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9/11 - The Truth In 5 Minutes - by James Corbett 

Mass Shooting Swept Under Rug After Liberals Learn Suspect is Black -
Leftists jump to blame whites in wake of national tragedy.

9/11 Pentagon Attack - Behind the Smoke Curtain - Barbara Honegger

- - - - - Thu Feb 25 2016

Guns and Butter – January 6, 2016
Oil and 9/11: Crossroads of Corruption and Criminality with James Corbett James Corbett’s two documentaries are discussed, beginning with How Big Oil Conquered the World; the rise of the oiligarchy; the Yom Kippur War and subsequent 1973 oil shock; petro dollars and the monetary system; the creation of modern education, medicine, the green and gene … Continued

Oil and 911  Crossroads of Corruption and Criminality with James Corbett  How Big Oil Conquered the World oiligarchy

- - - - - Wed Feb 24 2016

This happened after Blackfish went viral. Can you guys imagine if Earthlings went viral and had the same impact? Gary's speech went viral in Israel and now they have one of the greatest populations of vegans.
Keep linking these films! 
-Best Speech You Will Ever Hear
-What Is Veganism

Financial Armageddon Approaches: U.S. Banks Have 247 Trillion Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives
Overall, the biggest U.S. banks collectively have more than 247 trillion dollars of exposure to derivatives contracts.

If you have your money in any big banking institution that has derivatives take your money out of the bank immediately & put it into a smaller bank or credit union that doesn't have all these derivatives. Under newer (05) bankruptcy laws when these banks fail again they won't be getting bailed out by the taxpayer, they will be taking your money directly from your bank account. The hard-earned money you deposit in the bank is not considered “security” or “collateral.” It is just a loan to the bank, & you must stand in line along with the other creditors in hopes of getting it back. Under both the Dodd Frank Act & the Bankruptcy Act, derivative claims have super-priority over all other claims, secured & unsecured, insured & uninsured. FDIC guarantees the safety of deposits in member banks up to a certain amount. But the FDIC only has somewhere around 70 billion dollars sitting around to cover bank failures. If hundreds of billions or even trillions of dollars are ultimately needed to bail out the banking system, where is that money going to come from? It would be difficult to overstate the threat that derivatives pose to our “too big to fail” banks.

- - - - - Wed Feb 24 2016

USA's Greatest Danger Is Here - Mike Maloney Speaks With Harry Dent
More: The greatest danger to America’s prosperity, is the very…

- - - - - Mon Feb 22 2016

I think I figured out where the black water in Texas is coming from... coming from the huge oil / gas fracking, and pumping operation surrounding the town. Get the word out! Video below: 2/22/2016 -- MYSTERY SOLVED -- Texas "black" polluted water -- Professionals VEXED?!

Better start stacking cash along with your Gold and Silver as Yellen has mentioned NIR's as a possible fed move several times.
Safes Sell Out In Japan, 1,000 Franc Note Demand Soars As NIRP Triggers Cash Hoarding | Zero Hedge
"This suggests a vague sense of unease among the public"...

- - - - - Sun Feb 21 2016

Silver Has Not Confirmed Gold Breakout Yet - Mike Maloney
Watch Mike Maloney's latest presentation on gold, silver and the economy

HINT: even the YOUTUBE URL spells OMG

Market to Cave in the Next Few Months, Jim Rogers Warns
Gold Could go Vertical Soon, How to Profit Like an Insider: GUEST SITE: Get his Books:…

Scathing report on how the CDC covers water fluoridation.
Video #2

Milk is for the animal that gives it, for it's young, that's all... Cows milk, is for cows, Not us...
DAIRY IS F**KING SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes

Jeb Fears Trump Knows Who Was Behind 9/11 Attacks!
Bush knows that the truth could bring down his entire campaign and much more
Trump knows the truth and has put the bush crime family on notice!

- - - - - Sat Feb 20 2016

Two Years Post-Heart Attack: “The findings of this latest CT scan were startling. There was no evidence of stenosis in my coronary arteries … my disease had completely reversed in just over two years.”
From Heart Attack to Healthy Heart in Two Years With No Meds
A burning sensation began, and within minutes it was a crushing chest pain. In a moment of extraordinary denial, I convinced myself it was reflux.

URGENT: Tell Safeway to stop supporting animal abuse! Contact Safeway’s CEO at 208-395-4292 or and demand that Safeway goes cage-free.
You Can End This Cruelty
Tell Safeway’s CEO that cramming birds into cages so small they can barely move is animal cruelty no company with morals should support.
Watch More
Let us all ask - What is really in that DTaP?

"Man" claims he has proof the Twin Towers were rigged with explosives... As in Richard Gage, AIA, founder of AE911Truth, which represents over 2,400 architects and engineers.

#‎SaudiArabia‬ says it has nuke, will test it soon. ‪#‎Iran‬

Black Lives Matter Boss Is An Old White Nazi Worth Billions
We’ve talked about how George Soros backed NGOs are actively supporting the refugee crisis to decimate Europe, but what about Soros-backed activists here…
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