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FaceBook Censorship is STARTING TODAY. FB is HIDING people's comments on my feed today. FB is PREVENTING me from LINKING to TRUTHERS today.

Evolution of Perpetual Motion, WORKING Free Energy…
8 pods of humpback Tues eve North and West of Land's End @ 1 Mi, 2 Mi etc. Pod of 5 Humpback all day off Baker Beach, 1 Mi North. Mostly Blowholes Sunday and Monday. Tuesday PLENTY of Breaching, Side Fin Slaps, Rear Tales, and JUMPING 3/4 Body Breach with HUGE SPLASH WAVES! so much to see. Bring TELEPHOTO CAMERA to Sutro Baths Weds Eve for the hour before Sunset! Look North and Northwest, then West after Sunset

Garlic Lemon Water NAP
Garlic Lemon water sleep the FIRST sign you have of sinus infection. For 10 years I have nipped most every cold and flu in the bud by JUST smashing peeling slicing dicing swallowing several cloves of GARLIC chased by water then nap. With a citrus or Vitamin C. Lemons are best anti - Viral.
Cayenne, Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric / Curcummin, Echinacea, etc. also good. CUT DAIRY and SUGAR at FIRST SIGN of having a cold / flu. 
Take a NAP at First Nasal Tickle Sign. AVOID FLuoRESCENT LIGHTS. GET SLEEP. Rx Garlic Citrus Water Hot Shower NAP.

New IMPROVED CHEMTRAILS! Now with 50% Less Aluminum, Barium, Strontium!

     Who is GEORGE SOROS?

GUN CONTROL WORKS! ASK THE EXPERTS: HItler, Stalin, Mao, Idi Amin, Pol-Pot

ISIS created by CIA / MOSSAD. Funded by Saudi Arabia.
1-5% ? 10%? 25% ? risk of Friday of Riots    50% risk of GRIDLOCK and TRAFFIC JAMS see DAY OF RAGE FRIDAY July 15 4pm 

90% chance of RIOTS @ RNC when DNC / Hitlery / Soros pays BLM to CRASH THE RNC and SHUT IT DOWN with MOBS of PROTESTERS and N'er do wells. thugs tho

Black Lives Matter Mob Threatens Fox News Reporter
A mob of Black Lives Matter demonstrators berated and threatened a Fox News reporter in St. Paul, Minn., when the reporter asked the protestors why they were blocking a highway on July 9.
“Get the f… out of here,” the lead organizer frantically chanted into the face of the stunned reporter, who politely defended himself by saying, “I asked you… [to] tell me why you are here.”
The demonstrators pushed up against the reporter, forcing him backwards towards the protection of police, while another person seems to say “we’re going to knock his ass out.”
***The New Black Panther Party is a Scourge Upon America***

There are 365,000 results on YouTube for ‪#‎FuckBlackLivesMatter‬. Black Americans are fed up with this bullshit! Here is one example. 
Fuck BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!This black lives matter shit needs to stop! You want take action, it needs to start at home. Killing cops will not do anything, but start a war. A war that w...

Just when you thought this awful group couldn't get any worse.
Black Lives Matter Protesters Block Bridge During Child's Medical Emergency
Black Lives Matter protesters blocked off a bridge and prevented a suffering child from traveling to the hospital so they could hold up some protest signs while brow

5 Statistics You Need To Know About Cops Killing Blacks
     The times, they are a-changin'...
‘Robot’ Bomb Delivery System Signifies Dangerous New Police Response Development - Oath Keepers
A “robot” (actually, a remote-controlled “all terrain platform”) and a pound of…

     $ uh ohhhh
HAS A RUN ON BANKS STARTED IN ITALY? ATMs ARE BEING EMPTIED We have reports from readers in Italy that ATM machines are being…

     Ken O'Keefe
Ken O'Keefe "The Only Thing We Need To Do Is Print Our Own Money"
JFK and Adolf Hitler, the only 2 western leaders to be executed, were both killed shortly after deciding to print their own nation's money, away from the central banks. This is no coincidence. And it tells us what we need to do.

wont work, we bricked it. we'll have to go through and reinstall all the drivers again.

Top Secret Khazarian Mafia Disposal Operations for American Soldiers
excerpt:     What exactly is going on here?

These massive and continuing misuses,
and lethal and disabling abuses of the American
Soldier are nothing new.

In WW1, they were knowingly deployed in another
senseless war for the Khazarian Mafia, because of
a special deal negotiated between the Rothschild
Khazarian Mafia (City of London) Bankers and the
current US Administration to extend the Balfour
declaration into a secret agreement to establish a
new nation of Israel for the Khazarian Mafia’s
personal sanctuary and base for its secret
operations all over the world.

And we now know for certain that this long-term,
ongoing policy of using up, disabling and
generally weakening any American Soldiers used in
these KM wars is part of an evil Globalist NWO
Secret Agenda. This program is run by the “Select
Few”, several unimaginably evil, wrinkled up old
KM crime Kingpins, who sit at the top of the
Establishment Hierarchy, a RICO-pyramid,
organized-crime structure that has infested
America since 1913. 
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