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Money vs Currency - Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 1 - Mike Maloney
More: Currency vs. Money is the 1st Episode of Mike Maloney's Hidden…
Scalia Murdered, Republic To Be Announced

Tommy Robinson Attacked, Hospitalised One Week After Revealing Islamists Are Out To Kill Him
“Had an xray and CT scan as well and is suffering from concussion.

- - - - - Sun Feb 14 2016

Statin Scam Exposed: Cholesterol Drugs Cause Rapid Ageing, Brain Damage, And Diabetes - Healthy...
Please get anyone you love or care about off the statin drugs. They poison the liver so it does not make cholesterol. The BIG issue is that your brain is 80%…

#‎DavidBarron‬ wrote memo justifying drone killings, may become next ‪#‎SupremeCourt‬ justice. ‪#‎AntoninScalia‬

- - - - - Sat Feb 13 2016

Nailed it.
What Happens When Yellen Raises Rates? Mike Maloney
Full Silver Summit presentation:
     Are You Eating POOP?!

Goodbye, cruel world.

"Screw this!! You ain't puttin' me in that f*****g boiling water!!!"

Local TV news segment on fluoridation in Parry Sound, Ontario, which has chosen to end fluoridation at least until the citizens can vote on the issue two years from now:

Fluoride Poison & How Are We Killing Our Children.
The damage is mounting and a new film is going to explore the evidence against Fluoride being used on our children.

Video update out now on the M5.1 earthquake in the Midwest / Oklahoma.
Get the word out. Have a plan, and be prepared!

World-renowned libertarian Lew Rockwell, the co-founder of the Mises Institute and Ron Paul's former congressional chief of staff, joins the show…

It doesn’t matter what the Bernie Sanders campaign does because Hillary Clinton is practically already the presidential nominee, a Democratic superdelegate a...

Twitter is sinking like a stone. Here's why...
Twitter's Restraint of Conservative Speech Is Why It Is Failing

- - - - - Fri Feb 12 2016
Monsanto & Cancer Milk: FOX NEWS KILLS STORY & FIRES…

Learn more:

New opinion piece by Paul Connett, PhD: "The Poor Science of Fluoridation Promoters"--

#‎FireJackDorsey‬ Why Twitter's CEO has got to go.
What Every Twitter User Needs To Know #FireJackDorsey
In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about the shocking and sad news with twitter's new algorithm and trust and safety council that will be used to censor any ... 

Twitter Creates Safety Council With Islamists And Feminists To Restrict Free Speech
Social media giant teams up with social justice warriors to step on First Amendment
The social media giant already characterizes users who disagree with someone’s opinion on Twitter as “engaging in abusive behavior"...
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