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Drones are now being used to spray areas of the sky for Weather Modification purposes.
Successful WeatherMod drone tests have been completed over Nevada.
Full post below:
3/25/2016 — Government Permits DRONES to be used for Weather Modification — Spraying to induce precipitation

Fluoride is main ingredient of PROZAC

FAN Bulletin: Latest Victories & How to Lobby Your Legislature:

Part1:5 Covert Operations & The Exchange Stabilization Fund & Its History
Part 4 @ 8:00 Chance of Deflation in US is NILL
AIDS is NOT caused by HIV virus but by suppressed immune system from drug use (Crack / Heroin) in 9/10 cases Part 5 @ 9:00
SUPERNOTES fake US $100 bills purposely printed for use OUTSIDE the USA that can NOT come back in Part 5 @ 15:00
TALIBAN cuts Afghan OPIUM crops in 2001. Most dramatic event in history of illegal drug Markets. Part 5 @ 16:00
OPIUM supply GRAPH Part 5 @ 17:00 most Opium comes from Hellman Province. Guess who controls Hellman Province…
911truthnc.Org Operation Northwoods

#FakeLivesMatter #CrisisActors #BostonBombingHoax #SandyHoax
TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU WANT but please understand, if your Femoral artery is severed, you bleed out in 1 Minute, you are DEAD in 2.
Therefore that Bauman dude in wheelchair in Boston Bombing was a CRISIS ACTOR. He lost his legs overseas.
#FalseFlag Qui Bono? translates to : WHO BENEFITS? 

Brussels Belguim Hoax Crisis Actors Starring (Free)mason Wells
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