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Gulag ArchiCanado: Free Thought Under Siege 

Culture Collapse in Canada. Prepare Yourself Accordingly.

Stefan Molyneux

Amazing footage of laying the railways. The second half track laying machine is like something out of the Flintstones.
#Vintage #Railways #Engineers #Industrial #Industry #IronWorkers #Navvies

     cute gentle intelligent spider pet
I'm in LOVE! Gimme 5! Wait for it. She gets it at the end.

Jumping spider. Do you have a minute to talk about KARMA? golden rule?

HINT: if you kill spiders that is a DEAL BREAKER.

Leave em be. ok. if you must then get a cup and paper, and move them gently outside into a bush.

Mesmerizing Chameleon changes color while walking over blue silver red green objects  

     William Westerfeld House 1198 Fulton St, SF 
This man turned a San Francisco Victorian into the Addams Family house—all 28 rooms! 

Kabbalah Magic teachings Mystery Babylon & Satanic Illuminati

I am in SF with the 911 Truth group. My friend Jim did the research:

- - - - - Sun Nov 19 

Twitter And The State's Battle Against Your Liberty 

Watch animals save other animals from death, You will not believe...

- - - - - Sat Nov 18 

Why do so many "straight" men now act so effeminate?
Is it cultural or environmental?
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