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A must see!! Here is what you need to know about yourself.. mind blowing!! Trust me.

How Much Does Meat Actually Cost?

Central bankers fail to perform miracles and I talk to @bullionbasis
Keiser Report: Bankers and miracles (E884)
Max and Stacy discuss central banks trying to perform monetary miracles whilst chained to the ground by a stubbornly real economy. In the second half Max int...
ISIS terrorists finding out that the UK may leave the European Union.

A Sling-Shot Gun That Shoots Knives…NO WAY !!
Joerg Sprave has made several different types of slingshots, but this is something new. This time, Joerg has made a slingshot gun that shoots throwing knives, how cool is that ? Using Kunai knives,…

BBC Report: Identified Sandy Hook School Shooting Victim Noah Pozner Dies Again in Another School Shooting in Pakistan.
#FakeLivesMatter poor kid. sucks to be him

Orwell's 1984 gets closer with every passing day ... ‪#‎vaccines‬ ‪#‎HealthFreedoms‬ ‪#‎FBI‬

The Scenes of a Chaotic Calais Yesterday Evening: 01/03/2016
European Truckers are becoming increasingly targeted by mobs of Migrants who are living in the area of Calais, and it is only expected to get worse as the number of people grow. We cannot allow thousands of people access to the UK who's values are that of destroying everything if they do not get their way.

- - - - - Sat Mar 5 2016

The Story of Your Enslavement
We can only be kept in the cages we do not see. A brief history of human enslavement - up to and including your own. Freedomain Radio is 100% funded by viewe...

Amid Health, Privacy Fears, States Are Letting People Reject ‘Smart Meters’
Worries over safety and privacy have led some states to allow consumers to refuse smart meters that are designed as more accurate and potentially energy-saving…

The Hidden Rape of Europe | Toni Bugle and Stefan Molyneux
MP3: Soundcloud: /stefan-molyneux

Illuminati expert discusses the corruption inside of Hollywood and how it is used to control your mind.
Hollywood Is An Illuminati Sex Cult
Mark Dice reveals the secrets behind ongoing corruption in film industry

WARNING! Retro America Told You So

Drunk men tell no lies... So you want to listen up.
A Drunk Green Beret Gives his Rules for Surviving a Gunfight! [VIDEO]
He's been a Ranger and a Green Beret, fought on multiple continents, and received numerous awards - and now he's sharing his rules of a gunfight with you.…

- - - - - Fri Mar 4 2016

How to Dance to... Music Genres with Birds

Start your day off right with a pop song about the clitoris!

Police Pushing for Weaponised Drones: "What could go wrong?"SHOW NOTES AND MP3: Claire Bernish of joins us today to…

ANYTHING can be hacked. Get the Smart Meter (and all wireless) out of your home.
Opt Out instructions:

2-29-2016; Day-13 of High Pressure Blockade; Phased Array Radar Generates Right-angle Front!
Mon. Feb 29; Irrefutable evidence of weather manipulation is on display again today! A giant…

The more you know history, the less you trust the government.
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