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Gun control doesn't eliminate gun violence - it gives the government a monopoly
We put together some of Luke Rudkowski's best Bilderberg Group confrontations and most intense moments..

An ecellent Interview with famed Journalist and long time Bilderberg Researcher. Charlie Skelton

911 was REAL. DID HAPPEN. Yet False Flag. 3,000 Real people died. Yet we are not looking at the PUPPET MASTERS.
to the extent that ORLANDO was REAL, DID HAPPEN, we need to ID the forces pulling the STRINGS!
MOTIVES: Distract from meeting in Dresden Germany
UN AGENDA 21 GUN GRAB. Remove Bill of Rights from USA Constition: Specifically 1st and 2nd Amendment

The Dude Drops Orlando Shooting Hoax Truth Bomb LIVE on TV!!!
STAGED EVENTS carried out by the government… Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, San Bernardino, Colorado Aurora Shooting, UN AGENDA 21 unconventional WarFare

Fire Station #5, One Block From Pulse Failed to Show For Alleged Bloody Massacre. -- Orlando Fire station #5 located at 1818 is within a stone's throw of the Pulse at 1920 South Orange Avenue and on-duty 24/7. Did you see or hear about Engine #5 or any fire-rescue personnel from this station as being on the scene of the alleged massive shooting at the PULSE nightclub.?

This is a ‪#‎FalseFlag‬ no doubt. The globalist set up some windup freak and had this happen before the ‪#‎brexit‬. Everyone's heads need to be on a swivel. They are about to go balls deep with attacks like this all thorough the WEST.
‪#‎JoCox‬ dead: Latest updates after Labour MP dies after being shot and stabbed outside Birstall library

LIVE: Britain First denies link to Jo Cox attacker who shouted group name before shooting Labour MPThe 41-year-old was seen lying and bleeding on the pavement in Birstall, West Yorkshire

     DYKES for gun control
Truthers wanna help me? SF dykemarch is calling for stricter gun control laws in Orlando,  as they are FOOLED by this BLACK OP
I have now been BLOCKED at 11:50am PST by this PAGE: wherein I responded BECAUSE they want to ban guns¬if_id=1466102746981051

- - - - - Wed  Jun 15

97% of western Europe has rejected water fluoridation:

Have you ever wanted to see two experts debate fluoridation?
Click below to see Dr. Paul Connett, renowned toxicologist and author of "The Case Against Fluoride" take on Dr. Howard Farran, DDS, winner of the Arizona Department of Health Service Dental Public Health Award for his efforts in fluoridating the City of Phoenix, in a moderated and evidence-based fluoridation debate:

Meanwhile, California Fault Lines And The Area Around Yellowstone Are Shaking Like Crazy
Scientists tell us that it is just a matter of time.
There has been highly unusual seismic activity along major fault lines in California and near the Yellowstone supervolcano.


Orlando Shooting Hoax Busted Wide Open

Orlando Pulse Shooting Cop Laughing in Background
laughing in background on live tv.

You want proof? Call the Santa Monica PD, they released this story. SMH
Address: 333 Olympic Dr, Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone:(310) 395-9931
Please share this vigorously and help me fight this false flag event.

Crisis actors reused. Mystery witness at Oregon College and Sandy Hook

Audio clip from Orlando terror attack reveals two or more guns firing simultaneously » Intellihub
Additionally witnesses said that "they" are shooting

Let us break a news to you...
This snake Mateen Siddiqui is the father of Orlando killer who slaughtered 100 in US last night.
This man, an Afghan, is a hardcore CIA asset and was told that he would be the future Afghan President. He is a rabid anti-Pakistan, pro-TTP, pro-India, CIA agent and wants to divide Pakistan.
His son Ahmed Mateen was also working for CIA private contractors G4S, a private army fighting in Middle East against Muslims..
Both father and son worked for CIA and the son carried out the slaughter, reportedly.
The whole Orlando shooting is a dark CIA black ops..
‪#‎Orlando‬ #‎Orlandoshooting‬

Multiple shooters and a dead patsy = a classic black op/Operation Gladio stateside event.

James Howell, Omar Mateen, and four others where trained by the CIA in Virginia, according to Santa Monica police reports 
Sources within the Santa Monica police department claim that James Wesley Howell, an Indiana man who was caught with explosives and weapons on Sunday Morning, told the Santa Monica police that as many as five people were involved in planned attacks on gay communities in both Florida and California.

Sarah Haider: Ex-Muslim
Sarah Haider is a former Shia Muslim. Today, she is an atheist, humanist and activist. In…

yes they hire bad guys to do some "good" 
Follow the Money- Plausible Deniability Denied

Report: Academy Sports Creating Database For Ammo Purchases, Pulls Rifles From Shelves
Outdoor retailer snooping for the feds?
Academy Sports and Outdoors is gathering personal data on customers who buy more than 10 boxes of so-called “assault rifle caliber” ammunition and is pulling rifles from store shelves in support of the Obama administration agenda:

Healthcare Subsidies for Illegal Aliens Could Cost California Up to $2 Billion Annually
California lawmakers are using a loophole in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in an attempt to offer…

Twitter Bans Gay Conservative Milo After Anti-Islam Tweets **UPDATE** Twitter Caves - Breitbart

Even if you ban guns from citizens, criminals will still have and use them. Don't tread on me and take away my right to protect myself and my family!!

If you're anti-guns, you're not really anti-guns. You're very much pro-guns in the hands of the political elite and their minions. Fucking A.

Drudge to DHS Secretary: Give Up Your Guns First!
‪#‎Drudge‬ to ‪#‎DHS‬ Secretary: Give Up Your Guns First! -
"You go first, Brah.” ‪#‎2a‬

Simple !!!........ We are being Invaded !!!
For the sake of your loved ones futures !!!
VOTE OUT !!!........... Lets take back control !!!

WOW!!! Watch & SHARE!! Three young Trump supporters get into a debate with Black Lives Matter member. 16 year old black kid OWNS this Black Lives Matter guy in the debate! SHARE!!!!

Teenage Trump Supporters Debate Frantic Black Lives Matter Protester
Young Trump supporters armed with facts debate with an uneducated, frantic…
An epic confrontation takes place outside Trump rally in Atlanta, Georgia

     ATTN : FAGS

LIVE STREAMING at 11:00 am (NOW), click the link! I am.
Milo To Give Press Conference At Ground Zero In Orlando - Breitbart

‪#‎Mysterious‬ tweets surface after controversial ‪#‎activist‬'s Twitter account ‪#‎hacked‬
‪#‎Hackers‬ breaking in to ‪#‎Black‬ Lives Matter ‪#‎protest‬ leader DeRay Mckesson’s ‪#‎Twitter‬ account found messages referring to ‪#‎US‬ Loretta Lynch, Attorney General’s involvement in organizing “Summer of ‪#‎Chaos‬” protests, reports claim.

The Real Candidate From Mecca
Which presidential candidate is being funded by Saudi Arabia?
Saudi Arabia is now openly talking about how they are funding Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Media Silent as Protests Continue to Rage in France ? ‪#‎ByeLoiTravail‬ ‪#‎NuitDebou‬ We Are Change

     ‪Mark Dice‬
The War on Conservatives Continues... YouTube has Unverified my channel. Here's the details:
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