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Gun Control is Genocide - documentary by Mike Adams  
262,000,000 citizens killed by their govt last century after being disarmed
that is 6 x the number of people who have died in wars

Guns are BANNED in Syria and that just let al-qaeda come in and kill everyone

Guns are banned in Paris … how'd that work out? 

Buns are BANNED in Mexico… will you RISK your FAMILY there?

Guns are BANNED in Chicago… Murder Capital NOW! Thugs know their victims are disarmed.

Gun Control Works

The Divine Right of Self Defense - Mike Adams documentary
The Truth About Gun Control by Stefan Molyneux
The gun debate has re-surfaced again in Australia after the recent events. Molyneux breaks things down with stats and facts. In summary - strict gun ownership
Innocents Betrayed - The History of Gun Control - FULL LENGTH

All Those in Favor of Gun Control, Raise Your Hands!

260,000,000 innocents killed last century by GOVTS after those Govts dis-armed their own citizens, then genocided them.

You do the math. The greater risk is the GOVT that takes your guns.

260,000,000 is greater than many centuries worth of all the petty numbers in street violence. Guns hurt. 
Govt's who take away all the citizens guns and then line up in firing squads the dissidents among those citizens... hurt MORE.
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