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     SF Black Violence 
I am in SF where Black Violence has closed many fun festivals. Black Violence has been key in destroying 
LoveFest, Castro NYE, Castro Halloween, and threatens PillowFight on Valentines Day, 4:20 in Golden Gate Park, etc.
Video of Black Girls beating / a bloody body on ground lying near a dumpster comes to mind at PRIDE SF.  
Other times crowds just have to RUN from Black Mob Gunshots. At least 2 different years at SF Pride and one year at SF Pillow Fight circa 2011

     SF Black Violence 4:20
4:20 in Golden Gate Park saw a rise in black violence 2014 and 2015. 
I was assaulted by one black man in a gang of 6 black men who rushed up on me from behind on 4:20 2015. 
I turned around to see who'd hit me in the back left shoulder. I looked into his eyes. he looked into mine waiting for my response, per chance to fight. 
I noticed there were 5 brothers backing him up. I did not give anger or fear or aggression in my look. 
The group of 6 black youth ran past me WestNorthWest into their new Melee screaming "WORLD STAR! WORLD STAR!" as they looked to create the next rumble, of which there many that day, lots of blood and injuries… ask any EMT or SFFD or SFPD

Crowds of thugs run around 4:20 in Golden Park TOO! super Violent in 2015 @ 6/7pm when alcohol kicked in. Gang of 6 thugs running around assaulting innocents, SCREAMING: "WORLDSTAR! WORLDSTAR! hitting unsuspecting people and picking fights. Not very 4:20 at all. :( YouTube WorldStar FYI
4:20 Really went down hill in 2014. I have to call out this violence cause lefty Brainwashed PC NAZIs in SF will not. so the problem gets worse. ASK any EMT of FIREFIGHTER, they've seen and treated the bloody injured.

Black folks would throw glass bottles into center of the crowd where fights were happening. 
Who randomly throws a glass bottle into a fray?

4:20 Hippy Hill GG Park SF 2015 - gang of 6 black thugs runs around at drunk hour 6/7pm assaulting and battering innocent bystanders and calling out "WORLDSTAR WORLDSTAR" looking for and starting fights.

      SF Black Violence @ Pride
Pride has same problems, shootings at A: CIVIC CTR BART / Grove @ Hyde / market B: Larkin North of McAlister another year. etc. yada yada yada 
2 Shootings I've witnessed post Pride occurred   AFTER 6pm AFTER Sound permit is cut off and thugs wanna pop a cap 

     SF Castro NYE / Halloween circa 2005/2006 Gay Capitol of the world!
Etched in my mind is a Black Thug who was Gay Bashing verbally assaulting a poor man with his back up against the wall at 444 Castro SF as I walked by on the street. When I walked by again a moment later the poor gay white victim was lying on the ground defenseless. The Black aggressor man was pounding his head into the sidewalk. Not supposed to see that at Gay Pride or Castro SF. little over 10 years ago

Castro 2000-2006 had continual problems of gangs of black youth behaving badly.
example 1: Black Youth Gang chasing SCARED group of carnival dancers SouthWest up Market St on North Sidewalk as dancers frantically tried to flee black mob grabbing and popping their white tailfeather Costume dance balloons.

example 2: I myself would attend Castro NYE and Halloween every year with my 4 x 8 FoamBoard reading "911 INSIDE JOB" backed with "HOW DID OUR OIL GET UNDER THEIR SAND?"
Taped up and down 3 borders of my sign were Bush 911 Deception Dollars. See; with evidence proving 911 an Inside Job.
Black Mobs would Rip and Pilfer / Violently attack me and pull the Free Speech Documents off my sign like locusts. I would plea and say; "Wait, I'm on your side! this is against Bush!"
But my words fell on deff ears. They wanted to misbehave.

     SF Black Violence @ PillowFight / Valentines Day
Pillow Fight Valentines Day 2012. I lost half of my hearing in my left ear due to a black thug, who was part of a gang of 7 black thugs… well known to SFPD and Park Police who have to deal with them every year.
I was not IN the event space. I did not have a pillow. I was standing on the sidewalk talking to someone peacefully. He came up behind me and clobbered me. 
Weighted pillows with sand bags can be seen at clean up after event.
The Black guy who hit me was over 6 feet tall, with a 6 foot body pillow of unknown contents. so 3.25 center of body to hand + 6 foot pillow gave him an almost 10 foot spinning radius as he whirling dervished around Market street hitting unsuspecting innocent bystanders.
I lost half of the hearing in my left ear to a black thug on Valentines Day 2012 Near Pillow Fight SF. I did not have a pillow. I was not in the fight. 
I MUST NOW WARN OTHERS as white shame / silence / guilt is killing people.

   Hearing Loss Diagnosis 2012
DANGER: I lost 1/2 of my hearing in Left ear @ PillowFight 2012, within human voice range of 250 -500 Megahertz. loud permanent ringing prevents my good ear from understanding conversation in noisy environments
THUG hit me from behind with 7 foot pillow even though I did not have a pillow and was standing on sidewalk of Market st. SF Gathering emails.

Ask other witnesses, EMTs, attendees, etc. There is a gang of 6 or 7 thugs most years who gang up on weaker folks and just beat em down; to the ground
Was true in 2012 and 2013. 2011 had black crowds running SW on Market after ? gunShots, WTF!

If you've helped clean up after pillowfight you may have hefted the sandbags within pillows, etc. hopefully you've not been hit / injured … yet

     Ear Damage and Hearing Loss
My left ear rings so loud that my right ear can not hear conversation over the din of a room/ background noise is amplified as loud ringing in my left ear. Scili
Pride has gang bangers too, and you can see videos of black girls beating each other bloody and laying in a pool of blood by a dumpster downtown by SF Civic Center, but that's none of my business
I am not allowed to talk about statistics on FB cause that makes me racist.

I was victim to black violence in Junior High, High School, and more. But here in Libtardistan, California, we are not allowed to talk about that.

according to FBI crime stats:
50% of violent crimes in America are committed by blacks who make up 13% of the population. Actually 6.5 % are black males. 
Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB and Youtube:
Colin Flaherty 
Milo Yiannopoulos DEBUNKS #‎BlackLivesMatter myths with basic statistics.
5 Most Important Facts HERE->
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