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Love and Hate: Instructional Video
Stefan Molymemes 

No Campus for White Men 
With Scott Greer and Stefan Molyneux
#BREAKING: Project Veritas Releases #CNNLeaks Offers $10,000 Award For Media Malfeasance:

There is big money ( #Soros ) and big politics ( #Obama ) behind street thuggery - whether it is #BLM #murdering #cops, #LaRaza attacking #Trump rallies, or white #Commies disrupting and "shutting down" town hall meetings. This is the start of #BLOODY #REVOLUTION, #gang.

Important Update - Prepare for Domestic Conflict 2/19/17
"Resist Trump" is the mantra of the Marxist groups combining forces under Obama's Organizing for Action, which has combined resources with…
OAKLAND: too many gangbangers not enough food. San Jose is MID. SF is upper Mid.
LA cause NO WATER, and when the Prozac runs out…
DC and Tel Aviv cause everyone hates them.
NYC also NO water if the BIG 100 year old pipes / tunnels break. INPUT please. How redundant is NYC water supply? thanks.
17. NYC 16.OAKLAND 15. St. Louis 14. Washington, DC 13. Minneapolis-St. Paul 12. Las Vegas 11. Milwaukee 10.Los Angeles 9. Boston 8. Detroit 7.Columbus, Ohio 6. St. Petersburg, Florida 5. Phoenix 4. Denver 3. Seattle 2. San Francisco 1. Portland, Oregon

Snowflake Nazis

- - - - - Wed Feb 22 2017

     Stefan Molyneux
In depth analysis of Marxism: Narrated by Stefan Molyneux 

     911 INSIDE JOB
911 Revisited, Christopher Bollyn Exposes Israeli Zionists 2-18-2017
Complete Video:
The War on Islam: 9/11 Revisited, Uncovered & Exposed - Richard Gage, Kevin Barrett, Christopher Bollyn… 


Do people ever ask why you oppose water fluoridation? These 50 reasons should help answer that question.
Change someone's mind today. Please share:

     Eyes on e, f, g of TRAPPIST-1 System
It's a much smaller and cooler dwarf star, and the orbits are much closer to the center - well within the equivalent Mercury's orbit

Preliminary reports indicate approximately 24 arrests were made from the protest at Euclid and Palais. All arrests were for misdemeanor violations including failure to disperse
During the protest some people gathered around the officer's Anaheim home, breaking windows at the house and shattering car windows.The crowds also tried to get inside the officer's house. At least one person was arrested by Anaheim police.
Protestors also broke the windows of a Anaheim police car, and spray-painted a garage door and broke a window at a neighboring house. Wyatt said there were reports of several windows being broken at residences and on car windows in the neighborhood where the protest took place for several hours.

     Sweden self-destructs
Tommy Robinson: Sweden self-destructs for "diversity"

     Sweden is the rape capital of Europe
Malmo in Sweden is the rape capital of Europe due to EU migrant policies. Anyone who says there isn't a problem is lying to you.

Immigrants Attack Security Guards in Sweden Subway 
Marine Le Pen has flat out refused to wear a headscarf for a meeting with Lebanon's grand mufti.

The Democratic Party and liberal elites are just as responsible for putting Donald Trump in the White House as Republicans and the media. It’s time to take accountability for the consequences of our politics and learn from our mistakes-- because unifying behind failure is complete and utter insanity.
Like Alicé Anil for more!

Trump is right. Mass immigration has ruined Sweden.
The Truth About Sweden
Trump is right. Mass immigration has ruined Sweden. Statistics cited can be found at the following links:

Genetically modified people: what could go wrong?

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2017.02.21
Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Jon Rappoport - Genetically Modified People - What Could Go Wrong?

#BREAKING The Anderson Dam in Morgan Hill, CA 10 mi South of San Jose
is spilling over the spillway after record-setting rainfall (There is either no sound or distorted sound from the helicopter. You might want to mute.)

In England, man spits on baby's face because she is white. Does he get in legal trouble?

2/23/2017 -- Noteworthy M4.8 (M5.2) earthquake strikes Pacific Northwest / Vancouver BC

West Coast hit... be on watch to the South by Southeast from these locations.... 
2/23/2017 — Nightly Earthquake Update + Forecast — West Coast / Pacific Northwest M4.8 + M4.2 earthquakes

- - - - - Tue Feb 21 2017
The thyroid gland regulates the body’s metabolic rate and plays an exquisitely important role in human health. Because all metabolically active cells require thyroid hormone for proper functioning, thyroid disruption can have a wide range of effects on virtually every system of the body. Chemicals that interfere with thyroid function must be treated with great caution. According to the U.S. National Research Council, and as discussed below, there is substantial evidence that fluoride exposure can impact thyroid function in some individuals. (NRC 2006).

     The Rape of Europe 
Cologne is a shocking wake up call that Europe is importing a real rape culture.…

     pretty good info:
What They're NOT Telling You About Sweden - 18:43 PJW

stockholm is a warzone, due to migration. 2:46
Massive riots happening now in Sweden. Stockholm in flames. 1:37
Sweden Rinkeby Riots 1:06
Looks like Trump was right after all.

Why Trump is Right About Sweden
Support my work on Patreon: PayPal Donations Welcome. Click here: Sources: Angry Foreigner ...
"Sweden has succumbed to pathological altruism and extreme white guilt."
Sweden's Million-Dollar Refugee Industry 
What Pisses Me Off About Old People 
"ZOMG Shut Up PewDiePie!"

Morgan Hill 10 miles south of San Jose CA

- - - - - Mon Feb 20 2017 

Whenever whales or dolphins become stranded, autopsies should be performed to determine the cause of death. Four of the most important investigations should be: 1. Damage to the inner ear or organs from sonar testing from the military or from Petroleum exploration. Not only should there be forensic examination but also an investigation into any sonar testing by industry or the military withina few hundred nautical miles of the stranding. 2. Testing for plastic in the stomach and intestines. 3. Testing for mercury levels in the tissues. And 4. Testing for radiation.
Calif. Emergency Management Officials Survey River Systems & Flooded Areas 
This is raw video recorded on Sunday, February 19, 2017 from a California National Guard helicopter…

150,000 cu ids of ROCKS and Debris are blocking Feather River @ Bottom of Aux Spillway 
this is RAISING / Backing up the Water Level so MAIN FLOW of #OROVILLEdam is TURNED OFF
Weds Feb 22 Crews will intro 2 new barges to CLEAR DEBRIS
Oroville #spillway live look

In 2001, the employees union representing the scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Headquarters Office in Washington D.C. stated: “we hold that water fluoridation is an unreasonable risk.”

21 Shocking Illustrations Reveal How Animals Feel By Switching Them With Humans.

Rape and violence has exploded across Sweden due it's immigration policies. Watch to see what Sweden has done to itself.

Tolerance is killing us !

     Stefan Molyneux
Sweden's Million-Dollar Refugee Industry

Stefan Molyneux asks a Jew why the hypocrisy on immigration:
Diversity for Whites and not for Israel.

‘World Government’: A Former ‘Conspiracy’ Myth is Now Emerging from the Shadows #WorldGovernment
Tucker Carlson Interviews Ami Horowitz, Director of Sweden…

Flynn Resignation A Deep State Sabotage Of Trump
Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friend...

You cannot block the right of way! Your first amendment rights end when you infringe on others.

- - - - - Sun Feb 19 2017

What Is The Deep State? Explained
In this video, we explain the buzzword of the week, Deep State. Ever since Donald Trump has taken office this issue has come up many times with what looks li...

Want your Mind Seriously Blown? Check out 
Atmospheric and Geophysical Monitoring. 
Take a look at how secret NSA data centers are mysteriously located on all data convergence points, Worldwide!! 
And much more!! #ClimateViewer3D
An apple a day may help keep the prescription drugs away ( A healthy whole food, plant-based diet may work twenty times better than drugs to combat our #1 killer, heart disease. #NFHealthyHearts
Click the image below to learn about the actual benefit of diets vs. drugs for chronic diseases:

Socialism Kills. Venezuela Is Hell.

Ukraine’s NATO Referendum A Vote For War #Ukraine #NATO 

15 Police Officers Injured as 500 Migrants Storm Through Spanish Border Fence
A total of 15 police officers were injured as around 500 immigrants stormed through the border between Morocco and the Spanish territory of Ceuta. 

Sweden's backlash: Why the tide is turning for refugees - Talk to Al Jazeera In The Field
Sweden has received more refugees per capita than any other country last year, but many Swedes have…

This is happening in broad daylight, in the jardin des halles... in Paris........... The Pro-Theo in action

Dennis Fetcho, Inside the Eye Live 2/18/2017 
Dennis Fetcho, aka "The Fetch", is an American ex-patriot living in Amman, Jordan.  He is the author of the Illuminatus Observor, a blog regarded by many as simply the finest Hermetic Qaballa blog in all of blogdom.  The Fetch also has a second site called "Inside The Eye" 
Hour 1 - California Flooding, Trump Press Conference with Netanyahu
Hour 2 - Trump Solo Press Conference and Assault on Media
Hour 3 - Purging the State Dept.'s "Deep State" 
Websites: illuminatusobservor.blogspot   inside the eye live
Revolution Radio @ Freedom
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.