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Stefan Molyneux shared Freedomain Radio's video. 
Fake News Industrial Complex | Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux 

#MKultra #Kanye #Ellen

New European identity
Full Credits:Red Ice Tv YouTube: subscribe for more
Btw.... the horse that the antifa speared..... get ready for it.... was racist....
MUST SEE! Antifa freak explains "racist horses" and so much more. Plus, I wonder if the United States Secret Service visited "Kevin" last night or did they wait till today?

Najaf, Iraq – Blackwater IED Strike, Flawless Reaction

- - - - - Sat Jul 15 

Please share simple happy fun sites, for humans, animals, earth :) 

7/14/2017 -- Largest in months -- Midwest USA / Oklahoma M4.2 (M4.9) -- Forecast area direct hit
 Adepto Perfectus = dutchsinse 


- - - - - Fri Jul 14 

Stefan Molyneux shared Freedomain Radio's video. 
Fake News Industrial Complex | Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux 

     911 INSIDE JOB
CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: 'We Blew Up WTC7 On 9/11'

Take a look at why California mutual aid is considered to be one of the best in the county.

The Left's Push For Pedophile Acceptance
Children are sacred beings, little angels that we must protect at all costs. Blaire White's PEDOPHILẸ YOUTUBERS EXPOSED

The migrant invasion of Europe! This invasion has to stop! 
For more dynamite videos LIKE Paul Golding

- - - - - Thu Jul 13 

Black carjackers arrested, then play for HS basketball team the next day in Shreveport. Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB and Youtube: Colin Flaherty
Syrian refugee, 21, hacks PREGNANT woman to death with machete and injures two others before hero BMW driver runs him over in yet another attack in Germany NICE ONE #MERKEL #SOROS

Postcard from France. Enjoying diversity. 

To Women’s March organizers Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour and Carmen Perez: You don't get to call me a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe or xenophobe when a man you look up to and call honorable and hold hands with and take selfies with represents the exact type of bigot you pretend to march against. If you want to stop hate, start with your mentor, Daddy Farrakhan. If you feel you're "not safe," go tell Daddy Farrakhan to tone down his divisive, racial rhetoric. Ladies, you have the power to end Daddy Farrakhan's hate-filled propaganda. Plan a march. I'll be there. Watch my full commentary on Farrakhan’s Anarchist Angels on NRATV. 

- - - - - Wed Jul 12

The G20 Fluoride Police States - Australia (90%),USA (70%), Brazil (41%), Argentina 19%), UK (11%), Europe (3%) with a total artificially fluoridated population of about 350 million people.
The G20 countries with freedom of choice - Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Russia, China, South Korea, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Indonesia, and most of Europe, with a total non artificially fluoridated population of about 4.5 Billion people.

But lying Fluoride Promoters say the whole world loves fluoridation. Know the real facts, not fake facts. 

     Nordic Identitarian
Facebook unpublished us while this video was getting us 1500 likes in less than a week and more than 200,000 reaches, and this curbed our growth while we were about to gather serious momentum.
Her youtube page got taken down faster than you can say the 14 words after posting this video

HamburgTopEight Riot Arson G20 Videos @
A = First Video uploaded by LUKE RUDKOWSKI H = Most recent G20 Riot Video

H VIDEO: Hamburg Looks Like a War Zone After Antifa G20 Riots! [SHOCKING] (RoofTopView Female Narration En Deutche) 

G: Meanwhile in Germany! WOW! (Hamburg Video Compilation Orchestra)
Thank you, dear politicians, for this beautiful g20 summit! (in this video, you should tune in the sound! It's worth it! I promise! ) 
#Antifa #Terrorist  #Mob #Vandals #Thugs #Commies #Leftists #LeftistThugs #RegressiveLeft #G20 2017 #SOROS #MERKEL #Hamburg  #riot #riots #arson #vandals #vandalism 

F:     G20 riots Antifa LOOTING
Left wing terror group ANTIFA looting stores in G20 riots. 

D:     Mike Cernovich (6 scene video compilation)
ANTIFA rioting in Germany. This is why they need to be declared a terror organization nationwide as they have been already in New Jersey.   
Mike Cernovich 
#Antifa #Terrorist  #Mob #Vandals #Thugs #Commies #Leftists #LeftistThugs #RegressiveLeft #G20 2017 #SOROS #MERKEL #Hamburg #riot #riots #arson #vandals #vandalism #Libtard #Libtards

E: ( CAMPS for THUGS? kim.lepper )
Hamburg under siege! And the 2nd night is just about to begin.
     CAMPS for THUGS? 
"Peak Liberalism. Or just supreme stupidity? Diddiddums...Did you HEAR the jackass whining that the government didn't lay on CAMPS for these violent destructive fucktardians 'while politicians stay in 5* accommodation...'
It would be a laugh if it wasn't so utterly bloody ghastly. How ENTITLED do these bloody people really feel?!?!"
#Antifa #Terrorist  #Mob #Vandals #Thugs #Commies #Leftists #LeftistThugs #RegressiveLeft #G20 2017 #SOROS #MERKEL #Hamburg #riot #riots #arson #vandals #vandalism #Libtard #Libtards

A:     #WeAreChange (FIRST VIDEO of Hamburg G20 Antifa Riots Arson Vandalism)
#Antifa #Terrorist Group Torching Cars Busting Windows Spraypainting Vandalism @ #Hamburg #G20 2017  #Mob #Vandals #Thugs #Commies #Leftists #LeftistThugs #RegressiveLeft #SOROS #MERKEL #Hamburg #riot #riots #arson #vandals #vandalism   video by:
Luke Z Rudkowski

B:     beautiful city? (DashCam video by Florian Schmidt) 
What are you doing? What are you doing to our beautiful city? #G20 
#Antifa #Terrorist  #Mob #Vandals #Thugs #Commies #Leftists #LeftistThugs #RegressiveLeft #G20 2017 #SOROS #MERKEL #Hamburg #riot #riots #arson #vandals #vandalism

C:     Hamburg is Burning (First Balcony View) 
#Antifa #Terrorist  #Mob #Vandals #Thugs #Commies #Leftists #LeftistThugs #RegressiveLeft #G20 2017 #SOROS #MERKEL #Hamburg  #riot #riots #arson #vandals #vandalism
    Lauren Southern 
This is the video that everyone is too scared to make. 
But that doesn't make it untrue. 
Let's finally address: the great replacement of white people.
Lauren Southern 

    Lauren Southern 
Hey guys! YouTube keeps demonetizing my videos for all my vicious "hate speech," so I decided to take a break from politics and just give you all a fun, innocent makeup tutorial instead! Hope you enjoy!

VIDEO: American man makes his thoughts on Islam crystal clear! 

Burning Effigies of The Pope & Bono In Mass Celebration In Belfast 
In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news of the bonfires in Northern Ireland in Belfast on the 12th of July. It's a hi...

Dave Allen live in copter 3 over the fire in Calavaras County
#Huey #HueyBucket T12 listed as 324 for the bucket. #Hughes Jolly Green Giant Puts out FIRES in California #JollyGreenGiant

     New Ben Garrison Cartoon 
"The Nothing Burger vs. the Something Burger" What's on your plate Hillary Clinton?

Give unparalleled power to an illusion. It's the "progressive" thing to do.
‘Run the Rock 2020’ Campaign Counting on Citizenship Malpractice - Oath Keepers
“A campaign committee has formally filed to draft actor and former WWE wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for president,” The Hill reported Monday. “’Run the…
#GrowYourOwn #DIY #Organic #Free #Local #LocaVore #Opportunivore #Frugivore #Garden #Compost #CompostHappens #DirtHappens

     "Get the fuck right out of here.
This bullshit is going way too far. Arresting white students over "racism" because they come forward admitting they can't understand who they are being forced to interact with in the classroom - who don't even speak the national language?!"
Articles: BART Officials Hide Videos of Black Mob Violence
Eureka! Look no more for the Rosetta Stone, the smoking gun, the Holy Grail of how reporters and public officials are in denial, deceit, and delusion about black criminality so wildly out of proportion.

Craziest story of the year
BART official hides black mob violence on SF trains -- Says she does not want to offend minorities
#DinduNuffinn #DinduNuffin #BLM #BlackThugsMatter #BlackThugs #BlackViolence Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB and Youtube: Colin Flaherty

- - - - - Tue Jul 11

     Stephan Molyneux

Just released: new video on dental fluorosis. 
Do your teeth, or your child’s teeth have white spots, white streaks, cloudy splotches, brown stains, or pitting? If so, you or your child may be among the millions of Americans who now have a condition called dental fluorosis. 
Fluorosis is a defect of tooth enamel caused by too much fluoride intake during the first 8 years of life. Watch this new short video to learn more, and please comment below if you have fluorosis. 
Visit our webpage on dental fluorosis:
     Forest Fire
U.S. Forest Service #SuperScoopers are making a difference on the #FaradFire. Here is the "Scoop" on how they get their water. 

     R.I.P. SF
SF was the best city in the world. Ruined by Liberal policies, homeless now shit on streets and sidewalks, smash car windows stealing every last bag visible through window.
SF is no longer safe, or fun, or livable. Children can no longer play without stepping on human feces and IV needles.
#BLM and #ANTIFA reign supreme, Cops are NOT allowed to Chase Burglars. Cops are NOT allowed to arrest BLM when they jump on cars and vandalize property because "Don't Make the Black Kids Angry" R.I.P. SF 

     Craziest story of the year
BART official hides black mob violence on SF trains -- Says she does not want to offend minorities
#DinduNuffinn #DinduNuffin #BLM #BlackThugsMatter #BlackThugs #BlackViolence

Interview with Tara McCarthy.
Colin Flaherty: Don't Make The Black Kids Angry 

#BART crime reporting APP showed that 80% of rider complaints were about BLACK CRIMINALS Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB and Youtube: Colin Flaherty   
#DinduNuffinn #DinduNuffin #BLM #BlackThugsMatter #BlackThugs #BlackViolence

See Also:

     21 Feet
10 rounds isn't enough to stop one suspect most of the time,every week you hear of home invasion robberies with four or more people. Here's a perfect example.
Knife Attack on Officer Caught on Camera
Are you ready to protect yourself against a…

     Is Socialism a Dictatorship?
Bernie Sanders supporters believe … what? Matt Kibbe goes back to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels to try to understand “Democratic socialism.”

Want to see what a city run by Democrats for over 5 decades looks like? Welcome to Detroit.

This police officer's quick thinking stopped the thief from getting away! 
     Muslims Chicago

Migrant Convicted Of Trafficking Teens While Out On Bail For Raping A Minor – MILO NEWS


So Called Cell Tower Right in the Open in Torrance Ca.
July 10, 2017 Take a look at just one of many of these radiation towers just sitting on

- - - - - Mon Jul 10

     Stephan Molyneux
Chicago: there will be no economic recovery
The Strange Death of Europe | Douglas Murray and Stefan Molyneux

Stephan Molyneux

     ANTIFA riots
ANTIFA riots, loots stores in Hamburg, Germany 

     Lauren Southern 
This is the video that everyone is too scared to make. But that doesn't make it untrue.
Let's finally address: the great replacement of white people. 

The overton window has shifted making the Authoritarian left more socially acceptable.
SUPPORT JOURNALISM. DONATE AT The overton window has shifted far to the left making anyone moderate or center-right appear "f...

Tim Pool

    R.I.P. EU
Douglas Murray Interview on the Death of Europe
Vidme video (music volume lowered) - Douglas Murray, the journalist from the Spectator who has been criticising mass migration and the pr...
Douglas Murray, the journalist from the Spectator who has been criticising mass migration and the presence of Islam in Europe for years, has now come out with a book saying that it's all over for Europe thanks to its political leaders wreaking havoc on its people.

FBI Continues Dangerous Self-Promotion via Entrapment - Oath Keepers
“Recordings reveal FBI gave man a rifle, urged him to carry out mass shooting to ‘Defend Islam,’” Activist Post reported Thursday in a story by USMC veteran and…

Dave Allen live in KCRA copter over Wall Fire #WallFire 

Pit bulls, like Hand Grenades, are mostly peaceful, until someone or something pulls the pin. 
Pit Bulls are Like RUSSIAN ROULETTE if they were raised by a BAD HUMAN.¬if_t=like¬if_id=1499715156265764

     CULT of ISLAM
If you like throwing ACID in womens' faces, you will love the cult of islam 
This beauty salon is offering acid attack survivors job training, employment, and a path to independence and confidence. 

Driver runs over communist protesters..WARNING GRAPHIC 

Luke, Tim and Laura are perhaps the ONLY real JOURNALISTS walking the beat today IF the litmus test is covering G20, RNC, DNC, BilderBerg, Elections, Riots, Social change etc. as well as actually WALKING upto and interviewing Jacob Rothschild, David Rockeller, FederalReserve, Bushco, ObamaCo, TrumpCo, NWO

LEGIT SOURCES short list posted @
Suggest you Follow / subscribe and set FB preferences to : SEE FIRST FLUORIDE STATS STUDIES RESEARCH and HEALTH AFFECTS
Food Babe
Tim Pool Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB and Youtube: Colin Flaherty

- - - - - Sun Jul 9

coincidence? I think not, what do you think?

Apparently this man is a patriot of Germany who originates from Ghana and is warning Germans of the mindset of migrants Merkel opened her borders too.
Apologies to Serge.
Nothing but vermin intruders!!!

Taking your kid out to enjoy diversity 

Black mob pulls disabled white dude out of car and beats the hell out of himNEW Black mob pulls disabled white dude out of car and beats the hell out of him

- - - - - Sat Jul 8

F:     G20 riots
Left wing terror group ANTIFA looting stores in G20 riots.

Toilet paper isn't our only option. 

According to Milo Yiannopoulos, Islam should not be imported into Western Countries at all, do you agree?

Sun Tzu - The Art of War Explained In 5 Minutes 
The Art of War is the most influential treatise on war ever written, consisting of 13 ch

CNN App Downgraded to ONE STAR in Apple App Store - From Hilarious Negative Reviews

Leaders and wives trapped, city on fire at G20 Dan Lyman | – JULY 7, 2017 Hamburg, Germany, is on fire as up to 100,000 left wing extremists have…

11 Scenes That Prove All Hell Is Actually Breaking Loose at the G20 Summit
#WelcomeToHell has descended on the G20 Summit in Germany.

The global thug movement must be checked, and soon!
G20 summit protesters loot shops and torch cars as they clash with Hamburg cops
ACTIVISTS clashed violently with riot cops in Germany setting cars ablaze, looting shops, throwing petrol bombs and trying to gatecrash the convention centre…

An international tribunal has found Monsanto guilty of human right violations, crimes against humanity and ecocide. 

#GoVegan or #GoVeg your fishing nets are killing earth. 
Video of good humans freeing sea turtles from fishing nets. 
Activists from countries around the world – including Australia, Ireland, the UK, and the US – travelled to take part in the protest. They were joined by dozens of Spanish activists, representing the huge majority of people in the country who do not support bullfighting. Support them. Please SIGN and SHARE:

Whistleblower: “The NSA Is Still Collecting the Full Content Of U.S. Domestic E-Mail, Without a Warrant … The NSA Cannot Identify Future Terrorism Because 99.9999% of What It Collects and Analyzes Is Foreseeably Irrelevant”
The man who designed the NSA’s electronic intelligence gathering system (Bill Binney) sent us an affidavit which he signed on the Fourth of July explaining that the NSA is still spying on normal, every day Americans … and not focused on stopping terror attacks (I’ve added links to provide some background): The search engine that doesn't track you.

How Google Rigs Search and Hurts Consumers
Before 2007, if a user searched for a product on Google, other sites listing prices for that product would appear among the general search results, ranked in the order of their quality to users. These “comparison shopping sites” were designed to identify merchants with the lowest prices. The more accurate and comprehensive their results, the higher they were ranked and the more traffic they generated.
But the more successful that comparison shopping sites became, the more they threatened Google’s business plan. Google makes money by selling ads placed next to its free search results, and merchants could not be expected to bid for ad placement if the listings in comparison shopping sites on the same search undercut their prices.
To address this, Google developed a cunning plan,
message here is: "do not use google"
On top of this, google censors news and info!

great new video by Jason Bermas for our channel, lmk what you think
Korean Missile Found In Alaska
Jason Bermas breaks down the latest missile launch by North Korea, and it's ability to hit Alaska.

Let's review. Red means STOP. 
     We waz Kangs in Kongo and sheit
When Coming To America Goes Wrong!!! African Prince From The Congo . . . Has A Nervous Breakdown At A Bank Inside Walmart!! ('I Am The PRINCE OF THE CONGO . . . You F*CKING Idiot')
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