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- - - - - Mon Sep 4   - - - - - 5 day blog - - - - -  

This machine makes planting a breeze!  

Stefan Molyneux shared Freedomain Radio's video. 

The new Huma Abedin emails uncovered by Judicial Watch show conflicts of interest & special favors between the Clinton State Department & the Clinton Foundation. See JW's full report here:

Michael Walsh – Surveillance: Past, Present, And Future
The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show 8/25/2017

- - - - - Sun Sep 3  

Burning Man 2017..... a whirlwind tour......

The food industry is hiding something. But it's no match for our drones.  

- - - - - Sat Sep 2 

9/02/2017 -- Large Earthquake and Nuclear Test in North Korea while on live stream

This woman is a professor. She is teaching your kids. Let that sink in.

The media will never be able to show this video to the general public.
Another fine example of unprovoked violence from the Communist filth known as Antifa.

- - - - - Fri Sep 1  

JAIL ALL UTAH COPS as they may all be criminals.
Clearly the 6+ cops at Hospital did NOTHING to stop the BAD COP from VIOLATING that INNOCENT WOMAN NURSE

WATCH: Shocking footage shows a Utah nurse being forcibly arrested for refusing to give a patient's blood samples to police for an investigation.

 Utah Nurse Arrested After Refusing to Allow Cop Take Blood From Unconscious Patient 

“Help! Help! Somebody help me! Stop! Stop! I did nothing wrong!”
Watch: Utah Nurse Screams for Help When Cop Arrests Her for Not Drawing Blood From Unconscious Patient

COPS SUCK MORE when they do not BLOCK the ACTIONS of BAD COPS.

Then cops wonder why folks hate cops. EARTH TO COPS: STOP BAD COPS before they ruin it for everybody. DUH!

NURSE HANDCUFFED AT HOSPITAL: Salt Lake City police are holding a press conference to address the incident in which a nurse was handcuffed for refusing to draw blood from a patient.
Full story >>
Why conduct an investigation, when the footage shows it all! That cop needs to be fired, plain and simple!! 

Cops almost never punish cops. FUCK THAT! smoke a joint and go to jail. FUCK THAT

This stupid ass cop has been removed from the BLOOD DRAW PROGRAM. FUCK THAT. WHY is he not in JAIL. 

COPS are the BIGGEST SCOFFLAWS. Clearly above the law and this is why HALF? of AMERICA hates cops. 

"What Payne did here is patently, inescapably wrong in just about every possible way. Just one year ago the Supreme Court ruled that police must get a warrant or consent in order to draw a person's blood. It's utterly inconceivable that Payne, who is a trained phlebotomist with the police, did not know this. According to coverage from the Salt Lake Tribune, Payne acknowledged that he didn't have probable cause to get a warrant, but nevertheless insisted he had the authority to demand Wubbels draw blood."

Security camera video released by Evansville police show the man fatally shot by an officer Tuesday swinging a bat at that officer. The man is seen using that bat to break windows at the start of the video below.
The department also released video from the officer's body camera. 
(WARNING: This video may be disturbing to some viewers.) STORY:

- - - - - Thu Aug 31 pm

Western Civilization's Last Stand! 
With Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux
Order "The Art of The Argument" Now: 

Luke Rudkowski My breakdown on the COINTELPRO agenda to divide and demonize anti-war, and other movements Video:
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