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     FT Lauderdale False Flag?
Here's what Jim Stone had to say about it... He's probably pretty right on:       

This was done by the U.S. military intelligence or CIA probably under final directive from Obama to convince Trump and/or set the stage for gun confiscation from the mentally ill and vets. I have read over several reports and this is my conclusion:
American military intelligence either found a susceptible military enlistee or a susceptible member of the public to brainwash and program and/or hypnotize into doing it. It may or may not have been real, but the so-called shooter thought it was. They made sure he got on the plane with a gun in his baggage, to use at his destination. It may have been loaded with blanks. When he got to his destination he executed his programming and woke up.

Under interrogation he remembered being taken by American intelligence (CIA or other) and forced to watch ISIS videos. He knew they were American intelligence, so they must have been wearing uniforms. He probably had it all happen in the jail of a large military base to keep it concealed as well as possible. He has specifically stated he was taken and forced to watch ISIS videos. And during this time, they probably programmed him to "convert to Islam" as the icing on their psy op, and he probably does not even know Al Fatiha or any other sura of the Quran which is required for prayer. It would actually be a complex job to accomplish that, and it appears his programmers were too sloppy for that.

My guess is that all of it was dreamed up and rushed to completion AFTER Trump won the presidency because the patsy is not adequately programmed and seems to be remembering everything. That would be a GIGANTIC OOPS. They are supposed to either be dead or so mentally wiped out that nothing of the sort that is being said by him would ever be said. They screwed this one up big time.

This was obviously done to justify more "terror checks" on airplanes, to back stab veterans, to get gun control legislation passed - and it was a HUGE SCREW UP. You do not have your patsy saying American intelligence forced him to watch ISIS videos before doing this unless it is a MAJOR screw job, SUCH A MAJOR SCREW JOB that it is my guess white hats screwed it up on purpose after receiving orders to do it that they did not agree with.

By all measure, they did a SH*TTY job of programming the guy, made sure he still had a huge amount of his memory, put him on the plane with blanks, and the rest of the story was scammed by a lying media and actors. If the bullets were real, whoever programmed him to do this screwed it up ON PURPOSE, AS A MINIMUM. There is no conceivable way he'd have arrived knowing he was forced to watch ISIS videos absent an enormous and/or purposeful screw up. 

 #FakeLivesMatter #CrisisActors #FalseFlag #FakeTerror #GunGrab #Agenda21 #UNagenda21 #FalseTerror #NWO #NewWorldOrder #SandyHoax #SandyHookHoax #SandyHookisFAKE #BostonUnBombing #BostonBombHoax #BostonHoax #TrouserBomber #2A #GunConfiscation #GunConfiscation #CalGuns

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FT. Lauderdale Airport shooting HOAX
Another in a long line of shootings that dont add up, that help no-one but the Govt. lawmakers agenda. An constantly change. THE TRUTH DOSENT CHANGE.…

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 #FakeLivesMatter #CrisisActors #FalseFlag #FakeTerror #GunGrab #Agenda21 #UNagenda21 #FalseTerror #NWO #NewWorldOrder #SandyHoax #SandyHookHoax #SandyHookisFAKE #BostonUnBombing #BostonBombHoax #BostonHoax #TrouserBomber #2A #GunConfiscation #GunConfiscation #CalGuns
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     STAGED DRILL / fake mass shooting

     PeeKay Truth
BUSTED!!! Crisis Actor Playing 2 Roles in Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting HOAXsis Actor 2 Roles 2
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WSVN 7News Reports 5 Dead at Fort Lauderdale Airport

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BUSTED - Fake Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting Victim

#FakeLivesMatter #CrisisActors #FalseFlag #FakeTerror #GunGrab #Agenda21 #UNagenda21 #FalseTerror #NWO #NewWorldOrder #SandyHoax #SandyHookHoax #SandyHookisFAKE #BostonUnBombing #BostonBombHoax #BostonHoax #TrouserBomber #2A #GunConfiscation #GunConfiscation #CalGuns
Ft Lauderdale Shooting HOAX! WHY NOW? Goals of FLL Airport FALSE FLAG 

     Ft Lauderdale FAALSE FLAG
The Truth About Esteban Santiago and the Fort Lauderdale Shooting

FT. Lauderdale Airport shooting HOAX
Another in a long line of shootings that dont add up, that help no-one but the Govt. lawmakers agenda. An constantly change. THE TRUTH DOSENT CHANGE.…

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This is what the mainstream media will never tell you... there was more than one shooter, claims eyewitness who hid on the roof in fear. 
Airport shooter admits he was ‘mind controlled’ by intelligence agency, eyewitness claims there were at least three other “sleepers,” shooters, with high-powered rifles shooting into crowd from

Here's the smoking gun! Just like the Pulse's hoax when they were carrying the "victims" BACK TOWARDS THE PULSE!As you watch, you will notice this crisis actor holding up his left bloody arm, the chick is rubbing the prop blood on him, but for a bit he switches arms. Got to keep an arm up for the script!Terrorist, in the most real sense of the word. Every one of them, the enemy to our freedom, most of them have no idea what they are doing they just do it for the money! You hope you get a main dead role character to get that GoFundMe money, the better the fictitious scripted bio, more money. These lying snakes and those who back this agenda!Ft. Lauderdale Airport. 
Why will nobody help this man? 'Cos it's a hoax.

     Boston Bomb Hoax
Death of the "Trouser Bomb" at the Boston Hoaxathon
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