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3 x in my life I have been BLOCKED by FB: Banned from POSTING. 1: for posting Paris Charlie Hebdo TRUTH. 2: for posting San Bernardino TRUTH. 3: for posting Orlando Shooting False Flag TRUTH! @ 12:50pm June 16 2016

12:50 FACEBOOK Blocks me from posting for 24 hours. Looks like I've posted a little too much TRUTH

I have never said anything homophobic so clearly people are misunderstanding me. 
When I say ATTN FAGS go see MILO at Breitbart I am ushering people to see what that gay man says. Get it? I am pro fag. Always have been. Hello!
I am deleting my posts on other pages as I do not want to upset anyone. If you do not understand that there are conspiracies (ENRON was a conspiracy) then history will repeat itself all over you. I hope enough people can wake up quickly, to prevent more of these bad events.

I posted on DykeMarch page as DykeMarch page admins were calling for INCREASED gun control in Orlando.
If editors can PUSH a CAUSE then it is American to have debate. I deleted all my comments from that page, as not to offend anyone. I hope they unstuck.  But I am blocked so doing anything is difficult.
History is repeating itself now and I am trying to prevent that. 
Hitler said register the guns as Jews were shooting each other. Then he said "Turn them in" oops.

I stand with the sane and sober folks who realized it is not good to let GOVT have a monopoly of power:
George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, JR, Mahatma Ghandi as these visionaries recognized the importance of citizens right to keep and bear arms.

I do not stand with these people who would take away the guns from people thereby insuring that only they as GOVT had the guns:
King George III, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stallin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama

There are a myriad of sneaky black ops aka False Flags this decade and last with the agenda of GUN CONTROL.
If I do not address these, and we lose our 1st and 2nd amendments then I fear it is goodbye America, as this country will no longer be free.
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