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     earthquake Alaska
A large M6.4 earthquake has struck near Mount Atka volcano in Alaska.

The protest in Chicago was by Design. The mob in Chicago was a mobilized event. Bill Ayers is among the most connected of all Chicago mob operatives. The people who showed up to halt the Trump rally were put on alert via a coordinated social media campaign that involved Ayers and some of the names from a meeting reported days earlier. The media is trying to spin the Chicago incident as though it's Trump's fault when in fact this was a specific designed staged event by establishment elitists. This is just the first in a series of designed attacks to come.

Days After Secret Meeting Among Tech Billionaires & Political Ops, Trump Campaign Attacked On...
Just four days after both Republican and Democrat party operatives met with…

      BLM ISIS simp attacks Trump
Video that connects DiMassimo to ISIS. Also ISIS sympathizer Tommy Dimassimo failed attack on Trump

Soros Funded Takes Credit for Violence in Chicago
A precursor to activity the organization will engage in as as the election approaches

Sanders Agents & Violence at Trump Rally
Having lost at the top, with their $200M stop Trumpcampaign against Trump, now they try from the bottom up
"What they're really doing is they're shutting down the First Amendment."

Trump Rally Protester Shooting Uzi Submachine Gun into Air
This #BlackLivesMatter supporter is seen shooting an Uzi submachine gun in celebration of the #TrumpRally being canceled in Chicago.

Blood Spilled At Violent Anti-Trump Rally
Black Lives Matter aggressively confronts Trump supporters as St. Louis Trump rally descends into chaos. Help us spread the word about the liberty…
Anti-Trump Protesters BLOCK AMBULANCE in Chicago on Way to Hospital with Patient Inside
Anti-Trump protesters blocked an ambulance in Chicago Friday night that was in route to the…

The truth about Trump rallies and Paul Singer's profits.
The Truth About Markets - 12 March 2016
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert of The podcast offers analysis of the Trump rally in Chicago; Paul Singer's…

The Koran is the MEIN KAMPF of the prophet Mohamed 
Muslim Attacks German Man for explaining Quran,Munich,Germany

Popular Heartburn Drugs Linked To Deadly Kidney Disease
Pharmaceutical companies who promoted these using advertising should be charged criminally. These medicines are killing people.

Black Lives Matter: The Rise of the "DINDU".
Micheal Brown was a man, who robbed a liquor store and at the same time assaulted it's clerk. He then went on to attack a police officer and attempted to…

One of the real victims of the Sandy Hook Hoax is a young man who saw the truth immediately and presented his evidence on YouTube. He has since been subject to a corrupt legal system which has destroyed his life
Sandy Hook - All City Bail Bonds Solicitation in Silencing - Part 5
Other links below. For updates on Connecticut injustice: For updates on Wolfgang Halbig's proceedings:…

- - - - - Thu Mar 10 2016

Walter Bosley - Origins - The Emergence of the Breakaway Civilization HD 
A long look through history at the origins of the breakaway of humans from planet earth. As early…

Hi everybody! Something that a lot of people are asking for is a way to search the comics to be able to share particular ones (especially during arguments). That's something that a friend is working on right now, but I don't know when it will be complete. So here's a sort of alternative, you can download the majority of my comics in a .rar file. I roughly name each comic as I make them on my computer - so once you have them in a folder on your computer, you can use your normal search function and hopefully find something appropriate that way.
File is 350mb

     CATS on POOL TABLE: When I Laugh

sleep aid FREE! saved my brain! dims blue light on computer after dark. THIS and MELATONIN work for me!

I recommend using to find fresh spring water near you if you live in the US.

What the dental-lobby doesn't want you to know. This is what happens when your body is exposed to fluoride:

Researchers used Skin Deep database to find safer cosmetics!

Food becomes you. Your food changes your DNA:

    S ex
Please Read This so Our S ex can be Amazing.

Indigestion pills taken by millions 'raise the risk of dementia' by 50% new study

Geoengineering, Weather Modification & Climate Change interview Jim Lee -- 

MMR measles vaccine clinical trial results FAKED by Big Pharma 
While the vaccine industry is exploiting the Disneyland measles outbreak to call for widespread MMR vaccination, nobody in the mainstream media is telling

Americans' brains being fried by cell towers: New scientific evidence reveals shocking extent of electropollution damage (Flashback)

#‎FBI‬ instructs high schools to inform on students, report anti-government political beliefs. ‪#‎Stasi‬

Shocker! FBI Looking At Ending Free Speech

BLM works for Rothschild, London City, The US Federal Reserve NOT THE PEOPLE
BLM is actually a sub-corporation of UNITED STATES INCORPORATED, a private foreign owned…

The loss of national inheritance driving this generation to despair

These numbers are INSANE!
37% of the government’s total reported assets are student loans | We Are Change
Hot off the presses, the US government just published its audited financial statements this morning, signed and sealed by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.

- - - - - Wed Mar 9 2016

Ever wonder what fluoride exposure does to infants?

Update on the fluoridation referendum campaign in Marin, California that could help end fluoridation throughout the state:

Whole house EMF shielding with T98 paint and GPA mesh under tiled roof
What is involved in shielding a whole house against phone tower (HF EMR) radiation AND internal…
It is possible to shield your home from harmful RF microwave radiation. Check this out!

- - - - - Mon Mar 7 2016

Economic crisis very often leads to the rise of a dictator. The swing from individualism to collectivism is here...
ULTIMATE HISTORY OF MONEY - Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 5 - Mike Maloney
More: Welcome to the 5th episode of Michael Maloney's…
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