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It seems that the Arkansas legislation mandating statewide fluoridation was passed several years ago with the help of a fraudulent study promoted by the dental / chemical lobby:

     McDonalds Fries
Brain damage and cancer with your fries, anyone?

     Earthquakes Subduction-zone
Earthquakes Subduction-zone mega-thrust earthquakes, the most powerful earthquakes in the world, can produce tsunamis through a variety of structures including: fault boundary rupture, deformation of overlying plate, splay faults, and landslides during earthquakes. From a hazards viewpoint, it is critical to remember that tsunamis are multiple waves that often arrive on shore for many hours after the initial wave. In this animation we explore different tsunami-producing mechanisms by examining three famous earthquakes: Japan 2011, Chile 2010, and Alaska 2014.

WW3: Is Saudi Arabia About to Invade Syria?
Saudi Arabia is massing hundreds of thousands of troops while conducting its biggest ever wargames. Is this preparation for an invasion of Syria or just one ...


Mark of the Beasts: Summers, Others, Launch Strong Campaign for Cashless Society | The Dollar...
Your average person probably doesn’t even mind. Credit cards and smartphone payments are very convenient. So, what’s the big deal if there was no physical…

Man Arrested Over $1500 Student Loan
A college loan can now be excuse for a US Marshal to arrest you at your home

War on Cash: Larry Summers Wants to “Kill the $100 Bill”
Economist and potential future Federal Reserve Chairman Larry Summers has called for the $100 dollar bill to be phased out of circulation, becoming the latest prominent voice to advocate the elimination of cash.

The coming brave new world may also be a fragile one.
Cashless Crisis: “With Digital Payments, Civilization Comes To An End Until Power is Restored”
As most of the Western world is pushed into abandoning cash and embracing a fully digital cashless grid, it is apparent how vulnerable populations will become in…


Scalia Cover-Up: Secrets Inside Cibolo Creek RanchInfowars reporter Joe Biggs is inside the Cibolo Creek Ranch where the mysterious circumstances of Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia’s death…

Judge Speaks Out on Scalia: We Normally Perform Autopsies
When I'm called out, I do go see [the body], she said
Presidio Co. Justice of the Peace, Juanita Bishop, said the county normally performs autopsies on people who unexpectedly die like the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Trump Punches Back at Obama’s ‘Belief’ He Will Not Be President: 'You're Lucky I Didn't Run Last Time' - Breitbart

Trump Has No Chill At The 9th GOP DebateTrump Has No Chill At The 9th GOP Debate

Islamic Rape Of Europe': Polish Magazine Splashes 'White Europa' Girl Groped By Migrant Hands - Breitbart

Remember how Cyprus got utterly nailed a week or two back? The Cyprus parliament Environment Committee says the spraying - which they say comes from British air bases - is messing with agriculture and they've asked the Foreign Minister to do something about it.

This is significant; Cyprus is in NATO and this is the first time I know it's been openly discussed at government level as anything more than a proposal.

EDIT - here's the original untranslated article, in case the Google Translate link doesn't work. I'd also strongly advise saving a local copy to your hard drive in case this mysteriously vanishes. I'm sure they're already getting The Talk.

FEMA Camps "Coffins" on a *Masonic* truck. Good Luck Americans.
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