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     GMO Soy
The feminizing of the American male.

    Lauren Southern 
This is the video that everyone is too scared to make. 
But that doesn't make it untrue. 
Let's finally address: the great replacement of white people.
Lauren Southern 

    Lauren Southern 
Hey guys! YouTube keeps demonetizing my videos for all my vicious "hate speech," so I decided to take a break from politics and just give you all a fun, innocent makeup tutorial instead! Hope you enjoy!

     Antifa Terrorist Organization
New Jersey Homeland Security Officially Lists Antifa as a Terrorist Organization » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Britain doesn't have "No Go" Zones?? The police have clearly lost control of parts of London. This is multiculturalism: no unity, no common identity, just tension that boils over into violence.

     Big Browser
its not just big brother anymore


- - - - - Sun Jul 2 

London: The situation is becoming every day more and more dangerous. Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB and Youtube: Colin Flaherty 
Sometimes a pleasant surprise comes up , I must admit that before today I had not heard of "Scottish Dawn" , well done to these guys , they are angry, they talk straight to the point and they have got my full attention . Long live Scotland the brave

Refugee masturbate in front of women and children!
In Cologne, a refugee rides around the bike, stops as soon as he sees women and pulls his pants down to satisfy himself - even before children! The police picked up the 27-Year-old Iranian.

     END the FDA 
TRYANICAL UnAmerican FDA Jailed Sam Giraud today for 6 years for DISTRIBUTING: CHICKWEED SALVE containing these DANGEROUS AMISH INGREDIENTS:
Rosemary BeesWax Olive Oil Peppermint ChickWeed Eucalyptus
Sam Girod, the Amish farmer known for his homemade salves just got 6 years in prison for it. This is so sad, and will keep on happening if we don't stand up NOW. 
Sheriff Mack Press Conference at Sam Girod Sentencing  

Sorry,no SALVE 4 A SLAVE
(especially in the past) a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.
"he killed the natives or turned them into slaves"
synonyms: bondsman, bondswoman, bondservant, bondslave, serf, vassal, thrall; More
work excessively hard. 

The 1 year anniversary of the Dallas shooting is this Friday.Police Told To Leave Protective Gear BehindThe I-Team has learned the officers assigned to the rally in downtown Dallas last July - where five officers were killed and nine wounded - were told not to wear certain heavy protective gear because it would make them look too “militaristic.”|By CBS DFW

     #Fake #Drowning
Staged Video Shows 'Refugee' Fake DrowningWhat is going on here?
Facebook @ FOLLOW Paul Joseph Watson @  


A video on Propaganda/Public Relations History.
Rule from the Shadows - The Psychology of Power - Part 1

Zionist Control of the Media

Who controls The US Media ?

Originally they were all bought out by the CFR and wound up in other hands above... This is a non governmental organization (NGO) btw... 

     Not Fun, but who is going to stop thugs in your hood?
Police pics and clips8 November 2016 That's how you deal with thugs.

"While Beijing works to benefit China, rapidly increasing its techno-industrial clout, Washington spends insanely on weaponry. It is trying to apply a military solution to a commercial problem. America crumbles economically, politically, culturally, but has the very best bombers."

     Technological Leaps Being Made by China 
For those who really want to know who brought this about, and how American industry,70,000 factories and high tech was drained into China, and 93 million Americans put out of work, listen carefully to this interview with Bush Sr Cabinet member Catherine Austin Fitts: 
It is traceable to the same source as other evil deeds

It wasn't about tea...

22 commit suicide every day.. Some people cannot live with themselves after..One young soldier who returned when I questioned him..after my learning that he had a mental disablity stemming from our occupation of these countries told me when I asked him..What did you do over there? He replied.".just killed people who were trying to survive just like we were" He went on to say.."They tell you that we are going to fight for our freedom..but that is a lie" And it is a lie..We have not been truly free since 1868 when the Rothschilds criminally bankrupted our country and have since run us as a corporation on Maritime Law..meaning that they dominate international waters. for the purpose of bringing all nations under their dominion for the Luciferian New World Order..In 1913 they enslaved the American people by the creation of the illegal income tax and Unfederal Reserve..for extortion to instigate, fund and profit from every side of nearly every war since the Napoleonic Wars..for the New World Order..placing the entire world under their dominion..John McCain said that they have had their NWO for 70 years..which coincides with the creation of Israel.. That was the reason that those calling themselves Jews infiltrated us in the first use us..take control of our money..enslaving us and using our military and manpower to found the state of Israel..and to overthrow the entire world.. Jewish Dr Alan Sabrosky..former Marine and professor at the US Army War College admitted that 9/11 was an Israeli Mossad operation..they stole trillions from us..over 20 trillion..7.7 to fund banks that fund organizations that fund terrorism..and 9 trillion coerced from Congress by threat of Martial Law to the banks..the trillions stolen from the Pentagon..and the 6+ trillion dollar wars to overthrow 7 secular Arab countries lacking Rothschild controlled banks, and Rothschild, Cheney and Murdock oil and gas pipelines..robbing and murdering close to a million Muslims and over 90,000 Christians, creating millions of refugees to invade the West for the Greater Israel Project. The plan is for massive world third of the Muslims left over to live in the hellish West as slaves to the.Jewish Masters who will flourish in Heavenly East without having to work..the Jewish vision of the 1000 year reign.. the rest of us dead..Retired military/NSA has told us that top military brass and government officials plan to take refuge in the DUMBS for 3 years..which coincides with the last half of the 7 year tribulations cut short by 6 months..and they are steadily and stealthily working toward those goals..we just spent almost 200 million on Israel's DUMB..

- - - - - Sat Jul 1 

    Lauren Southern 
Hey guys! YouTube keeps demonetizing my videos for all my vicious "hate speech," so I decided to take a break from politics and just give you all a fun, innocent makeup tutorial instead! Hope you enjoy!

Silicofluoride chemicals are added to public water supplies in only a few countries in the World. No toxicological testing has ever been undertaken on the silicofluoride chemicals added to drinking water. This website was set up to help educate the public on the human health and environmental impact... 

     Project Veritas
With the latest Project Veritas videos we are starting to get a glimpse inside the culture of CNN and other mainstream outlets.

61 Sweden no go zones from


FB blocked me for 3 days for posting a FACTUAL VIDEO about ISLAM by Lauren Southern. FB is un-American and ANTI FreeSpeech. Please seek other platforms.

Always keep friends emails handy and DO NOT RELY on FAKEBOOK

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