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Declan Waugh shared International Fluoride Free Teleconference's live video.  

- - - - - Fri Sep 15   

9/14/2017 -- New Deep Earthquake Event Underway -- BE ON WATCH for larger activity
- - - - - Thu Sep 14   

LIVE: Top 10 Anti-inflammatory Foods w/ Dr. Axe & Dr. Osborne  

- - - - - Wed Sep 13  

Whole Foods' "organic" comes from China --
Whole Foods, the self proclaimed 'worlds largest retailer of natural and organic foods (1)' is outsourcing production for many of its products from China, of all places.
Top-selling pesticide chemically castrates malesYet another reason to eat organic. Atrazine, one of the world's top 

9/13/2017 -- West Coast Earthquake -- M5.7 (M6.0) West of Los Angeles / California Coast

Joe Rogan Experience #1006 - Jordan Peterson & Bret WeinsteinJordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. You can check out all Dr. Peterson's self-improv... 9/11 The Israel Connection 
- James Perloff Yes, there really…

Have you seen the posts about the Red Cross and their abuse of volunteers and evacuees? Well, this is going to blow you away! They are throwing supplies into the trash in Houston. But don't worry, they said they can collect more from what's going on in Florida. I'm glad they are so respectful of their donors hard earned money.
Red Cross and their abuse of volunteers and evacuees.
Totally Cool 80s Dance Club! 8 min video starts with Red Devil woman 

Ay yes artist  

Thank you for not breeding. Your REWARD:

MILLIONS of BREEDERS who hate rape and kill women gays animals and free speech.

- - - - - Tue Sep 12   

TOP 10 FEATURES: of iPhone x:

     Cell Towers and Cancer
Dr. Martin Blank speaks about Cell phones, cell towers, the associated health effects that can lead to cancer. He also talks about how the cell phone industry has corrupted scientific studies.

     Mark Dice 
People Rescue Air Jordans from Foot Locker During Hurricane Irma 

Hillary Not Doing Well on New Book Tour

     Mike Cernovich
Alt-Leftist Removes 9/11 Memorial Flags At Columbia University 

Warning to all citizens big healthrisks: 3 my video apeal from today 230 scientists to un and who about the wicrowave radiation in all our wireless networks: radiation is an invisible enemy - warning to all citizens! SHARE - LISTEN TO THIS 3 my video: appeal to un and who from 230 scientists who signed up to date, where it appeals to tighten the limit for mikrovågsstrålningen in the form of all our wireless networks - " the limit value for mikrovågsstrålningen must be drastically reduced It does not protect us anymore - " to speak in plain language we have created something that harms our cells and kills many of us prematurely and it is getting out of hand ". " we are all in a great experiment without our consent " Decimate all wireless as much as you can. " I come with uncomfortable news about our favorite mobiles, Tablets, Wifi, routers, Bluetooth, smart meters, x-box games, babyvakter, alarms, cell towers, etc says one of the signatories, Dr. Martin blank from Columbia University in the USA in a videomeddelande. Dr... Blank has over 30 years of experience of leading emf research at Columbia University and is former President of the international bioelectromagnetics society. Not a word in mainstreammedia about this as usual and the cover-up continues at ssm strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten to protect us, but instead protects the industry and profit that go before the health risks alongside the who - see the report further down. This is criminal - the greatest experiment of our time and scandal! It should be on every front page! The radiation can provide dna damage, cellförstörelse, neurological disorders, cancer, brain tumours, ;, elöverkänslighet / mikrovågssyndromet; here are some of the symptoms - migraine, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, memory, stab pins, Vibration-shaking inside the body, chills, strongly elevated heart rate , insomnia, muscle and joint pain, pressure over your head and chest, ringing in your ears, driving like knives inside your head and ears, anxiety, weakened immune system, sound and light sensitivity, skin problems, diagnosed, burnout, etc. These symptoms were already described in the 60 s In Russian research in the military radar. 3 my video appeal- -- here you can read about the appeal:
Technology / ---- the bioinitiative report 2012 research studies are the basis for this report which came in 2012-Bioeffects are clearly
With - you want to lower the limit for mikrovågsstrålningen to maximum 100 UW / m2 indoors and maximum 1.000 UW / m2 outdoors in a first step!!
It's been tested on a doll with water. The limit value currently stands at 2.000.000 UW / m2 and applies to the protection of uppvärmningsefffekter observed within 30 minutes. Very similar to a human body with cells dna, blood, brain, right? The maximum level does not take any account of long-term effects. Aren't they illiteracy up at ssm - strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten? It protects the interests of mobilindustrins instead of protecting the population. Also go in and look at the eu resolution 1815, which blah called on its member states already in 2011 to go out in broad information campaigns and to inform their households about the serious health risks posed by the wireless networks and to give priority to kabelbundet over wireless wifi in Schools. In Sweden, on the contrary, we do massinför wifi routers and läsplattor in schools. Have we seen anything in the mailboxes from strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten or in the media? Here you can read about it- ----- 2 my video with Mikrovågsexperten Barrie Trower who worked within the British military for many years - here he explains why there are no safe strålvärden for children- 2 My interview with the oncologist / Cancerforskaren Lennart Hardell University hospital in örebro "who wants to send his child to a school or nursery with carcinogenic mikrovågsstrålning" report on the who that has been infiltrated and is controlled from inside of Telecom- -- 1 My Video: Frank Clegg FD CEO of Microsoft in Canada warns of wifi --
Research documents - on this page are recorded research published in scientific journals since 2008, which shows the effects of low frequency electromagnetic fields and radiofrekvent radiation / mikrovågsstrålning from wireless technology. on Facebook: Wifi radiation - wireless technology - health threats share on your timelines and in groups you are in - do it to try to make a difference for your beloved children and grandchildren's future health and join The fight to bring down the limit values that no longer protect us and to remove wifi from schools and instead use kabeluppkopplat. 5 G is in the starting gear-5 G means a very strong deployment of transmitters and sent, i.e. a very sharp increase in the background radiation we all face, whether we like it or not. In the language of the telekomindustrins, it is called "significantly improved speed of surf and coverage". pts wants 100-200 Mhz in the 3,4-3,6 Ghz band to be reserved for 5 G tests, and 1 000 Mhz in the 26 Ghz band. From 2020, the idea is that the pts should permanently allocate the relevant frequency bands including the 700 Mhz Band for large-Scale Commercial 5 G expansion. 5 G is also called "the internet of things" which means that a large amount of consumer products will also send and receive radiation.
The plans also include-vehicles, which require a very sharp increase in close placed along the streets and roads. It is said that 5 G will use extremely high frequencies up to 100 Ghz (waves). Read more here: Facebook page: Jamie Epstein

- - - - - Mon Sep 11  

Mimic feed Busted splicing in 14 hrs of data with a feed from 2016 to Hide the EMF Beams Aiming Irma at Florida.  

9/11/2017 -- Earthquake Forecasting Theory NOW PROVED by Professionals -- California precursors

     People Against the NDAA
Constitutional Attorney KrisAnne Hall reviews the sections of the 2012 NDAA which declared the entire world to be a battlefield and allow for the indefinite detention of anyone anywhere without proof. (Yes this includes American citizens on American soil and is still in effect today.)
How #HillaryLogic Sounds In Real Life (The Conservative Millennial)  

As Irma continues to batter Florida, people have taken advantage of the chaos and looted shops. 

 .... and it rains! 

Generating Artificial  Clouds and Weather  Manipulation 
See the 'Dirty steam' plus sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides go of into the atmosphere and form clouds.

Steam "Blow Out" from Power Plants 

Electrical Power Plant 'steam blow out' rises into the atmosphere & causes artificial clouds that produces Acid Rain ☔ & can cause Adherse Weather Conditions

#UNagenda2030 #GeoEngineering #GlobalCarbonTax #AgeOFAusterity #LookatMelaniasShoes #GoBack2Sleep #GoBackToSleep #ChemTrails #WeatherModification #HAARP #SRM #SolarRaditionManagement #DrinkYourFluoride nothing to see here ... move along ... drink your Fluoride ... go back to sleep #TrustYourGovernment #TrustYourGovt #WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong

#NeverForget family members of #September11th victims demanded the Truth, only to be denied it by politicians
Thomas Kean Runs Away From 911 Cover Up Please consider donating to help us continue to make videos like this. We Are Change would not exist without YOU!

US, Israel using Saudi Arabia to cover up own role in 9/11: Analyst

Our world today... You Won't See This On TV-Photo Credit: Steve CuttsMusic by: Damiano Baldoni 

The Sound of Australia  
Zero Emission? tell that to the residents of Fukushima and Chernobyl
Everything has costs. the Carbon, Mining, TOXICS, and WATER use of solar cells are ASTRONOMICAL. Zero Emissions is a LIE.
The carbon footprint and genocide of indigenous people for Uranium alone...

- - - - - Sun Sep 10  

How To Stop Smart Meters - A Mass Action of Liability 

THIS IS DISGUSTING - Local 10 cameras caught looters taking advantage of Hurricane Irma and breaking into Fort Lauderdale stores. So far, the groups have looted 3 stores in the area. 
Pre-hurricane landfall looting.

DESPICABLE - 7News cameras caught a group of suspected looters ransacking a Miami Foot Locker store, loading dozens of sneakers into multiple getaway vehicles as police arrived on the scene. Obama's kids.
8 Spanish policemen VS hundreds of Anti-fa rioters 
Who would win?
VIDEO: Migrants attack an elderly man in London!
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- - - - - Sat Sep 9 

     Luke Z Rudkowski
The Multi Billion CIA Monopoly Company We All Need

9/08/2017 -- Large earthquake unrest -- West Coast USA on watch -- Major unrest spreading

The FULL History of Hurricane Modification

Making clouds 

#UNagenda2030 #GeoEngineering #GlobalCarbonTax #AgeOFAusterity #LookatMelaniasShoes #GoBack2Sleep #GoBackToSleep
#ChemTrails #WeatherModification #HAARP #SRM #SolarRaditionManagement

#DrinkYourFluoride nothing to see here ... move along ... drink your Fluoride ... go back to sleep

#TrustYourGovernment #TrustYourGovt #WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong

- - - - - Fri Sep 8

      Patrick Roddie 
interview with Era of Wisdom about Irma & Jose, recorded Wednesday 9-6-17.NASA Satellite Images Implicate Geoengineering of Hurricanes: Patrick RoddieEra of Wisdom interviewed Patrick Roddie of Stop Spraying Us, a geoengineering/chemtrail activist…
Is Katia being helped? Patrick Roddie - As Katia becomes a named hurricane,…

9/08/2017 -- M8.0 Mexico Mega-Quake -- Large earthquake activity globally -- HAVE A PLAN
Massive Geomagnetic Storm in Progress - Kp8/SEVERE

We are being hit by solar storm resulted from the X9 right now. The quake coincided perfectly with this.
Planetary K-index | NOAA / NWS Space Weather Prediction Center
Usage Impacts Details History Data The K-index, and…

This video has a lot of info.
Big Solar Shakedown with X-Class Flares & Storms…
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