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Most important immigration video you'll ever see. 

This is how fluoride exposure impacts your thyroid, pancreas, pineal and parathyroid glands:

Cancer In The Water » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
Learn more about a toxic chemical being found in drinking water throughout America.
Doctor Explains How Smart Meters Kill People

- - - - - Thu Jul 20 

     Morning Drink
Berkey Filtered Water, Fresh Squeezed Organic Lemon, Turmeric, Black Pepper (increases absorption / bioavailability of Turmeric 2000 %)
Trader Joes Organic Green Drink Mix (spirulina, chlorella, Wheat Grass, Alfalfa, etc)

     #HAARP #NexRad #Klystron
The science of how your weather is being manipulated through Nexrad stations --> ‪‬ 

"causation does not equal correlation" yet this looks undeniable to me! --> ‪‬

The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brezezinski: Ch 1 (Audiobook)

     Stephan Molyneux
51% of Millennials REJECT Capitalism. #TheDailyArgument
A study by Harvard University showed that 51% of millennials reject capitalism - but do they even know what capitalism actually is? Stefan Molyneux breaks down the basic of capitalism in two minutes and then explains common misconceptions regarding the free market.

     Luke Rudkowski
French Government Overwhelmed In Migration Crisis
In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the immigration problem in France and Europe. Unless you see the problems ...
     Italy Migrants RIOT
Stalls of Italian traders trashed by African migrants in Catania. 

Mugger asks for cash, ‘victim’ pays with lead

VIDEO: Knife wielding Muslims attack people in China until armed police show up! 

In this animated video made by the awesome Mark Newman, you are going to learn all you need to know about the Circle of Fifths. The trainer demonstrates some of its many uses in music composition.

Knowing a few signs can make all the difference. #ASL
Our thanks to Matt Maxey from DEAFinitely Dope.

Funny commercial from Japan
This is why the crime rate is so low in Japan.
also Japan does not import woman hating gay hating dog hating
peace love and freedom hating muslims
Free Hugs meets the Based Stick Man,Kyle Chapman,the interview free hugs will not let you see LA May 1

     Lauren Southern
Did my "Streets Of Paris" video exaggerate the cultural displacement occurring in France? Am I "Fake News"? 
Today I sat down with two actual French citizens to find out!

Ask The Naturalist: Why Are There Humpback Whales In the San Francisco Bay Right Now? 
mid-1970s, there were about 2,000 humpback whales in the North Pacific. Now there are more than 20,000. That’s what happens when you stop hunting them. 
The adults lose weight as they fast on their winter breeding grounds off southern Mexico and Central America, so in spring they head to California where they can bulk up. 
Typically, they enter the Bay on the incoming flood tide and leave on the ebb. The best spot we’ve found to count the whales is atop the Marin Headlands, or from Lands End in San Francisco.

American Auto Workers Union Refused to convert to Metric
USA is the ONLY country on Earth not metric
R.I.P. SpaceShuttle Challenger 7 killed by UNION

- - - - - Wed Jul 19 

This is how fracking works... and why it's so controversial (via TED-Ed): 


A very violent rain in Northern Spain.
At Start of Video see poor SCARED CAT run for it's life, away from house and out into grove of trees. SAD, not good odds out there. :(
Cats need a DECK to hide under or Access under House or SOME SAFE PLACE away from Dogs, Coyotes, cougars, Rain Sleet, Chinese, Venezuelans, Koreans, and HAIL!

     Milo Yiannopoulos, Islam
According to Milo Yiannopoulos, Islam should not be imported into Western Countries at all 

Keeping dogs as pets is a crime worthy of maiming but sleeping with goats is halal. Ok.
Report: Somali Migrant Attacks Woman Walking Her “Unclean” Dogs – MILO NEWS A middle aged woman was hospitalized…

More London vibrancy from lovely Lewisham, south of the river. Man in Porsche is threatened through the window by a moped gang with a knife to hand over his valuables. He complies.

     Mark Dice 
YouTube Took Down My Video Exposing CNN - And You Won't Believe Why!

 "Let’s start here, with the 1996 leak of a document detailing a meeting between Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin. Sean Guillory, writing at, states:

“According to a White House memo leaked to the Washington Times in March 1996, Clinton and Yeltsin had agreed to support each other in their respective reelection bids.”

We are talking about mutual interference. President Clinton helps President Yeltsin win, and President Yeltsin helps President Clinton win.

Bill Clinton asked the president of Russia to interfere in a US presidential election.

Digest that."

Yes, Bill Clinton ASKED Russia to interfere in a US presidential election

If a short term ally's actions are undermining my long term interests, I'd like to know about it. Wouldn't you?
Changing Demographics Add Further Evidence of Greatest Threat to Gun Owner Rights
Yet the cultural terraforming, by all objective measures, represents the greatest growing threat gun owners will face.

Global Net Migration (2016): The people bring their politics with them. (Author Kamalthebest/ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license)
David Codrea in his natural habitat.

USA – -( “GOP faces growing demographic nightmare in West,” The Hill’s National Correspondent Reid Wilson reported Monday. “Demographic change is slowly, but inevitably, moving Western states to the left.”

“And it could also spread to states with metropolitan areas experiencing significant Hispanic population growth such as Texas, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida.”

Read more:
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook

Yet the cultural terraforming, by all objective measures, represents the greatest growing threat gun owners will face.
Trump Tools, Bring on the Hate
The simple fact is, votes enable legislation.

All credible polls show such populations buck the trend and favor gun restrictions by an overwhelming (71% to 25%) margin, as does the California experience. Further, after over 20 years the needle barely moves to the right. Additional documented evidence includes: -SNIP-

Letter from the Courthouse: Witness intimidation. -
White Girl Bleed a Lot, Knockout Game, black on white crime.
Follow Letter from the Courthouse: Witness intimidation. Colin, I had jury duty this week. Drew the short straw. I had to go Monday and was dismissed at noon. Tuesday off for 4th of July. Back on Wednesday. About 2:30, they called my number for a panel. It was a criminal case

Colin Flaherty Documents Black Violence Daily 
#DinduNuffin #DinduNuffinn #Dindu #Nuffin 
#WhiteGirlBleedAlot #DontMakeTheBlackKidsAngry

- - - - - Tue Jul 18 

'McDonalds' for vegans?

Make This Go Viral-Monsanto Being Sued-Litigants Needed
1 800 497 9913 to be part of LawSuit

Officer Shoots Woman Who Called 911 and Coincidentally Forgot to Turn on Body Cam  

Acid Attacks Plague London, What’s Really Happening 

France is doing such a good job bringing in all the suffering women and children refugees.

"An extraordinary new Pentagon study has concluded that the U.S.-backed international order established after World War 2 is "fraying" and may even be "collapsing", leading the United States to lose its position of "primacy" in world affairs.

The solution proposed to protect U.S. power in this new "post-primacy" environment is, however, more of the same: more surveillance, more propaganda ("strategic manipulation of perceptions") and more military expansionism.

The document concludes that the world has entered a fundamentally new phase of transformation in which U.S. power is in decline, international order is unravelling, and the authority of governments everywhere is crumbling.

Having lost its past status of "pre-eminence", the U.S. now inhabits a dangerous, unpredictable "post-primacy" world, whose defining feature is "resistance to authority".

Danger comes not just from great power rivals like Russia and China, both portrayed as rapidly growing threats to American interests, but also from the increasing risk of "Arab Spring"-style events. These will erupt not just in the Middle East, but all over the world, potentially undermining trust in incumbent governments for the foreseeable future. ...

Top on the list of forces that have knocked the U.S. off its position of global "pre-eminence", says the report, are the role of competing powers — major rivals like Russia and China, as well as smaller players like Iran and North Korea.

The document is particularly candid in setting out why the U.S. sees these countries as threats — not so much because of tangible military or security issues, but mainly because their pursuit of their own legitimate national interests is, in itself, seen as undermining American dominance."

- - - - - Mon Jul 17 - - - - - 

HamburgTopNINE Riot Arson G20 Videos @
A = First Video uploaded by LUKE RUDKOWSKI   I = Most recent G20 Riot Video 
I   Just another day in Merkel's Germany... (pedestrian or bike footage of 6 burning cars) similar route as Video B Dashcam 
#Antifa #Terrorist  #Mob #Vandals #Thugs #Commies #Leftists #LeftistThugs #RegressiveLeft #G20 2017 #SOROS #MERKEL #Hamburg  #riot #riots #arson #vandals #vandalism 

H VIDEO: Hamburg Looks Like a War Zone After Antifa G20 Riots! [SHOCKING] (RoofTopView Female Narration En Deutche) 

G: Meanwhile in Germany! WOW! (Hamburg Video Compilation Orchestra)
Thank you, dear politicians, for this beautiful g20 summit! (in this video, you should tune in the sound! It's worth it! I promise! ) 
#Antifa #Terrorist  #Mob #Vandals #Thugs #Commies #Leftists #LeftistThugs #RegressiveLeft #G20 2017 #SOROS #MERKEL #Hamburg  #riot #riots #arson #vandals #vandalism 

F:     G20 riots Antifa LOOTING
Left wing terror group ANTIFA looting stores in G20 riots. 

D:     Mike Cernovich (6 scene video compilation)
ANTIFA rioting in Germany. This is why they need to be declared a terror organization nationwide as they have been already in New Jersey.   
Mike Cernovich 
#Antifa #Terrorist  #Mob #Vandals #Thugs #Commies #Leftists #LeftistThugs #RegressiveLeft #G20 2017 #SOROS #MERKEL #Hamburg #riot #riots #arson #vandals #vandalism #Libtard #Libtards

E: ( CAMPS for THUGS? kim.lepper )
Hamburg under siege! And the 2nd night is just about to begin.
     CAMPS for THUGS? 
"Peak Liberalism. Or just supreme stupidity? Diddiddums...Did you HEAR the jackass whining that the government didn't lay on CAMPS for these violent destructive fucktardians 'while politicians stay in 5* accommodation...'
It would be a laugh if it wasn't so utterly bloody ghastly. How ENTITLED do these bloody people really feel?!?!"
#Antifa #Terrorist  #Mob #Vandals #Thugs #Commies #Leftists #LeftistThugs #RegressiveLeft #G20 2017 #SOROS #MERKEL #Hamburg #riot #riots #arson #vandals #vandalism #Libtard #Libtards

A:     #WeAreChange (FIRST VIDEO of Hamburg G20 Antifa Riots Arson Vandalism)
#Antifa #Terrorist Group Torching Cars Busting Windows Spraypainting Vandalism @ #Hamburg #G20 2017  #Mob #Vandals #Thugs #Commies #Leftists #LeftistThugs #RegressiveLeft #SOROS #MERKEL #Hamburg #riot #riots #arson #vandals #vandalism   video by:
Luke Z Rudkowski

B:     beautiful city? (DashCam video by Florian Schmidt) 
What are you doing? What are you doing to our beautiful city? #G20 
#Antifa #Terrorist  #Mob #Vandals #Thugs #Commies #Leftists #LeftistThugs #RegressiveLeft #G20 2017 #SOROS #MERKEL #Hamburg #riot #riots #arson #vandals #vandalism

C:     Hamburg is Burning (First Balcony View) 
#Antifa #Terrorist  #Mob #Vandals #Thugs #Commies #Leftists #LeftistThugs #RegressiveLeft #G20 2017 #SOROS #MERKEL #Hamburg  #riot #riots #arson #vandals #vandalism
Good video about rip currents.
WATCH: How to escape a rip current — it could save your life.

Torturing people for having different opinions isn't "anti-establishment". 
Anti-establishment? Give me a fucking break. Nickelback are more anti-establishment than these frauds.

The Times They Are A-Changing - Social Justice The Musical

WE FOUND IT! THIS Hillary Clinton & Bill Clinton video that was removed twice from YouTube !!!!
Share it and enlighten! #ClintonBodyCount

     R.I.P. Paris by Laruen Southern 
Paris is no longer a paradise......... 
At a Refugee camp in Paris by Train Station Porte De La Chapelle. 100s of New Migrant Men per day. Almost entirely North Africans. Almost entirely fighting aged men. Not Syrians.
Lauren Southern

Seeing the Frence gov fail to take care of 100's of migrants leaving them homeless outside of shelters, this is scary news 

     Tim Pool
A dead woman was pulled from the Canal in Molenbeek, Brussels yesterday.
Tim Pool

500 Black Youth 12-17 yrs. old RIOT, Jump on Cars, throw glass bottles at Police in GermanTown, Philadelphia Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB and Youtube: Colin Flaherty   
#DinduNuffinn #DinduNuffin #BLM #BlackThugsMatter #BlackThugs #BlackViolence

Black man sets white person on fire on the subway == and other New York stories.
"NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN!" : The Beastie Boys R.I.P.

- - - - - Sun Jul 16

14 Firefighting Aircraft Grounded by Drone, Operator Faces 14 Felony Charges
A drone operator was arrested and charged with 14 felony counts of endangerment after firefighting had to be suspended last week due...

WE FOUND IT! THIS Hillary Clinton & Bill Clinton video that was removed twice from YouTube !!!!
Share it and enlighten! #ClintonBodyCount
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