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Seek Criminal Defense Legal Help. My Landlord abused me in Redwood City, CA for 6 Months March 2022 -  Oct 2022 then attacked me physically but claims I attacked him. James Thomas Hanford 18 Sycamore Court Redwood City Landlord Tenant Abuse

He spent months fabricating incidents and making false police reports so he has the system stacked against me.

Now I need to counter as he is making a grab not just for my Grandmother’s trust but also for an unknown portion of my mother’s trust. + physical gold and silver assets

To gain these two sources of funds along with my physical gold and silver coins he planned to attack me, claim I attacked him, and have me Restrained from accessing my property. 3 year Restraining Order, which he planned well in advance on paper and over phone with his lawyer. I had proof. I had Photos of these documents but he stole my iPhone and 4 MacBook Pros containing the photos and documents. I have some photographic evidence as I emailed them to a private email account but he has Most of the evidence and may have actually deleted many of the documents from my email from either my iPhone and or my main laptop. I have changed my passwords since so he can no longer delete… or see what I am upto. I still have scores of photos of evidence. 

BackStory / Timeline. JTH Molested me from 13-18 years old in Menlo Park, CA. Then in a turn of events after my mother died when I needed a place to live suddenly I landed at JTH’ house as my brother wanted to quickly sell my mother’s house. 

And JTH controlled my Grandma’s Trust such that his house became the only option, as he did not allow me to use my GrandMa's trust funds to buy a Sprinter Van to move into another great house I had found. I have emails to expand on each of these points. 

I cared for my mother for 12 years full time after her Kaiser hip replacement failed. She was bed bound the last 5 years. 

JTH made many promises of cheap rent for quiet space, use of laundry Wifi etc then tortured me all summer 2022 with 79’ heat worsened by 90- 100’ Oven Attic HotBox Adjacent Room transferring inescapable Heat at night to my room causing sleep deprivation for 6 months leading to loss of my physical and mental health in 80’ room with Main wall at 90’-100’ 

Compounded by routine invasion of my space with all manner of broom, frying pan, MagLight Clubs, and physical gestures/ threats to which I would sometimes  respond with gentle ushering him out of my room if he would not leave voluntarily.

He twisted that and says I attacked him. Now I have to defend myself in court. 

I SEEK Legal Advice, Council, Help to head off Criminal charges from him.

I seek legal help to charge him not just with molestation / pedophilia from 1980s but with 

Legal Help to charge him with Tenant Abuse, Heat and Noise torture for 6 months Excessive heat leading to Sleep Deprivation made worse by 

Heat, Light, Noise, Broken Wash Machine. So I could not have clean laundry or sheets. I have photo evidence that he’d noted for 2 years that Wash machine was broken. (But did not tell me)

JTH HELD nocturnal hours and Loudly Banged Dishes in Sink and Microwave Oven in Kitchen directly below my Bedroom at ALL PM and Am hours of the Evening / Morning until he would retire to his cave at 4am when the sky was about to get light… followed by neighbors 4:45 Dog Barking, trash cans, etc. Vic Wooden Chair 6am scoot across wood floor kitchen.

Broken washing Machine (Breech of contract as he lured me into house by promise of Quiet Room, Laundry wifi etc) He would turn my wifi off daily as an act of malice. 

JTH would heat the house to 79’ all day long then cool his lower floor so he could sleep. I had no sufficient way to cool my room upstairs. My upstairs room was adjacent to an attic Room that often reached 100’ and radiated heat to my room through wall. 

My bedroom was directly above his kitchen. Adjacent to upstairs attic directly above his Family Room/ Tv Computers. 

THEREFORE I am looking for LEGAL help / advice to deal with a rather complicated situation where he moved from Molestation 1980s to Tenant Abuse 2022 with Gaslighting Narcissistic Landlord Power Imbalance Abuse designed by him to extract all of my fortunes both Physical and Bank Accounts.

If this sounds like any kind of legal area you or anybody you know could help with, I really need help before he threatens my life any more. Thank you. 

Best if you do not respond directly to this email but use the address below. If you do respond to this email please also CC below

Ok to respond on FB but FB often Jails me therefore please also use Scott at planttrees dot org 

Email best. FB ok. Text ok. Phone if need be. FB often jailed me for Truthing; that’s why I stopped posting on FB.
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