
*9-11 Fast and Furious
*The New Babylon Those who reign supreme - free PDF
EFR MID-WEEK NEWS with David James 12/14/2016
Posted: 15 Dec 2016 04:47 PM PST

Euro Folk Radio Midweek News with David James. Sit back with your beverage of choice and let David James decipher some of the stories in the news.
Welcome to the new neighbours.

- - - - - Thu Dec 15 2016

     Media Graph
Media Graph: X: Tyranny V Freedom. Y: Independent V State Run
That line at the very bottom---from tyranny to freedom--is what the Founding Fathers had in mind. I hope people notice that. 
give more data points and take you closer to the truth

Social media giant Facebook has announced the site will prompt users if they attempt to share news articles disputed by third parties, the latest in an array of efforts to stifle independent media.
Facebook to Decide What’s Real Vs. Fake News for Users
Company working to censor alternative information from users
Facebook Empowers Far-Left Group to Bury "Fake News" » Alex Jones' 
Facebook has announced it will empower Snopes, an organization with a clear left-wing bias, to bury so-called “fake news” on its news feed, a move that clearly opens the door for the outright censorship of conservative content and opinion.

List of "journalists" who colluded with the Clinton campaign

     Industrial Waste
"Let's All Drink Industrial Waste". I also posted the video on youtube. I need you help! Please urge your peeps to contribute. KRON has agreed to air it 60 times over a 5 week period if I can come up with the $7,020. Thanks a million!! Merry Christmas. Tim 

Neurotoxic: Drinking Fluoridation Chemicals Now Linked to Brain Harm and Cognitive Deficits; Document Filed to EPA

CIA Coup against Donald Trump.
Officials should be tried and put in prison on this issue: 

It's really fascinating to see how the media works together with the Elites, the CIA and Hillary to still try to make sure Trump loses the Presidency.
The Real Danger Of How Donald Trump Could Lose The Presidency Soon
As celebrities, Hillary Clinton, Democrats and even the CIA come out against President Trump with alleged Russian hacking ties we detail the behind the scene...

When all else fails blame the Russians!

     Aleppo, Syria
Canadian journalist DESTROYS corporate media hack and explains what actually is going on in Aleppo, Syria 

Infowars Nightly News Director Rob Dew ( @DewsNewz ) covers the Syrian Army’s liberation of Aleppo, specifically how reports of them executing civilians in the streets is just another lie being promoted by western media.
Proof Syrian Army Killing Civilians Is Fake News From MSM
Story about Aleppo reported by mainstream media exposed as fake
Canadian Journalist: “I’m Back From Syria. The Media Is Lying To You!” 
Eva Bartlett is a Canadian activist/freelance journalistst. Eva has lived cumulative… 

White Helmets Caught in Mannequin Challenge-Mess UpWhite Helmets Caught in Mannequin Challenge-Mess Up

"This "rescue operation" was done by White Helmets as part of #MannequinChallenge, uploaded at YouTube channel "RFS Media Office" and published on Nov 18th, 2016. The original uploader deleted the video from YouTube on Nov 21, 2016. The archived YouTube page can be accessed here:
Too bad that "rebels" and White Helmets are too stupid to realise that this proved their general fakery."

RELATED ARTICLE: Syria: White Helmets Caught in Mannequin Challenge-Mess Up -

#LeifAtman Leif Atman

Happy Bill of Rights Day … Are There Any Left?

China Dumps Treasuries: Foreign Central Banks Liquidate A Record $403 Billion In US Paper

Anun Naki with David Dees and Stephen Sanders

     Ashley Madison
Exposed: Anti-Trump Elector Chris Suprun Paid For Ashley Madison While Bankrupt And Married With 3 Kids

     NO GO
'We Are Losing Control of Our Streets': Bavaria Home Minister Calls For Migrant Deportations After Cologne, Murders

Comedian Jimmy Dore is one of the only voices on the left that really gets this issue. The left is up in arms about Trump's appointment to the EPA, but conveniently stays silent about the fact that Obama's EPA is ACTUALLY ENACTING these same policies that the left fears Trump will enact. Where have you been for 8 years people? You know why this will be good? Because you might actually get off your ass and really give it to Trump for fucking with the environment. Ya'll gave Obama a pass.

Obama Ignored Calls To Base EPA Policy On Science
Barack Obama's EPA was totally corrupted by the fossil fuel industry. In 2015, 200 environmental groups sent a letter to the President asking him to base pol...
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