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Due to its high toxicity, fluoride has long been used as a pesticide. In the United States, there are currently two fluoride-based pesticides that are allowed to be sprayed on food. These are: cryolite and sulfuryl fluoride.

Here is an overview of the National Research Council's groundbreaking report on fluoride toxicity, including excerpts of its key findings and recommendations, statements from the panelists, and a discussion of its relevance to water fluoridation and sulfuryl fluoride.
The report, which was three years in the making, concluded that the safe drinking water standard for fluoride (4 ppm) causes significant damage to teeth, and places consumers at elevated risk for bone damage, including bone fracture and joint pain.

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     fluorides increase risk
In addition to leaching lead from water pipes, animal studies have found that fluorides increase the risk of lead poisoning by facilitating the uptake of lead into the blood, and intensifying lead’s effects on the body, including the brain.

STUDY: fluoride concentration as low as 0.5 mg F−/l can adversely affect invertebrates and fishes, safe levels below this fluoride concentration are recommended in order to protect freshwater animals from fluoride pollution.

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