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This is the best video you'll ever see on immigration/refugees. It sums up the entire debate with gumballs...
This lays out the facts. Worth the time to watch.

The thyroid gland regulates the body’s metabolic rate and plays an exquisitely important role in human health. Because all metabolically active cells require thyroid hormone for proper functioning, thyroid disruption can have a wide range of effects on virtually every system of the body. Chemicals that interfere with thyroid function must be treated with great caution. According to the experts and the latest research, there is substantial evidence that fluoride exposure can impact thyroid function in some individuals.
More information:

Spain getting WRECKED by rioting immigrants attacking police, citizens, destroying property and blocking police with roadblocks
Vote Out Of The FAILED EU on 23rd June

Clintons are like HERPES ... They keep coming back!
Hillary Clinton's spokesmodel is the face of syphilis in Portland, HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHHA HAHAHA
Whether you're with syphilis or you're with herp- same clip art model.
Enjoy your shameful sexist campaign shillary, no one else is.

Europe is quickly becoming the world's Islamic Playground for FREE HANDOUTS rapes murder and beheadings
Share the videos in this playlist to red-pill normies
- - - - - Wed May 25 

Water technician from Cornwall, Ontario describes how fluoride chemicals endanger the public and water employees. "Corrosive...unpredictable...toxic waste."

Secretary Clinton pressed countries to start fracking, new emails reveal

What's Going on In Fort McMurray? Are they Trying to Hide something ?

Why the WEST Funds I$I$

A: the WEST is concerned about EARTH POPULATION so slows down BREEDING. OK GOOD.
BUT NO! then you IMPORT BREEDERS whom do not SUPPORT
Hyper-parasites and destroyers.

Swedish Nationalists take down EU flags from offices of EU in Sweden and burn them 
Love Europe , Hate the EU 
- - - - - Tue May 24 
How safe is your drinking water?‬ Not only Fluoride but the Chlorine as well. Studies indicate that chloramine causes more dangerous byproducts than other treatment alternatives, such as ozone or chlorine dioxide. Disinfection byproducts are created when the compounds used for disinfecting drinking water react with natural organic matter, bromide, or iodide.

Due to its high toxicity, fluoride has long been used as a pesticide. In the United States, there are currently two fluoride-based pesticides that are allowed to be sprayed on food. These are: cryolite and sulfuryl fluoride.

     If Serial Killers Said the Stuff Meat-Eaters Say
Learn how one community is fighting to stop toxic agriculture runoff from polluting their drinking water.

     The Secret of Oz
What's going on with the world's economy? Foreclosures are everywhere, unemployment is skyrocketing - and this may only be the beginning. Could it be that solutions to the world's economic problems could have been embedded in the most beloved children's story of all time, "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"? The yellow brick road (the gold standard), the emerald city of Oz (greenback money), even Dorothy's silver slippers (changed to ruby slippers for the movie version) were powerful symbols of author L. Frank Baum's belief that the people - not the big banks -- should control the quantity of a nation's money.
- Bill Still

Elijah Wood: Hollywood Protecting Pedophile Elite
Film industry has sex network similar to that of Jimmy Savile in Britain
Hollywood is in the grip of a child sexual abuse scandal similar to that of Jimmy Savile in Britain, Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood has claimed.

Why Texas Should Secede
Author discusses hypothetical Texas secession scenario
The News you wont see on the BBC with a EU Vote coming up
Scenes from Calais last night as English truckers tried to get home after they where going about their daily business, a hostile gang of "BOGUS" refugees mounted what can only be described as a vicious all out attack on innocent British workers.
One local Ipswich truck driver message Spotted to say he has quit his job rather then face the gauntlet of alledged refugees trying to steal aboard his lorry.

Boris, Hitler and the European Union: ADAM LEBOR says if anyone is suffering from ‘political amnesia’ it is the EU grandees and their allies in the British establishment
By ADAM LEBOR FOR MAILONLINE     PUBLISHED: 21:06, 18 May 2016 | UPDATED: 00:58, 19 May 2016

innocent house cat attacked by 5 viscous WOLVES
Five puppy Vs. One cat

10%!? That's it? Your money is working for the bank? Good to know.

- - - - - Mon May 23 

GO VEGAN... do unto others ... as you would have done unto you

Animals Will Take Over the World If You Go Vegan

What's In Your Milk?

Vegan Translations: I Love Bacon
     Dance With Her!

How Girls Use Instagram Vs Reality

     Coffee Talk: Cell Phone Radiation Dangers
Interview with Ellie Marks who, with her husband Alan, was the force behind San Francisco becoming the first city in the United States to require retailers t...

     zombies tho
When your phone is more important than your relatioinship.

Truth Went Out Live On TV!! Oops
Here in the UNITED STATES:
Every Single terrorist incident we have had has been a FALSE FLAG or HAS BEEN an INFORMANT pushed on by the FBI.
In FACT we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI Informants that are trying to INCITE terrorism
We have become a LUNATIC ASSYLUM
as far as JIHADI JOHN the best guess I can give you is that this is FUNDED BY SAUDI ARABIA, TRAINED by CIA
THis destruction of ancient artifacts and so on that's a covert action influence operation… that's not something they would normally do.
This is in one word: LARGELY THEATER

"I will tell you that here in the united states every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI" -CIA Veteran Robert David Steele, live on RT News
CIA Vet Announces Live on RT That All Terrorist Attacks in US Are False Flags – Victurus Libertas
CIA Vet Announces Live on RT That All Terrorist Attacks in US Are False Flags “I will tell you that here in the united states every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI” –CIA Veteran Robert David Steele, live on RT News CIA Vete...

Truth Is Accidentally Broadcast On Live TV
The reaction of the interviewer is priceless...
“Most terrorist acts are false flag events …This is largely theatre”

We should all be PEEing in the trees. This bathroom crap is akin to rearranging the deck chairs on the TITANIC. Yay if those who want to be gay go gay and those who want to be straight go straight... to where we mellow out and stop breeding so much. BUT we should not be FLUSHING PRISTINE FCUKING YOSEMITE WATER down our TOILETS. PEE in the woods you freakin morons! Earth is DYING as we speak.

Robert De Niro to Produce Documentary Film Exposing Vaccines
Actor reveals new project in interview discussing
Hollywood star Robert De Niro is planning a documentary exposing vaccines, the actor said in a recent interview.

     World Pop
Crusades 1100AD - 1200 AD were DEFENSIVE ACTION against ISLAM ATTACK of EUROPE 650-800 AD
World Population History (1 C.E. - 2050 C.E.)

     Muhammad killed 800 Jews

Clinton Foundation is the "largest unprosecuted charity fraud ever attempted," claims financial expert Charles Ortel
A Harvard MBA Guy Is Out to Bring Down the Clintons

40 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now As The Crust Of The Earth Becomes Increasingly Unstable
Let’s talk about the volcanic eruptions that we have seen in recent days.

5/23/2016 — Supervolcano discovered at the North Pole — Mount Dutch undersea super volcano caldera

D.U.M.B. = Deep Underground Military Base
Symbolism? 13 Trees in Front Line. Obelisque, Triangles / Pyramids. D.U.M.B. Deep Underground Military Base stye construction...
WHAT? are they trying to say by building it in the same FASHION as a D.U.M.B. ?
It is their ethical CODE to WARN us they WILL kill us before they KILL US. here are they saying: DIG IN, PREPARE for a STORM?
2 Burka Shrouded Muslim Sphinx? WTF?
Obelisque is PHALIC. Oval Pool at recessed entrance before female bits opening is Vaginal... conception

     Stephan Molineaux    
The Handbook of Human Ownership - A Manual…
      Trouser Bomb in Boston
Boston Marathon Attack Hoax 2013 was a holywood style hoax. smoke bomb and fake injuries

BOSTON BOMB BUSTED Amputee Drops Fake Leg In Street

OMG this is DREADFULL! STOP what you are doing and WATCH NOW!
Attack of the Trouser Bomb in Boston
The Absolute Best Movie Out On the Boston Marathon Hoax Shout out to peekay22 Subscribe to peekay22@


     How to pay a ticket over 20k pennies

    Black Thugs Matter

Survey suggests majority of Britons think Islam is not compatible with British values
The majority of Britons believe Islam is not compatible with British values, a poll suggests.

#‎Wireless‬ ‪#‎WiFi‬ : There Are No Safety Standards

Currently there are no national or international “standards” for safe levels of the radiation emitted by wireless or microwave devices. Instead, the US government adopted “guidelines” developed by industry based on decades old research. Guidelines have a much lower certainty than a “standard” as proper long term safety testing was not done to ensure the public was protected from all possible harm.

In fact, no “safe” level has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women. Therefore, the claim that a device “meets government standards” or that radiation levels are “FCC compliant” gives a false impression of safety.

The FCC guidelines rest on five fallacies (false assumptions) and therefore renders FCC guidelines obsolete. Compliance with “federal safety standards” does not assure your nor your family’s safety. In fact, our federal safety limits are in essence meaningless when it comes to our health.Read more.

Here's the civilized modern France - cnn bbc channel d why he doesn't do a live broadcast. New World Order Coming to a city near you.Here's the civilized modern France - cnn bbc channel d why he doesn't do a live broadcast.

"Tension are high enough"
Users on ‪#‎Twitter‬ accused MSNBC of attempting to stoke civil unrest Monday when they aired old footage of the 2015 ‪#‎Baltimore‬ ‪#‎riots‬ following the announcement of ‪#‎NotGuilty‬ verdicts for Baltimore ‪#‎Officer‬ ‪#‎EdwardNero‬ in the ‪#‎controversial‬ ‪#‎FreddieGray‬ ‪#‎case‬.

- - - - - Sun May 22 

Radioactive cesium in Fukushima-exposed cattle higher in sirloin, tenderloin, and top round than in the neck muscles, which are generally used for radioactivity inspection ( If land animal meat is tainted what does that mean for the safety of seafood? Click to see video:

 Is the worst case of black mob violence you have ever seen? Special commentary from The First Lady of the United States of America.

Lord of the Rings star Elija Wood admits that a Pedophile Mafia runs Hollywood. Reveals an organization of around 100 wealthy and well-known child abusers are active and protected by industry elites. Common sense to anyone who has a brain, but bravo for him being so brave to speak out against that evil city. All of this was detailed in my latest book,
The Illuminati in Hollywood. Here's the story:

- - - - - Sat May 21
     "Don't Make the Black Kids Angry"

Woman Kicked Out Of Gym For Oversized Breasts
Strange form of discrimination against "busty" female

     END the FED
Bernie works for wall street. Sabotaged Ron Paul's bill to audit the fed lol.
After working with Bernie Sanders for months on the Audit the Fed Bill, Bernie Sanders switched it at the last minute! Dr. Paul states he was so disappointed in Sanders and what he did could actually make things worse.

     FB Censors
Facebook censors reporter for mentioning Facebook censorship

Facebook Bans Conservatives For Complaining About Censorship
Social media giant back to its old ways despite much heralded meeting with…
Just days after Facebook met with conservatives over concerns about the social media giant’s left-wing bias, conservative pages are still being banned.

Worrying scenes in Europe neglected by the British Media.
Vote LEAVE for a safer future.

Speaking of gold. It looks good now. But you don’t want to buy it at
these levels. Gold’s new bull market is just getting started. Let it
prove itself by first pulling back — which it will do, to below $1,200
Then back up the truck. Ditto for other precious metals and especially
mining shares. Best wishes, Larry

Ukrainian General blows the lid on international zionists that...Ukrainian General blows the lid on international zionists that...

     DIY TESLA power wall
if we can build them ourselves for $300.00, rather than $3500.00,
I'm all for it--and if the market allows competition--the high price will drop.
     How to make a DIY Tesla Powerwall for $300
Please Help us Make this video go viral by sharing it

     The Worst Car Crashes Ever
Rivers are usually on FAULTLINES cause that's where the cracks are and water runs through it. Water did not do all that.
Nuclear plants don't care. They just put the NUKES there cause there is water for COOLING. DOH! Wednesday edition. 2016.05.18
Free radio Show Sunday-Friday afternoons around 2/3pm PST

END the FED. Arrest the Rothschilds. Abolish the Fraudulent IRS
Free radio Show Sunday-Friday afternoons around 2/3pm PST

Rothschilds Own the central Bank of every country in the world except for 
North Korea

That list used to be longer: in 2000: Rothschilds controlled all but 7 countries: 


Webster Tarpley broke this story first on Alex Jones' show: Free radio Show Sunday-Friday afternoons around 2/3pm PST

Almond Milk versus Cow's MilkAlmond Milk versus Cow's Milk

- - - - - Fri May 20

     Fluoride toxicity
Michigan State University found that using fluoridated tap water was toxic to plants.
Fluoride toxicity in plants irrigated with city water
Sensitive plants irrigated with city water can develop fluoride toxicity that results in tip burn.
“too much fluoride has always been known to cause a dental condition known as fluorosis, which is a mottling of the enamel in developing teeth,” explains cosmetic dentist Marc Lowenberg, D.D.S., whose Manhattan-based practice counts the Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop, and Brian Eno as its first patients. “Recently, there is great concern that an excess of fluoride will have an impact on neurological tissue.”
Lowenberg attests that many dentists are now moving toward natural toothpastes and other dental products that avoid the ingredient...

     see also
How Pasteurized Dairy Destroys Your Bones From the Inside
Milk is the only beverage still aggressively pushed on children as a health…

George Soros Was Once a Dollar Vigilante, Now a Ring Wraith Bu... 
George Soros BROKE the bank of ENGLAND 
Sept 16 1992 Black Weds he sold short more than 10 Billion Pounds against the Bank of England.
George Soros  Now investing in GOLD. He is heavily LONG on GOLD and SHORT the US Stock Market.
He is PLUNGING into Gold Buying 19 Million Shares from Berrick? Gold Valued at over 260 Million $
He has purchased 1.05 Million shares of SPDR Gold Trust ETF. and doubled his short sell of the the US S&P 500 index.

Major Eruption Imminent? Earthquake Swarms Reported At Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier And Mt. St. Helens
In recent days, very large earthquake swarms have been reported at Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens. 

5/20/2016 — West Coast United States / Oregon struck by M4.9 (M5.0) earthquake
A noteworthy M4.9 earthquake has struck off the West coast of the United States (Pacific Northwest / Oregon). It has been several weeks (going into months) since…

5/20/2016 -- Earthquake 3D Live Stream -- 24 hours Global Activity

Be sure to bookmark and check the Earthquake3D live stream of current earthquakes on youtube!
Stay up to date with the current live earthquakes on a streaming live youtube video - PLUS - chat with each other real time in the chat room next to the video!!
Yes, a realtime chat room - just like the good old days.
smile emoticon
Broadcasting live from Saint Louis Missouri , in 8 hour segments all day long, showing earthquakes real time on my "dutchsinseReloaded" channel.
Stream link here:
Here is the stream channel:

Demand For Small Arms 'Protection' In Germany Explodes As Immigrant Fear Rises | Zero Hedge
As the immigration crisis continues to intensify in Europe, Germans are buying protection - lots of it.
     Shadow Govt
Filmmaker Exposes ‘Shadow Government’ Steering Washington Agenda
Producer of Amerigeddon highlights how shadow elite governs from behind the scenes
The real rulers of washington are invisible and exercise power behind the scenes

This has been going on for a while now in Calais.

Demonstrations in Venezuela - images from yesterday.
Socialism went bankrupt in the world, leading millions of people to misery.‬ Dr. Leonard Horowitz exposes Robert Gallo creating AIDS

Is this really Bernie Sanders? Regardless, he lives off of taxpayers dollars & his wife bankrupted a college...
Learn more:

Facebook's Meeting With Conservatives Is A Con Job
Facebook routinely blacklisted conservative outlets and now it's hoping a single meeting with Mark Zuckerberg will con conservatives into thinking he cares.

What this Marine tear into the Black Lives Matter Movement!
From Western Journalism


Despite the onslaught of media propaganda in support of the Obama administration’s anti-second amendment agenda, the statistics clearly illustrate that gun control does not reduce violent crime and in fact has the opposite effect.

Violent crime offenses in the U.S. have been falling since 2007. The 5 year trend clearly shows that, despite there being an ongoing national debate about gun violence in America, violent crime itself is actually becoming less of a problem.

The Department of Justice also highlights the fact that over the last 40 years, the amount of guns in America per 1000 people has increased, whereas serious violent crimes have decreased.

And despite the media drumbeat that murders involving guns represent the number one safety threat to American citizens, the reality is completely the opposite. Amongst the “top ten killers” in the U.S., homicide by firearms is at the bottom of the list, according to figures from the CDC and the FBI. Almost 20 times more people die in the U.S. from medical errors than they do from firearm homicides, but there is no outcry to slap draconian regulations on the medical industry.

And in areas where they banned guns, crimes significantly increase.

- - - - - Thu May 19

The fluoride lobby was dealt a huge blow this week, with the fluoride free movement winning two big victories. Click below to learn more and to find out how you can get a free copy of the book "The Case Against Fluoride"
The Albuquerque, New Mexico Water Authority voted to reject fluoridation despite aggressive lobbying by the dental and chemical industries!
We'd like to thank those local FAN supporters who participated in our Albuquerque email/phone campaign, and attended the meetings to testify in opposition to the practice. Well done! Daily Blog
No More Than a Quart a Day of Hibiscus Tea
Over the counter antacids are probably the most important source for human aluminum exposure in terms of dose. For example, Maalox, taken as directed, can exceed the daily safety limit more than 100-fold, and nowhere on the label does it say to not take it with acidic beverages such as fruit juice. Washing an antacid […]

Unlike Trump, Hillary Clinton Silent on Likely EgyptAir Terrorist Attack
Clinton was also notably silent during Benghazi attack
Hillary Clinton was notably silent about the EgyptAir crash on social media, choosing instead to speak out against the Second Amendment unlike Donald Trump who said the crash was likely terrorism:

Egypt Air Crash: ‘Religion of Peace’ Strikes Again?
Suspicion focuses on pilot, potential jihadists who worked at Paris airport
Although the exact circumstances of the crash will remain unclear until the wreckage is analyzed, one thing seems a fairly safe bet – if the incident does turn out to be a terrorist attack it’s unlikely Christians, Buddhists, Hindus or Sikhs were responsible.

- - - - - Wed May 18

     FOOD Ph
Alkaline and Sub Acid Fruits vs Acidosis

Harvard Declares Dairy NOT Part Of A Healthy Diet | Care2 Healthy Living
Groundbreaking news from Harvard U: dairy is not part of a healthy diet--article by best-selling author of The Ultimate pH Solution, Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook,

See Also: 

Experts: TSA Gridlock Could Be A ‘Manufactured Crisis’
Long lines were “sort of a perfect storm”
The gridlock may have been allowed to happen as a way of enticing people to sign up for the TSA’s Pre-Check program, which charges $85 a head for skipping security lines

The study adds to a growing literature of shocking scientific studies proving fluoride’s link with all manner of health defects
Fluoride, the Only Drug Intentionally Added to Your Tap Water
"Endocrine disrupting, neurotoxic, and bone-weakening substance..."

      The Fourth Reich

And this is just cars.
Where the World's Unsold Cars Go To Die | Zero Hedge
In the past several years, one of the topics covered in detail on these pages has been the surge in such gimmicks designed to disguise lack of demand and end customer sales, used extensively by US automotive manufacturers, better known…
     Paris 18/05/2016 ( no comment )
Source :

Protests in France 17 May 2016

17.05.2016 ‪#‎Paris‬ ‪#‎manif17mai‬ ‪#‎LoiTravail‬ ‪#‎Molotov‬ ‪#‎acab‬
France: Molotov Cocktails fly at explosive labour reform protest in Paris
Police fired tear gas at anti-labour reform protesters, who were seen targeting police officers with…
     Artificial light is killing u
Listen to Jack Kruse. His group here is Quantum Health: Light , Water and magnetism.
Episode 1 Part 2 Neurosurgeon Jack Kruse "Artificial light is killing us"

FAN investigation reveals shocking truth that pharmacies are breaking federal and state laws: 

Fluoride is an endocrine disrupting, neurotoxic, and bone-weakening substance that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines as a drug when used to prevent disease, such as dental caries
FDA recently announced that marketing fluoride drops and tablets for cavity prevention violates federal law, because FDA has never approved these products as either safe or effective
With water fluoridation, similar doses of fluoride contained in prescription fluoride drops and tablets are added to each glass a toddler drinks, without medical supervision, and without informed consent
National Vaccine Information Center
The Drug You Can't Say 'No' to, Whether You Want It or Not...

This is how much power corporations have over you


Socialism: Bernie Sanders’ Wife Bankrupts College, Forcing Its Closure
Bernie pushes

     Large Pacific Earthquake Alert:
A 2nd large M6.8 earthquake has just struck Northern South America in Ecuador following the M6.7 earlier today.
Be sure to watch this weeks new earthquake forecast video.
Several areas ready to show activity.. including the United States, and Europe.
Europe was just struck this morning in South France with a very rare M4.0 earthquake. YESTERDAY, France was warned (in the forecast video) for M4.0 range activity to strike.
Also, a new round of movement off the West coast is expected, as well as another round of earthquakes to the East.
Video here:

Panama Papers reveal George Soros’ deep money ties to secretive weapons, intel investment firm
Some say that Prince Michael of Albany has a more legitimate claim to the throne of England than the Windsors. Are they right? And why are the Windsors and the…
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