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     Grow Your Own Lemon Tree
Grafting Citrus Demonstration
L shape wedge graft in Spring or Summer, bind TIGHTLY. at least one inch of wedge, plus 2 buds 

cleft grafting How to Graft citrus

Chelsea Handler: Arrest People Who Make Racist Jokes

- - - - - Sun Aug 6 

R.I.P. FB censoring activists now. FB blocked me for 7 days for exposing #FalseFlag . Last time it was 3 days  for exposing #FalseFlag please follow me here and MIGRATE away from FascistBook when you can:
SF events 
updated throughout the week 

ECONOMY CRASH 1845 1931 2017

 Heads up to my West Coast USA viewers:
8/05/2017 -- West Coast USA on Earthquake Watch -- Slow slip plate "event" underway  

- - - - - Sat Aug 5   

Meat industry to blame for largest-ever 'dead zone' in Gulf of Mexico 

Britain In Serious Trouble With Muslim Immigration.... 

Sperm Counts, AI, And The Transgender Explosion Are All Connected - The David Icke Do-Connector Videocast #DavidIcke

Man Shoots Two Cops After Stop - It's a tough job!  

Bodycam Released Showing Two Las Vegas Officers In Gunfight  
Earlier this week, we posted about two Las Vegas officers being shot by a man in a black pickup truck.  

BODYCAM: Two Las Vegas Officers Shot – Win Gunfight With Headshot 
The shooting stemmed from a theft on Sunday where a man had his cell phones stolen from his car while he was in a grocery store.
The theft victim was later able to track the position of his cell phones to a spot where a pickup truck was parked in the 4100 block of West Tompkins Avenue.

I walk across streets DEFENSIVELY. My Objective is to end up sheltered by a large object like a lightpole, for cover from any errant vehicles. NO KIDDING. Watch me walk sometime. Walk with me. Learn something.

Six people were injured by a drunk driver in Warren, Michigan.Surveillance footage from a Subway restaurant caught the the moment a drunk man behind the wheel slammed into a bus stop on Wednesday. The footage shows the truck travelling at a high rate of speed and running into the bus stop sideways.Six people were in the bus stop at the time. Reports state that four people were trapped under the wreckage. The video shows a woman sent airborne from the impact. One witness told reporters “She flew. I think I saw her airborne. There was a big pile of blood”The man behind the wheel gets out of the truck and casually strolls off. 

- - - - - Fri Aug 4   

What The Health Movie  

Bruce Willis white washes the black criminals in Death Wish remake -- Looks like home burglary ad 

If white kids act black, is that a black thing? from Quincy, Mass

- - - - - Wed Aug 2 

Lightning strikes the river. What a sight to behold.

Whale Intruder alert... 🐳Pacific Eagle Air Cam - Camera Drone Specialists Oxnard bay in California and that one was escorted from the bay back out into the open sea. These guys don't stay here long, coast guard usually comes and sorts em out if they don't find their own way out.  

Bravo gentlemen for this high-flight rescue! 

- - - - - Tue Aug 1 

8 Easy Physics Tricks To Try At Home 

- - - - - Mon Jul 31 

Statins are widely-prescribed to lower your cholesterol and recommended to individuals who have ""high cholesterol,"" those who have heart disease, and even for some healthy people as a form of preventive medicine. 
You may not be aware, however, of these 5 reasons why statins may be dangerous and ineffective. 
Statin Side Effects: 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Take Statins

- - - - - Sun Jul 30  

400 Tremors in last 48 hrs in California
Zone is MOVING. Not as Locked and Loaded as we thought. And of course that's good. 
Oil and Gas Pumping operations viewed at West and South Butte, CA
You can see the pumps and tanks where they drill, and that's where we see the earthquake swarm.
7/30/2017 -- United States / North America earthquake update -- California moving, midwest on watch

7/30/2017 -- Japan , Kansas, Turkey + Colombia hit by larger Earthquakes as expected

7/29/2017 -- New Deep Earthquake below Japan -- Pacific Unrest due yet again -- BE PREPARED 

     #EMF SmartMeters
WAKE UP PEOPLE: 160 times more full body radiation from your AMR smart meter. Tell your government you want opt outs and tell your utility you want it off your house now!!
Smart Meters Radiation Exposure Up to 160 Times More Than Cell Phones - Living Traditionally
There has been mounting medical and scientific evidence of the grave biological dangers to humans from so-called “Smart” Meters exposure that are being…
The Dangers of Cell Phones; There’s A Report
It seems the cell phone industry is taking a page out of Big Pharma vaccine makers’ play book regarding shifting legal liability

5G and the IOT: Scientific Overview of Human Health Risks - Environmental Health Trust
Scientists caution that before rolling out 5G networks research on human health effects needs to be done to ensure the public and environment are protected.

Stop Untested Microwave Radiation of Children’s Brains and Eyes Virtual Reality EHT Scientists Urge Google - Environmental Health Trust

An excellent compilation of resources on wireless radiation to hand out to neighbors, schools, health care practitioners, elected reps etc. Resources to Share with Parents and Schools - Parents for Safe Technology.

Resources to print out : Parents for Safe Technology: Credible information and research on the health risks of wireless in schools and what all parents can do about it. Be Informed/Keep Calm and Take Action. Sleep, Immune System, Cancer, Brain ADHD, Autism Sperm Damage from Wifi routers, video games...

Oh sweet baby jeeezus in a bubble bath! This is HILARIOUS. Hahaha. THIS, is how we pierce the armor of TPTB... so good  
Man Sends Audition Tape To Globalists To Be Crisis Actor in Next False Flag- Hilarious Satire Skit
Re-Upload, Original video by Friend of Yawheh Titled "Ultimate Crisis Actor", Link to Original

#FakeLivesMatter #CrisisActors #FalseFlag #FakeTerror #GunGrab #Agenda21 #UNagenda21 #FalseTerror #NWO #NewWorldOrder #SandyHoax #SandyHookHoax #SandyHookisFAKE

#BostonUnBombing #BostonBombHoax #BostonHoax #TrouserBomber

#2A #GunConfiscation #GunConfiscation #CalGuns #GunControlAgenda via #FalseFlag #Terror

THOSE ENTITLED MILLENNIALS! Help save our kids -- watch this and pass it along...
Millennials in the Workforce, A Generation of Weakness - Simon Sinek
Simon Sinek explains how the millennial generation became so entitled. A combination of failed…

George #Soros' London
Local "Protest" in London...
VIDEO: Muslims rioting in France...

- - - - - Sat Jul 29 

Fracking and GeoThermal sites Cause Earthquakes.

As predicted 5.1 quake off North Coast of California and 4.3 in Baja California
7/29/2017 -- United States, West Coast, Midwest Earthquake update -- New unrest brewing = Keep watch

Store Water in 55 gallon blue plastic drums, 5 gallon plastic water cooler bottles, etc. Rather than recycle your 1 gallon square clear Crystal Geyser water bottles you can fill with tap water and store under sink, in garage, etc. be safe.  

Keep your camping, first aid, emergency supplies, tools handy. The life you save may be your own. 

The Truth About The Awan Family Democrat IT Scandal

WATCH | The story of Defend Europe, a campaign set up by young Europeans concerned about the future of our continent. Following a successful crowdfunder, the campaigners were able to hire a boat to sail to the Med with the aim of preventing the migrant banana boats from landing on Europe's shores - the only viable way to stop the ongoing migrant crisis.

Naturally, the liberal elite weren't happy and one of the campaigners had her crowdfunder suspended with no reasons given and no right to appeal. Furthermore, the boat has now been held and its crew detained in Cyprus on flimsy grounds.

We stand united with Defend Europe who are doing some valuable work in raising awareness of the ongoing crisis in the Med which the mainstream media appear to have forgotten about. Keep going, guys! 
#StopWhiteGeNocide #WarOnWhites #WhiteGenocide #EthnoMasochism #Replacement #Soros #Merkel

- - - - - Fri Jul 28

7/28/2017 -- New M5.0+ Earthquake activity around Pacific -- Keep watch in silent zones 

     Stephan Molyneux
The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name. Stefan Molyneux breaks down the explicit lies contained in modern political language and how this propaganda is used to obstruct reasonable change.

Stephan Molyneux

"Service Delivery Protest" so Blacks went on a rampage and looted shops. Sure that will improve service? As in earlier times Liquor stores were the primary targets for the looting.

Up to 40 Black Lives Matter protesters arrested in Baton Rouge 

Colin Flaherty Documents Black Violence Daily 
#DinduNuffin #DinduNuffinn #Dindu #Nuffin 
#WhiteGirlBleedAlot #DontMakeTheBlackKidsAngry

Lock up Debbie Wasserman Schultz for the rest of her godforsaken life!

Angry Democrats heckled outgoing party chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz with boos and cries of "shame!" this morning. Story:

BRUTAL bombardment with very large hail during yesterday's severe hailstorm in Istanbul, Turkey! Hail up to 9 cm in diameter reported! Video: Meteor Turkey
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