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The Fentanyl Epidemic Exposed! 

New Zealand Government to Plant 100 Million Trees Yearly 

- - - - -  Wed Oct 25 

     David Icke
Facebook asked for help to blame Russia for UK election, Brexit outcomes
Spider in house? ok fine. Let it be. or... Get a big cup or Clear Container and a Large Paper or Card. Cup the Spider. Slide paper in to cover top of cup. Gently allow Mr or Mrs Spider outside to continue their happy little life, as you would want done unto you. Golden Rule: Do unto others as you have done to you. Hint: KARMA

- - - - -  Tue Oct 24   

No Thank You, CiaNN. Luke Rudkowski interviews Anderson Cooper about Operation Mockingbird 1070s CIA Black Op to infiltrate Media
What They Don't Want You to Know About the Las Vegas Shooting False Flag, w. Ole Dammegard 

Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to rate its citizens
The Chinese government plans to launch its Social Credit System in 2020. 
The aim? To judge the trustworthiness  or otherwise  of its 1.3 billion residents

The Postmodernism Debate
With Thaddeus Russell and Stefan Molyneux

California has been struck by a M4.0+ earthquake near Los Angeles, swarms have broken out also at the California border with Nevada, and new deep earthquakes have occurred measuring up to M6.7!
All in the past day.

- - - - -  Mon Oct 23  

GoodBye Cruel World, it was nice knowing you. Google has turned off my SF events email I send to 23,000 people, in the spam box for months. 
Google / YouTube / FaceBook / Twitter censor info that does not fit their New World Order Narrative. search engine protects your privacy by NOT keeping any of your searches!

*Vegas police have the city morgue on lockdown
*Vegas police have appointed their own special coroner
*The coroner is supposed to be independent of the police and ranks higher than any officer

How the US Army drives through traffic in the Middle East It's for their safety. You don't stop in traffic with a military vehicle in hostile territories. Would be easy for someone to run up on them with a bomb, grenade, ak47s anything. 

- - - - - Sun Oct 22 

10/21/2017 -- Oil + Gas pumping ops hit by Earthquakes from California to Texas + Oklahoma

- - - - - Sat Oct 21
Hitler Learns About Harvey Weinstein
Because you know someone had to do this.
Hilter Learns Hillary Lost 
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