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A message to ANTIFA from an American Infantryman – Iron Mike
Alright fucksticks, this circus has gone on long enough and the audience has gotten tired of the clowns doing the same act for months on end. Your special snowflake…
BasedStickMan on FB the American SuperHero of Berekeley Riots

FA = Free Assembly covered by the First Amendment. ANTIFA is ANTI-FA or ANTI First Amendment or ANTI Free Assembly
If you assemble for Free Speech they will BASH YOUR SKULL with a SKATEBOARD, a metal Bike ULOCK, a Metal Pole or a BRICK.

Bike Lock Guy WE FOUND HIM March 4 2017 Berkeley UCB Riots and Berkeley Civic Center">

Violent Murderous Antifa BikeLock Thug Eric Clanton on  

They are killing him on this rating site lol Eric Clanton teaches Philosophy @ Diablo Valley College / Pleasant Hill Campus

THUG just deleted his MYSPACE since NOON 4:20. 
NOTE to ALL: you seriously need to have all your freaking passwords in your head or AVAILABLE in case a SHITSTORM hits you in the future

This illustrates how ridiculous the war on cannabis is...
Hahahahaha selfies are more dangerous than weed! Happy 4:20 errrbody!

Trump Reignites War on Weed - #NewWorldNextWeek
Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open…

     World War Globalism 
With Styxhexenhammer666 and Stefan Molyneux
- - - - - Wed Apr 19 2017 
     Apr 19
April 19 1993 76 people were killed in WACO siege, 20 were children.
For my conspiracy friends - why is April 19th a significant date? HINT:
April 19 1993 WACO
April 19 OKC Bombing 1995 INSIDE JOB framed PATSY Tim McVeigh 
Ruby Ridge US GOVT shot RANDY Weaver's Wife and Dog August 1992 Wife Shot. ATF SNIPER Horyuchi was SHOOTER. 7 months later he was the LEAD SHOOTER at WACO
1993 World Trader Center Bombing INSIDE JOB: PROOF:
Bomber in COURT said:
"I do not know why the FBI wanted me to use real explosives; they said this was a STING"

A Noble Lie OKC Bombing April 19 1995 INSIDE JOB

Sept 11 2001 FBI seizes ALL VIDEO FOOTAGE from LOCAL GAS STATIONS etc. never to be seen again. FED GOVT releases only 4 still video frames from Pentagon Surveillance.

     WACO 911 Dispatch Pics

     Waco Rules of Engagement 
Waco: Rules of Engagement - 1997 Documentary

FIRST SHOT: ATF shot through Door, killing 60 year old unarmed man Perry. April 19 1993
ATF DESTROYED evidence of all 3 VIDEO CAMERAS RECORDING RAID. Denied existence. SCRUBBED all LOGS. Claimed they could not find notes of RAID.
Clear Video of tanks introducing FIRE and EXPLOSIVES into and THROUGH front of BUILDING.
CLEAR photographic evidence of FBI bomb on ROOF EXPLODING INTO building downward.
WACO was a big government lie, like so many before and after.
THE UNSPEAKABLE EVIL: A video everyone needs to see!
If you think you know all you need to know about WACO, think again! This well made documentary will most definitely boggle your mind! At the very…

     Boston Bombing HOAX
Attack of the "Trouser Bomb" at the Boston HoaxathonPeekay Boston by Peekay Boston

Youtube Trouser Bomber

The biggest Hoax in the history of mankind... besides 911... but 911 HAPPENED... Boston bombing DID NOT HAPPEN. It was a fkg MOVIE SET with FAKE BLOOD, MOULAGE, & LIES...
The Boston Unbombing - How and Why it was a Staged Event
Video by New Liberty Times - …

James Wesley Rawles on the possibilities of WW3 and a civil war fermenting on our own streets
Ion silver is a topical wound treatment. We have created an ionized silver that has an affinity to bind…

     Best Truck Fails
If one guy is threatening to jump from the 2nd floor of BART in Walnut Creek you could 
put some mattresses below him or
a bouncy castle or
a fireman's net
some bean bags.

FOR F SAKE folks got to get home to take care of their disabled elderly parents etc


- - - - - Tue Apr 18 2017  

     Stefan Molyneux
The Cold War: Survival | Bill Whittle and Stefan Molyneux

     Dave Rubin
Antifa and UC Berkeley: LIVE with Tim Pool  

No society can claim to have an association with democracy that does not allow freedom of speech. It is perhaps the most important thing that our founding fathers included in the foundation of our country.

Why We FIGHT: Deception, Theatre & LIES
⚫ Support BPS via Patreon: ⚫ Tip Jar: via PayPal to: - Your SUPPORT of this…

At 5:12am on April 18, 1906, a massive earthquake changed San Francisco forever. The quake and the fires that followed leveled much of the city. Take a look at this footage of Market Street. 
And yet, just four days after the greatest disaster in the history of San Francisco, a defiant humanity emerged that was every bit as inspiring as the original moment was tragic.
Read more:
#Moldylocks: Learn who weaponized Berkeley Antifa girl

     Patriots Day - Stewart Rhodes
Speech by Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers, at Patriots Day rally held in Berkeley, California April 15, 2017 in Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park. Orga...

Bad guys have been watching fast and furious. It's just that the house fell down!

Police in Auburn tell Antifa to remove masks or go to jail
- - - - - Mon Apr 17 2017  
     Hydrogen Peroxide
How to Grow Lemon Tree from Seed Indoors  

5 Tips How to Grow a Ton of Lemons on One Tree 
1 Sunny warm location 2 Mulch or wood chips 3 Fertilize Manure or commercial + Citrus Fertilizer 
4 lots of water at right time: when it starts to flower then drop flowers and starts to fruit 5 Pests and Disease no worries if you follow 1-4

HELP! what would you use for POTTING soil of 100s of LEMON TREES from ingredients you can get free?
I have FREE AGED HORSE MANURE from stables, free WoodChips everywhere,… just ask a woodchipper truck
Free Coffee Rinds from Starbucks dumpsters.
Free Sand when folks put their SandBags Curbside as if it
's never gonna rain again duh!

How to Grow Citrus Trees Indoors EASY! - Complete growing guide
fertilize 2x. in spring and summer. Ph 5.5 / 6 Want well draining Soil:
1 part mix Spagnum Moss, Vermiculite Pearlite and coconut coir … or … 2 parts sand to 1 part bagged compost
water if it is dry 2 knuckles deep. First sign of root rot is leaves turn yellow and fall off plant. 2nd sign of root rot is tree dies from top down. That means you over watered.

coconut coir too expensive. Must imitate or DIY.
I was in disbelief so I hesitated to watch this video for 3 hours.
Put A Lemon Cutting In A Potato And Watch It GROW!!!

      Luke Z Rudkowski 
Was stuck in a car with an anarchist Jeff Berwick and a dangerous right-wing figure Lauren Southern coming from Berkeley yesterday. Here is the video of it.
Sargon Of Akkad, Lauren Southern, & Jeff Berwick: What Really Happened This Week!
This week because of our coverage in Berkeley we decided to change things up and have 3 amazing…

it was a blast being on Sargon of Akkad live stream, check it out here if you didn't yet

     Corbett Report
This is the 100% True Story of the Syria strikes and if you support sites like The Corbett Report that question it in any way you are a moonbeam, fake-news, tyrant loving, hippie, Pinko Russian agent and should commit ritual suicide immediately.
If you love your country and or liberty, NASCAR, supermodels, TV, water slides, or your mother you will not question this story in any way. EVER.
Because Ignorance Is Strength

     #GeorgeSoros #Soros
George SOROS: The One-Man Illuminati Machine
a original. ⚫ Tip Jar: via PayPal to:

Already written in song so future generations can understand the insanity of political correctness.
Brand New Leather Jacket
Asylum seekers in the United Kingdom causing it's downfall. A true story. Feel free…

How vitamin C can help cancer treatments work better
Research has shown vitamin C, in high doses, is cytotoxic to cancer cells

     5G #EMF
Today’s cellular and Wi-Fi networks rely on microwaves – a type of electromagnetic radiation utilizing frequencies up to 6 gigahertz (GHz) in order to wirelessly transmit voice or data. However, 5 G applications will require unlocking of new spectrum bands in higher frequency ranges above 6 GHz to 100 GHz and beyond, utilizing submillimeter and millimeter waves – to allow ultra-high rates of data to be transmitted in the same amount of time as compared with previous deployments of microwave radiation.
The Same Frequencies Used for Pain-Inflicting Crowd Control Weapons Form the Foundation of the Network that Will Tie Together More Than 50 Billion Devices As Part of the Internet of Things

4/16/2017 -- Large Earthquakes coming this week -- New deep earthquake event currently underway
Cargo plane spotted heading west over Cali escorted by 10 jet fighters: Nuclear munitions headed to Korean Peninsula?

UNDERCOVER AS ANTIFA (Political Social Experiment) - Berkeley Trump Rally ProtestUndercover as AntiFa - 
Political Social Experiment - Berkeley Trump Rally Protest - President Trump -… Joey Salads

     ANTIFA chick / MoldyLocks
Punched Antifa Girl Advocates Using EXPLOSIVES Against Innocents  

Breaking Down The #MoldyLocks Berkeley Incident 

ANTIFA chick was throwing bottles at people before she got punched • r/The_Donald

This ANTIFA woman came to Berkeley RIOTS Saturday March 15 2017with the Murderous intent to get 100 NAZI SCALPS
FYI: to ANTIFA COMMIES, NAZIs are basically anybody who does not agree with COMMUNISM
So she was running with the black clad thugs throwing rocks and bricks, bashing heads with U-Locks, Skateboards etc. Antifa is a DEADLY VIOLENT CRIME SYNDICATE and should be prosecuted as such.

MoldyLocks Throwing IEDs WineBottles with M80s inside
Eric Nicholas writes:
I heard that there was some dispute if there was some photo shopping being done. So I started comparing the angles on the video and the photo, they are different. If you look closely at the picture referenced, you will see that their feet are on the sidewalk *right next to a red car and a parking meter - not next to a big pillar as seen in the video. This is to the right of the photographer. Now if we look at this clip at around 8-10 seconds you see Damigo in his blue shirt whiz by in the background
as he approaches this position in the photo, which is where the woman was holding her glass bottle in the blurry photo above. I think he hits her once, knocking her weapon out of her hand, backs off and we don't see that on camera. He's quick, and comes back around for round two, and thats the hit we see in the video.

MoldyLocks with Bottle before it was knocked out of her hands … seconds before the VIRAL VIDEO

MoldyLocks Louise Rosealma (Venus Rosales, Emily Rose Marshall, Emily Rose Nauert)

     Antifa on suicide watch.
Antifa Is Full of Cowards, My View on Berkeley
Babies: Support me on Patreon: Twitter:…

#BasedSkywalker Battle at Berkeley 111 update

“Syrian woman confronts John McCain for supporting the continuation of Syria's civil war." He can barely look at her. ➡️ So GLAD to hear Syrian people speak out against "Songbird" warmonger McCain

     if you want to KILL ALL GAYS you will LOVE ISLAM
Swiftly Debunking Apologetics over Islamic Homophobia

The New Libyan Slave Trade

     General Wesley Clark:
Gen. Clark spent 34 years in the U.S. Army, receiving many military decorations, several honorary knighthoods, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 
Clark commanded Operation Allied Force in the Kosovo War during his term as the Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO from 1997 to 2000. 
He talks of meeting he had right after 911. 
This Syria thing was baked in the cake long ago.
General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned - Seven Countries In Five Years
Originally published in March 2007 General Wesley Clark: Because I had been through the Pentagon…

JUST ANOTHER DAY IN ITALY! Movie Scene depicting African migrants launching an attack on an Italian police car is the sad reality of those actually living in italy. According to Italians in small towns and cities, this happens daily as more migrants flood the nation. This is EXACTLY why allowing third world immigrants into your nation in mass is a horrible idea!

     Stefan Molyneux 
Help! I’m Dating a Social Justice Warrior!

- - - - - Sun Apr 16 2017  

    Lemons, Chlorella, Spirulina all:
REMOVE radioactivity, Fluoride, Aluminum Mercury Lead and Heavy metals from your body
How To Grow An Unlimited Supply Of Lemons Using Just 1 Seed
For everyone who uses lemon for their health, it's time to start growing them yourself! Keep reading for an easy how-to. You can have an endless supply in no time.

How to Grow LEMON Tree from Cuttings to Clone Fruit Trees
Cause any time you plant a seed the lemons will taste different than the mommy tree as they are hybridized from unknown pollen
if you LIKE the lemons from a tree, as I do from my Sweet Meyer Lemon Tioga Tree, you might like to CLONE the TREE to GET the SAME LEMONS

How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed Easily in Your Own Home

     Stefan Molyneux
The State of Trump Address - True News: Week In Review - April 16th, 2017

watch out for that kink shame 
hundreds of pro-Trump demonstrators and counter-protesters clashed Saturday at a “Patriots Day” rally in Berkeley, the third time the groups engaged in violent 
Trump supporter smashed in the head with U-Lock by masked Antifa Thug

Will they show the use of modern sporting rifles stopping the looters / burners? Guns saved lives.
"Bullets were coming to my face... I thought I was going to get shot." #LABurning

- - - - - Sat Apr 15 2017  

    We Are Change Luke Z Rudkowski 3:55 pm
This was one brave man today at Berkeley, standing up to Antifa

    We Are Change Luke Z Rudkowski 3:27 pm
Police were ordered to stand down today in Berkeley!!! then the free speech protestors had enough and decided to fight back themselves
Embarrassing police stand down at Berkeley
Pro Free Speech Protestors chase out Antifa

This is an insane video of pro free speech protestors in Berkeley saying enough is enough and charging Antifa forcing them to retreat.
Pro Free Speech Protestors chase out Antifa

Live at Berkeley, AntiFa and Free Speech Rally
Luke Rudkowski @Lukewearechange
‪anti fa and #Berkeleyfreespeech

We Are Change is live now.13 mins ·Live at Berkeley, AntiFa and Free Speech Rally

10:45am I am LIVE now at Berkeley!!! Crowds are growing quickly. 
Live at Berkeley, AntiFa and Free Speech Rally

 Roxanna Hall's live video. Berkeley California rally

Security has arrived

11am Video #5 - Free Speech rally in Berkeley, CA, ongoing. The actual rally starts in about an hour, at noon Pacific.

To view videos at the rally in Berkeley go to:

     Berkeley RIOTS
Oath Keepers Call to Action: Stand and Defend Free Speech at Berkeley Patriots Rally, Sat April 15, 2017 - Oath Keepers 

Northern California Oath Keepers

The Red Elephants is live now

2A Talk – Justice Neil Gorsuch To Face Off With California - Oath Keepers
April 14, 2017 Daniel Silverman While the confirmation of Justice Gorsuch has created a political storm, perhaps he can help protect the Second…

     WTC 7
Today we are thrilled to announce that the final report of the WTC 7 computer modeling study, which is being conducted by 
Dr. Leroy Hulsey at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), is set to be released in August of this year, shortly before the September 11th anniversary. . .

BILL CLINTON IS A RAPIST! We all know that. There is Proof of it. Cernovich and I attacked at Austin rally. Had to drop a motherfucker

     Colin Flaherty 
Black on white murder belies the greatest hoax of our lifetime -- black victimization

Narrative Collapse - Derailing Media Agendas Crime Data; Crime Stats; Search for: Suspect in rape ...

A milk bar owner has put up a sign banning black teenagers from his store because he's fed up with gangs of thieves.

     ISIS = Intense Sex In Sheep
What have we Goat here
Goat Fcukers Anonymous
How do you tell when when an ISIS is gay / Bestiality… it's the one who requests to guard the sheep...

- - - - - Fri Apr 14 2017 pm

U.S.-led Coalition Accidentally Bomb Syrian Allies, Killing 18

Le Résistance Against Globalism 
With Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.