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Ed Begley Jr is both a film star and environmental health advocate. His work has earned him a number of awards from some of the most prestigious environmental groups in the nation, including the California League of Conservation Voters, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Coalition for Clean Air. In this PSA, Ed calls on communities to end the "outdated" practice of water fluoridation due, in part, to recent studies linking fluoride to reduced IQ at exposure levels that offer "no margin of safety" to what millions of American children are now receiving in fluoridated communities.

Is Fluoride a Drug, or a Nutrient?
In statements spanning from the 1960s to 2000, the FDA has repeatedly confirmed its position that fluoride is a drug, not a “nutrient,” when used to prevent disease:

The fluoride wars: loving cancer, loving lower IQ
by Jon Rappoport April 26, 2016 (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)…
9-11 explained in 5 minutes!!!.mp4
VIDEO: Ticking TimeBomb: Americans in Horrible Financial Shape Just Prior to the Next Crisis
Stories Of Despair From The Forgotten People That The U.S. Economy Has Left Behind
There is so much economic despair in our country today, but if you have a good…
There is so much economic despair in our country today, but if you have a good job and if you live in a good neighborhood you might not ever encounter it.

Of course, every finance 101 student knows that a firm which has to borrow more cash than it is able to produce from its core operations is not a sustainable business model, and yet today's CFOs, pundits and central bankers do not.

Debt Is Growing Faster Than Cash Flow By The Most On Record | Zero Hedge
Net debt growth skyrocketing nearly 30% y/y, while EBITDA has been contracting for the past year. In fact, as SocGen shows below, the difference in the growth rate between these two most critical data series is now over 35% - the biggest deficit in over 20 years.

If you can end The Holocaust with a simple lifestyle change, would you do it?
One of the most fascinating and inspiring videos we have seen lately.
For more videos from Joey Armstrong, the creator:

IRS Agents Says : $50,000 reward to show a law requiring to pay federal Income tax

Illuminati Exposed (This is the resistance) 17 April at 16:34 · 
Ken O'Keefe "The only thing we need to do is Print our own Money" 
JFK and Adolf Hitler, the only 2 western leaders to be executed, were both killed shortly after deciding to print their own nation's money, away from the central banks. This is no coincidence. And it tells us what we need to do.
yup. this is the plan.
ISIS is working on Mossad/CIA/MI6 Plan to Create Greater Israel
This is the root cause of all the refugee crisis we are facing in the world right now! Zionism/Communism! The Plan — according to U.S. General
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