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4 Dolphins swimming South 100 feet off shore. North Baker @ Sunset. SouthBaker after Sunset Monday Labor Day :) come to Baker Beach, North end where it is warmest, by VolleyBall net

Beauty day. Wind 9/17 W. Air temp 62 water temp 62. 1 degree warmer than yesterday both. 
iBake Wind 1 / 3 NNE from NAPA wineries Air Temp 70' Water 63' High tide 2pm low tide 8pm,+CA

SF 72' wind 12 W WebCamsCLEAR Wind 6 NNW @ noon upto 14 W @ 5pm

SF 74' wind 2 NNE then at 6pm 70' wind 12 W
SFgate gives you 12 or 20 cookies and Paints a rosy warm pic of temps to attract tourists

Clear Sky for 125 Miles

GG Bridge Cam you ZOOM and PAN! fun
SF events ExploratoriumFreeSun
PREPARE for OCTober. Grab every 5 gallon water bottle you see curbside in trash or recycling. Triple Rinse and Fill with Hose Water. Cap or Seal. Store away for EARTHQUAKE or DISASTER. This is CALIFORNIA 
     SF highlights    
‪)'( ‬25 SEPT Folsom Street Fair Sun 11am-6pm
)'( )'( Sun 9 OCT 17th Annual Burning Man SF Decompression 9 October at 12:00 to 10 October at 0:00
‪)'(‬ Oct 22 7th Annual SuperHero Street Fair COSTUME PARTY DJs Dance Art Cars Food and Drink! super FUN! 2016 Sat SF 
)'( )'( SEPT 22-25 Symbiosis Gathering : Family Tree Woodward Reservoir 14528 26 Mile Rd, Oakdale, CA
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2016 30 September–2 October Golden Gate Park SF FREE!  6 stages of music, 100,000 people 18 SEPT Today at 6:00–13:00 Nocturnal code Renegade Fulton @ 37th Ave SF

     Sun Sep 18
18 SEPT Free Day at the Exploratorium Sun 10:00 Pier 15 Embarcadero at Green St, SF BeWare Parking Meters run till 11pm. Hopefully not on Sunday Though. Answers? LMK

HELP! Street Parking is FREE again on SUNDAYS in SF?
how about around tourist areas: ie Exploratorium @ Green @ Embarcadero SF
     Tue Sep 20
Sawmill Bughouse Chess on Tues Sept 20 youtube BughHouse Chess LMK if you'd like to come play in Oakland 7pm-11pm right off Bay Bridge convenient location just minutes from SF secure parking FREE EVENT veg potluck

20 SEPT 920 Day Celebration Tues 18:00 · Guava Warehouse, 4210 Holden St Emeryville  
Mushrooms are medicine.
The 920 Coalition is organizing dozens of events on 9/20/2016 in the US and around the world focused on recent research on the role of psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms in our society and health care system. 2015 was our first year and we had more than 30 wonderful events in Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, UK, Australia, and the United States. We are a collaboration of non-profit organizations and individuals, we hope you'll join us! 

Sawmill Bughouse Chess on Tues Sept 20 7-11pm close to Grand Ave @ Union Oakland

If you need $ for Symbiosis I can help you out if you have a high traffic pedestrian corner in SF Mission etc. where I can have a garage sale. I can even find you a )'( ticket.

‪)'( )'( SEPT 22-25 Symbiosis Gathering : Family Tree Woodward Reservoir14528 26 Mile Rd, Oakdale, California ‬

Its as good a time as any to announce this is our LAST TIME on the WOODWARD PENINSULA!
While we've had a wonderful couple years at the reservoir, next year's changes in park policy will send us packing once again. Fear not, as the venue for next years Oregon Eclipse 2017 is truly a site to behold.
For now, let's appreciate the time we have together as Symbiosis Gathering heads out on the peninsula one more time!
Video : Jacopo Campaiola 

23 SEPT 18:00–21:00 Epic Collective Art Show in the Castro! ArtSavesLives Studio and Gallery 518 Castro St, SF 
David Icke's "WorldWide Wake Up" Tour SF: 24 Sept 2016 Full Day Seminar: 10am to 10pm
Is there scientific evidence that can back up David Icke's Reptilian Agenda theory? Click Here to watch the video:

Sep 24 - "Red Temple Presents: An Evening of Sensual Seduction" w/Christine M Cordova @ GUAVA 4210 Holden St., Emeryville

‪)'( ‬25 SEPT Folsom Street Fair Sun 11am-6pm. then Holy Cow after, and CASTRO after  Folsom St  between 8th and 13th St SF

25 SEPT HUSHfest: Ocean Beach with Mad Professor Karsh Kale & MoreSun 12:30 Ocean Beach, SF

25 SEPT 12:00–17:00 Sunset Piano Block Party 2016 Starr King Open Space 23rd St @ Carolina SF 

27 SEPT Holy Grail in San FranciscoTues 9:30 · Legion of Honor Museum and Haight 

$ Sept 28 2016 BANK HOLIDAY likely according to ANONYMOUS,
 GET your $ out of the BANK before the RUN ON BANKS!

The Center SF 29 SEPT Happy One Year Anniv Thurs 19:00 Filmore Btwn Oak / Fell SF Do not leave valuables in car.

30 SEPT 22:30–1:00 They Live at The New Parkway 474 24th St, Oakland $8
Must SEE MOVIE   details:    They Live (1988) R | 1h 33min | Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller (USA) 
    BlueGrass HSBG 
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2016 30 September–2 October Golden Gate Park SF
Completely free festival in Golden Gate Park (Hellman Hollow, Marx Meadow & Lindley Meadow) - no tickets needed. for this year's line-up!

FRI SEP 30th, SAT OCT 1 & SUN OCT 2, 2016 Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival: A FREE festival in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco featuring over 100 musical artists on 7 stages.

PREPARE for OCTober. Grab every 5 gallon water bottle you see curbside in trash or recycling. Triple Rinse and Fill with Hose Water. Store away for EARTHQUAKE or DISASTER. This is CALIFORNIA
     ‪OCT‬     Sat Oct 1 New Moon

2 OCT Sunset Season Closer Picnic + After-Party Sun 11:00 · Novato

Oct 2 / 3 end of JUBILEE / 7 x 7 or 49 year CYCLE ie: 1967 Israel won 6 day War. 1918 WWI
The Super Shemitah, Jubilee and How to Prepare For the Coming Collapse

Sun Oct 2 end of JUBILEE - Jeff Berwick
Sept 17 2001 exact end day of Shemitah STOCK MARKET CRASHED the first day it ended after 911
Sept 23 2008 exact end day of Shemitah STOCK MARKET CRASHED (derivatives)(Housing Bubble)(Lehman Brothers)
Sept 13 2015 exact end day of Shemitah STOCK MARKET CRASHED 30%
Every 7 Shemitahs is Jubilee every 50 years. AKA super Shemitah. the year 50 after the 7th shemitah 49 
Jubilee started in Sept 2015 ends Oct 2 2016. Massive Change / Massive Washings Away. i.e.: BREXIT. EU on CUSP of FAILURE. set to culminate in October.
JUBILEE JOLTS. Pope announced emergency Jubilee year although not due for ten or 20 yrs. Major market prices and collapse. Very first day of 2016 markets started to crash.
Worst single day / year for global markets. Well known January effect: What happens in first mo of yr. sets tone for whole year.
January BIS Bank for Intl Settlements quoted at DAVOS: "We are on the precipice of complete and total collapse!" All these paper things that people think have value are suddenly not going to have value.
"This has been going on for 5,000 years since Ancient Sumeria. This Jubille is going to WASH AWAY…"  says the Dir of BIS. 
SUN OCT 2 2016 SDR Chinese Yuan will become part of new basket of currencies. Crisis announcements usually take place on a Sunday.
New Jesuit Priest put in Place on Sunday Oct 2 2016
Jeff Berwick on The Higher Side Chats: Part 1 

#1 Aug 2016 Hanjin Bankrupt. #2 Oct 2 DNS/|CANN to UN #3 Sun Oct 2 Jubilee. #4 Sun Oct 2 Yuan SDR
A: USA default to Germany on 400 Tonnes of German Gold Stored HA! @ Fort Knox! LOL

One of the world’s largest worldwide shippers, the South Korean Hanjin line, just filed for bankruptcy. And, being one of the largest shipping companies, it has caused chaos and disruption in the sector. Turmoil in global shipping is a clear indication that something has definitely gone awry. #Economy #Shipping #Hanjin 

Sept 2015 warned of 7 x7 Shemitah year 49 and sure enough Stock market crashed 30%, would have crashed more if not for funny money printed off smoking hot presses by Rothschild owned and private Federal Reserve Bank 

The One Trillion Dollar Consumer Auto Loan Bubble Is Beginning To Burst

* Yoga All Day Long * Continuous Live Music * 
Action Packed Kidsville * Organic Foods * 
* World Market * Magical Visual Arts * Music & Didjeridu Playshops *  

Oct 7-10 Dirtybird Campout 2016DirtybirdFriday, October 7, 2016 at 12:00 PM - Monday, October 10, 2016 at 10:00 AM (PDT)
Oak Canyon Park Silverado, CA (AKA Irvine LIB location)

7-9 OCT Dirtybird Campout 2016 5305 Santiago Canyon Rd, Silverado, Ca

8 OCT 10:00–16:00 Alice in Wonderland Unbirthday Tea Party @ Golden Gate Park North Dutch Windmill SF 

‪)'( ‬Sun 9 OCT 17th Annual Burning Man SF Decompression 9 October at 12:00 to 10 October at 0:00
Esprit Park Minnesota St, SF @ 22nd St

9 OCT 21:00–3:00 Opulent Temple's After Party )'( @  The Great Northern119 Utah, SF aka Mighty 
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