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Ken O'Keefe exposes the Financial System !

Soon to be breaking News... Sometime alternative news media gets the stories first because MSM refuses, for political reasons, to take them: Following is but one of those stories......../before the fact reporting:

How The Federal Reserve Works:
Now on Youtube:

Europe Earthquake Update:
Just as expected, North Italy has now started to show movement.. being struck by a M2.8 (M3.0 revised) earthquake.
The earthquake forecast specifically talked about North Italy being the next spot for movement to spread to in Europe.
See the earthquake forecast video here:
- - - - - Fri Apr 22

Ken O'Keefe Breaks Down The 28 Redacted Pages, and the Awakening of the masses

DAIRY IS F**KING SCARY! The industry explained in 5 minutes
Dairy is scary. Please share this video with anyone and everyone who still thinks dairy is just fine! ★ Support My Work ★…

Want to know about Earthquakes? Want to know how things are actually moving? Curious about how one earthquake can lead to another earthquake elsewhere?
If you want to know what to expect, and WHERE to expect it.... then enjoy a long post I made explaining everything I've found out so far!
Much love to all my viewers, and readers - I'm doing this research for you , and for the world as a whole.
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4/22/2016 — Earthquake Progression 101 — How pressure transfers across plates + Earthquakes are Related

A group of dentists are pointing to new research confirming that increased fluoride in water results in reduced intelligence. The research, published in the journal of environmental monitoring and assessment, found that the higher the fluoride content in water, the lower the IQ of children. This is on top of the existing 100+ animals studies and 50+ human studies already showing a link between fluoride consumption and decreased IQ.

- - - - - Thu Apr 21

Here's the video that shows exactly what the banks have on hand to pay out if everybody tried to recover their 'money'...strap in folks. Thanks for sharing and getting this info out there.
You Won't Believe What Happens If Everybody Pulls Their Money Out Of The Bank At The Same Time...
Here's the video that shows exactly what the banks have on hand to pay out if everybody tried to recover their 'money'...strap in folks.It's time to wake up to what…

If you went to the bank to cash in your savings account of $1000, and all they gave you was 60 cents....what would you do?

Ken O'Keefe Breaks Down The 28 Redacted Pages of The Congressional Report (*) and Political Environment and Extortion 17

4-20-2016; Rain Chance Blocked; Gale Force System Moving Toward West Coast
Wed. Apr 20th; Another strong opportunity for rain in Southern CA was prevented by the sociopaths…

If you would still vote for Hillary Clinton after this 4min video, you need your head checked

The Sonoma-Marin (California) fluoridation ballot initiative is down to the last 10 days of collecting the necessary signatures to get their question on the ballot. If you live in the area please volunteer and help this important question get on the ballot. It could impact every fluoridated community in California, as well as other mandate states:‬
Prince Talks About Chemtrails New World Order Illumanti…

- - - - - Wed Apr 20 
California water fluoridation violates individual right to informed...
Why is Fluoride in water? ‪#Fluoride‬ is TOXIC & ‪#FluorideKILLS‬! Fluoride...

Over 200 communities have rejected fluoridation since 2010:

California wines contain Monsanto's toxic herbicide
also Fluoride in Wine both red and white are 2 PPM

ALL bluefin tuna caught off West Coast are radioactiveALL bluefin tuna caught off West Coast are radioactive
Please do your research before buying tuna from California...
This weeks earthquake forecast video is now out.
Multiple locations to watch this week in light of the major international unrest which has taken place over the past few days.
West coast USA back in the mix again, three other areas in the Pacific. All three areas should move this week.
Europe, Asia, and South America also have warning areas to be concerned about.
If you live in any of the named areas, the time to develop an earthquake plan is now (in case you haven't already done so).

FALSE FLAG COPYRIGHT from Russians on NASA video -- Youtube allowed = Dutchsinse cut off

Autism, a complete toxic overload, linked to WIRELESS (non-stop pulsed RF microwave radiation, a class 2b possible carcinogen in the same category as lead, chloroform and formaldehyde)

James Rickards-Gold $10,000 to $50,000 per Ounce

collapse could happen within 3 weeks of the Shanghai gold price fix. Price fix began yesterday. 
Rob Kirby-Dollar Devaluation Clock About to Strike Midnight

Bad News, The Newly Released Economic Data Forecasts A…

With Shanghai now establishing a new price discovery, Russia wants to join with China to create...
from The Daily Economist: April 19 was a monumental day for the global physical gold markets, with the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) setting a new price to compete…

The 28 Pages: "15 Saudi Patsies, Israel Perpetrated 9/11"

- - - - - Tue Apr 19 pm

28 pages that could shed light on the events of 911

This dairy-free ice cream recipe contains only six ingredients and tastes just as good as the real thing!


Insurance Companies Prepare for Road Warrior Collapse
Dangerous scenarios predicted by economic forecasters
The world’s elite are digging in like never before... 

The highest doses of fluoride are going to bottle-fed babies. Because of their sole reliance on liquids for their food intake, infants consuming formula made with fluoridated water have the highest exposure to fluoride, by bodyweight, in the population.

Mystery Sprayer over SF, 4-19-16 (Facebook video version)
I caught a very fast high altitude sprayer over SF April 19th, 2016 with huge white objects on either side of its fuselage. They looked too large to be engines - if anyone can identify it, please leave a comment below. According to Flightradar24, it took off from Long Beach, CA, was flying at 40,000ft at 516 knots. The destination, type of plane were not available
Also available on Youtube -

Socialism is as dead as a doornail. The entire world witnessed its death with the fall of the Soviet Union and learned a good (albeit very hard) lesson. There are but North Korea and Cuba who still hang on to past failures. No one is rushing to live in either of those countries, and no one is rushing to copy them. Central Banking is next, and its death will also provide a learning experience for all the world to see. As with the socialists, the central bankers have no idea what they are doing. But the damage that they produce is very real. Their days are numbered. More at the link:

Exclusive Interview we did with Ken O'Keefe at FYM4 PA - breaking down the Redacted 28 pages, Extortion 17 and The Political Environment today- thank u Ken and Bob Tuskin for making that event each year better and better!

You've got to watch this short, very funny video. It's a perfect illustration of college political correctness gone crazy.
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