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Dirty Dozen Endocrine Disruptors 
12 Hormone-Altering Chemicals and How to Avoid Them

RIO OLYMPICS are nothing but a GIANT LATRINE  
Water looks like chocolate milk; so much feces. dead corpses in water for swimmers     if you are on a mac. otherwise goto 
Free radio Show Sunday-Friday afternoons around 2/3pm PST
We are under assault by our govt regime:
Chemtrails Aluminum Barium Strontium sprayed in AIR for weather modification
mercury aluminum etc in our vaccines 
microwaves cellphones / smart meters
CFLs, dirty electricity in our homes
chemicals in our food  
FDA does not monitor skin care products. EU does.
sorry there is not much healthy about America today.
we are being dumbed down
go out and look at all the pokemon zombies
Did I mention Presidential COUPs: JFK assasination, Bush, Clinton, Federal Reserve, Rothschilds 

     What Anarchy Isn't
When the average person hears the word "anarchy," his mind immediately fills with misconceptions and false assumptions. Voluntaryists often have to spend mor...
Read the Book: "The Most Dangerous Superstition" by Larken Rose @ or

If you search Google for "‪#‎presidential‬ ‪#‎candidates‬," all that shows up is Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Green Party candidate Jill Stein.
Google is up to their old ‪#‎tricks‬.

WikiLeaks Releases DNC Voice Mail About Bernie: 'Get Rid of This A**ole!' By Neil W. McCabe

 folks. THIS, right here, proves beyond a shadow of doubt, Bernie was a SHILL from the very beginning.... I know I've said I told ya so a million times before. but this time, i just feel sad... i feel sad for all my intelligent and motivated friends who fell for Bernie Panders...
and that they CONTINUE to believe his lies... i am posting this not to further smear it in peoples faces, but to beg. PLEASE friends. please Bernie fans. WAKE UP. please. once and for all. get over it. STOP SUPPORTING THE BROKEN MACHINE... it's time to vote NODOBY. or pick a 3rd party candidate. anything BUT supporting the 2 party system... AT ALL COSTS...
Feel the BURN: Bernie Hot Mic Proves He Was Never a Real Candidate 
Most of us knew this already, but now here's proof. 
Is Bernie going down fighting for his political beliefs like…

#‎ImWithHer‬ Zombies Sign Petition Asking Hillary to REPEAL the BILL of RIGHTS

     Islam is not tolerant of your beliefs.
This is what followers of Islam do when they hear a church might be built in their neighborhood.
These are not extremists.     This is common wherever Islam controls the majority.
Don't fall for the bullshit.     Do not tolerate intolerance.     Say NO to ISLAM.

     5G Radiation
Health Advocates Rap FCC, Hillary on 5G Radiation - O'Dwyer's, 28th July 2016
Radiation health advocates, hoping to stop or slow the FCC’s drive for “5G” wireless, have launched a campaign that includes a 38-minute video. Advocates also want Hillary Clinton to change her pro-5G tune.
Josh del Sol, producer of “Take Back Your Power,” a 2013 documentary charging that wireless “smart” utility meters are damaging to health, violate privacy and are costlier, has created a 38-minute video that charges the Federal Communications Commission with suppressing free speech by not allowing a debate on the new “5G” wireless technology that would require many more transmitters... (Continues)

     Zbigniew Brzezinski
Zbigniew Brzezinski It is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control them
Former National Security Adviser under Carter discusses how, as people are becoming more…

- - - - - Wed Jul 27  

Naomi Wolf Exposes Fake News/False Flags a must share all Americans need to watch this

     Twin Tower #1 collapsing
PART 1 / Incredible footage (anonymously released) of when one of the Twin Towers collapsed. Camera Location: 400 Chambers Street, Manhattan
Do not breathe any dust if do not know source. 911 DUST killed 1,000 people, ie: they have cancer / leukemia / lymphoma today and will be dead soon.
Open the doors and windows in your house before you DUST / Vacuum / upset layers of BPA fire Retardant chemicals on your couch sheets rugs pillows upholstery curtains etc. Especially in CALIFORNIA where the DEADLY toxic FIRE CODE requires fire retardants on everything!

Building 7 was the third skyscraper to be reduced to rubble on September 11, 2001. According to the government, fires, primarily, leveled this building, but fires have never before or since destroyed a steel skyscraper.
The team that investigated the collapse were kept away from the crime scene. By the time they published their inconclusive report in May, 2002, the evidence had been destroyed.
Why did the government rapidly recycle the steel from the largest and most mysterious engineering failure in world history, and why has the media remained silent?

     Cell phones cause cancer. Can you hear me now?
The recent findings from a $25 MILLION study by the government as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Now why would vaccine manufacturers put aluminum in vaccines when they know that it will react with microwaves and cause adverse side effects?
Why would manufacturers of EMR emitting devices and installations allow people to be microwaved when they know they are full of heavy metal toxicity and that the microwaves will react with the metals and cause adverse side effects
As if they didn't know that they were going to destroy your health.
Add the effect of electro magnetic radiation on the blood brain barrier.......we should be very concerned.
All part of the plan. You are their cash cow. As long as you are sick and taking medication, they are making billions.

If Family then Wired. See: re: Microwaves are BAD for children's brains.

     Cops are NOT the Problem.
Black men are 6.5 % of USA population yet commit 50% of the VIOLENT crime according to crime statistics.

     No free Ice cream
What is wrong with kids today? They beat the Ice Cream man half to death, with a baseball bat. Then the mother came out to cheer it on. To top it off, this guy live steams it, and does not help or call for help. He just walks down, to get a close up. We have to do better than this as humans. Come on People.

     less lethal 
OMG YOU WILL LOVE THIS!!! German Police created this video mocking the Green Party suggestion to use non-lethal forms of suppression against radical Muslim Terrorist attempting to slaughter Germans... You know, like the liberals in America want.

     global earthquake activity
In case you missed it .. here is my live update from 10pm covering global earthquake activity.
Japan was hit.. JUST AS EXPECTED ! The earthquake forecast called for mid-Japan to be struck -- and now it has indeed been hit by the expected magnitude.
Full update thanks to coppertropicals here

Shocking video shows migrants shooting guns & hurling fireworks in Berlin on New Years Eve. Looks like something out of a war zone.
     Cenk Uygur Parody
The latest episode of the Young Turks is a real doozy

When siri rats you out to the police!

- - - - - Tue Jul 26  

CALIFORNIA IS EARTHQUAKE COUNTRY. Remove all MERCURY filled CFL bulbs from your house NOW before they break and fill your lungs with toxic fumes. 

America is NOT CHINA. In China if you protest the govt, a white van comes to your house to HARVEST YOUR ORGANS. 
This is why America has a 2nd amendment, so that the govt behaves somewhat nicely.

     Mandatory Vaccines
Just Say No To Mandatory Vaccines: Make California Free Again!
Learn More: Stop Mandatory Vaccination

     George Soros
hahah. he's FUNDING the current and coming civil war... (funded BLack Lives Matter, Occupy Movement AND Arab Spring!)
i wouldn't be surprised if he's stating here, in plain sight, what TPTB have planned for the near future.... economic collapse...

George Soros predicts riots, police state and civil war for America
According to Soros, there's about to be an all-out class war.

‘Islamic State’ Chanting Attackers ‘Behead’ Priest During Morning Mass In France


That pokemon shit is for sissies and the mentally deranged

- - - - - Mon Jul 25
Nice and then Munich: German journalist married to Israeli politician at scene of both attacks --
An independent German journalist filmed the Nice attack on July 14th. Last night he happened to be in Munich, right outside the mall where the shooting, that left 9…
You asked us for it. Here it is. For free. Forever.
Go forth and do good. #‎ClintonCash‬
Breitbart Releases the Official and Complete 'Clinton Cash' Movie...

#‎ClintonCash has taken progressives and conservatives alike by storm...
'Clinton Cash’ Movie Surpasses 500,000 Views in 48 Hours

Devastating Timeline Reveals the Transfer of Half of U.S. Uranium Output to Russia as Hillary Clinton's Foundation Bags $145 Million

Five Foreign-Born Cases of Multi-Drug Resistant TB Diagnosed in Philadelphia
- - - - - Sun Jul 24  

     free range kids
The free range kids get no meds (or vaxes) school routine or bedtime. Check out the video and share your thoughts.... (Is This the Future?)

Mr.Bean Playing Pokémon Go Be Like
Not only did the Leaked emails show the DNC was scheming to undermine Bernie Sanders campaign but they also confirmed many many other things.. Why Do you think Bernie Sanders should be mad ? Look inside-->

Reports: WikiLeaks Links Facing Censorship On Facebook - Breitbart
Following their release of explosive internal Democratic National Committee emails, WikiLeaks says they are being censored on Facebook.

Obama Bush and Clinton REGIMES all outside of LAW.

I intend to obey no law passed by these illegitimate crime families.

Any law that is repugnant to the US Constitution is NULL and VOID.

Marburry v Madison

     CALIFornia QUAKE
Sulfur Dioxide Gas + Fires erupt at Yellowstone -
Keep watch around Yellowstone .. many viewers contacting me regarding this issue... here is everything I found (up to current) in the video below:

With engineered droughts and weather conditions such as these, in California, the increased chance for devasting "natural disasters" are more likely to occur. It's a good time to make sure you are fully stocked up on food, water, and medical supplies. 
Sulfur Dioxide Gas + Fires erupt at Yellowstone -
 Keep watch around Yellowstone .. many viewers contacting me regarding this issue... here is everything I found (up to current) in the video below:
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.