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Soon People Will Line Up Like Lemmings to Get Their Brains Hacked  

Help to grow the movement!-- Consider: *Starting a group. *Writing a letter. *Making calls. *Read the Fluoride Deception.--The National Moms' Team 

- - - - - Tue Jun 13

     Lauren Southern 
Hey guys! YouTube keeps demonetizing my videos for all my vicious "hate speech," so I decided to take a break from politics and just give you all a fun, innocent makeup tutorial instead! Hope you enjoy!

Wth really happened? 👀 Trump holds hands with ISIS 👬 Russia being bad 👎 Privacy degradation 🕵🏽 Dennis Rodman in NK & more Full Video~
Processed To Death - Get These Cooking Oils Out of Your Pantry STAT!
Before And After Photos Of The Islamic Revolution Destruction - Iran And Afghanistan

     Small town. big crime.
Nightmare of black murder comes to small town Neshannock PA
Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB and Youtube: Colin Flaherty

Westin Price found 100 years ago that humans did just fine whether they were vegan veg omnivore or carnivore so long as they ate off the land. TROUBLE came when any of the above populations ate Refined SUGARS FLOURS OILS. then the Westin Price Foundation Twisted and Convoluted his work to make it seem that paleo meant MEAT BASED.

- - - - - Mon Jun 12  

Being vegan is metal af, just ask Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein!
UPDATED Water Filter Buying Guide Enviro Working Group
What is most important to you in a water filter? Check out EWG's Water Filter Buying Guide. ... Check out EWG's Water Filter Buying Guide.

Strange even by standards of baltimore.
Social Justice Warrior in charge of anti-violence attacked by black people in Baltimore

Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB and Youtube: Colin Flaherty

That is a damn #zombie. What would you have done?

     Islam and its deception
Polish woman totally destroys Islam and its deception.

Newly Released BodyCam Footage Of The Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting
Need help understanding this video: First Cop pulls AR15 out of trunk with standard 30rd mag attached + 12 Gauge with plenty of shells.
Then not sure if it is same cop who then slaps a higher than 30? rd Banana Clip into his AR? while running in? Highly Edited so not even sure this is the same cop or same AR15 
WAIT! I SEE! SO freaking edited it is 3 different cops pulling 3 different long guns out of 3 trunks. 
Trunk 1 Crown Vic Cruiser? AR15 grey metal std 30rd. Trunk 2: 12Ga. Running Man 3: Heavy Sounding AR15 Banana Mag extra Capacity...

What are your top 5 biggest threats to prosperity & human liberty presently? Here are Ryan's in order:
1. Islam
2. Globalism/Zionism
3. Socialism/communism
4. Our own governments
5. Media - Ryan

- - - - - Sun Jun 11 pm 

          Stefan Molyneux 

Will Franken taking heat from fascist sjws in Britain for having the audacity to think independently.
Will Franken vs Jihad
Will Franken Democracy. 2017 Recorded June, 2017 by Furious Fetus productions in London, GB with Scott Ambrose. (@scottambrose10 )

The West Coast was struck yesterday by a noteworthy near M5.0 (M4.8) which will excite things up on the West Coast and Midwest over the next few days. 
Already, Colorado and Missouri have been hit today... keep watch, and have an earthquake plan -- just in case. 

     Austin TX
ANTIFA Violently Interrupts Free Speech
via YouTube Capture

     Milo Yiannopoulos 
Watch SJW Protesters Disrupt Capital Pride Parade. 
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