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Truthstream Media
Most People Don't Even Realize This Is Happening Right Now
Written by a former Democrat. 
The Hillary Self Destruction:
I still haven't figured out why she lost. Was it the Russian uranium deal? or was it wikileaks ? or was it Podesta ? or Comey ? or was it a sexual predator husband ? or was a staff's husband Wiener immoral pictures ? was it subpoena violation? or was it the corrupt foundation ? or was it the congressional lies ? or was it the Benghazi bungle ? or was it pay for play ? or was it travel gate scandal ? or was it whitewater scandal ? or the Cattle Gate scandal ? Or the Trooper Gate scandal ? Or was it the $15 million for Chelsea's apt bought with foundation money ? Or Comey's investigation ? Or her husbands interference with Loretta Lynch and the investigation ? Or was it stealing debate questions ? Was it forensically deleting 30,000 emails ? The secret server in her house? Was it the Seth Rich murder ? Was it calling half the USA deplorable ? Was it the underhanded treatment of Bernie Sanders ? Was it the Vince Foster murder ? The Jennifer Flowers assault ? The Jennifer Flowers settlement ? The Paula Jones law suit ? The $800,000 Paula Jones settlement ? The lie about taking on sniper fire ? The impeachment ? The 6 billion $ she "lost" when in charge of the state dept ? The 10 million she took for the pardon of Marc Rich ? Or was it because she is a hateful & lying?
Gee, I just cant quite put my finger on it, but it seems to be right in front of me."

- - - - -  Sun Oct 29

One Tube of Fluoride Toothpaste - Cheap 3 Months Rat & Mouse Free‬ 
Mercury and Fluoride - The Dumbing Down Of A Population

- - - - -  Sat Oct 28

10/27/2017 -- Large Earthquake Warning for West Pacific -- West Coast USA on watch near Oregon

- - - - -  Fri Oct 27 

Top 10 Reasons To Believe There Was A Conspiracy To Assassinate JFK by Top10Archive

Declan Waugh writes: I was doing some admin this morning filing correspondence I have received from various parties over the past few years included over 100 letters from the Department of Health. These will be important in establishing culpability and accountability in years to come. Highlighting exactly who exactly was informed and what action they took to prevent adverse health effects in the Irish population. Among the many letters I found this one from the esteemed Professor Robert Isaacson who was a member of the US National Academies, Scientific Committee that investigated fluoride in 2006. Ive included his biography as noted in the NRC report. Interesting to see what he had to say in his letter.

US government expands warrantless surveillance of Americans

[PEPIS] Bilderberg 2018 in Italy? TG on TV this week - for your  amusement 

Tip-off: Venice Mariott, 31 May - 01 June, Bilderberg 2018?

My latest
not boasting believe it or not
just want you to see what I'm saying before it gets misreported to you by anyone dodgy ;-)
and for constructive criticism if you have any...

Wednesday on RT America
Banking - The Modern Feudalism? Is Austerity Economic Warfare? Tony Gosling Sean Stone, 'Watching The Hawks' 

Last night on Iran's PressTV
The Debate - 100 years since Balfour declaration - Justifiable Pride?
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