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     911 INSIDE JOB physical evidence. settle in to a multitask and play this 2 hr Vimeo. MUST SEE
Dr Judy Wood - WDTTG BEM- Nov 8-9-2012 
On 11 Sept 2001, astounding events unfolded in the USA -- including the complete destruction of World Trade Centre Towers 1, 2 and 7. These events changed the world -- changed all our lives. Yet, it was years later that an official investigation was launched. All mainstream media sources generally take a view that those official investigations were adequate - and no one should have cause to seriously question them. However, the pictures show that WTC 1 (like WTC 2) did not "burn up", nor did it "slam down" -- it was turned into dust in mid air -- leaving almost nothing of the building itself.
#DEW #DirectedEnergy #DirectedEnergyWeapon #DirectedEnergyWeapons #Tritium #Zinc #Copper #Silver #Chromium also #Thermite #Aluminum #Iron
#Dustification #NoRubble #WTCbathtubINTACT #LackOfSeismicFootPrint

vegan sidekick

Easy Neck And Shoulder Partner MassageINSTRUCTIONS:

These military vets have found a new career: protecting marijuana farms. 

When Judonknow how to dance and she knows #Judo

Living out of a storage locker for 2 months, in style! 

Keystone Cops. This is the effect of islam upon many European towns and cities. If it wasn't so tragic it would be comical.

The lovely people of Chicago showing one another how they play around. Gorgeous, truly the epoch of black excellence

He fought the law & the law won. MAN GOT KILLED BY POLICE In #FL Y’day

This is why McDonald employees need to stop having attitudes

- - - - - Sun Dec 10

vegan food pyramid

California Trees contain RadioActive Isotopes from Fukushima. Therefore all CA Forest Fires create RadioActive smoke.

Honest FCC Advert: Net Neutrality
Hello everyone - you've been asking for a US-themed Honest Government Ad, so what better issue to cover than one which will affect not just Americans, but everyone on the planet: Net Neutrality. This is a little something we made to help our US friends come together this week and fight for the Internet we know and love.  
The FCC just released an ad about its plans to kill net neutrality, and it's surprisingly honest and informative.  

101 near SFO. circa 100 yrs. ago

These STUPID MORONS could have got their poor dog killed. and their own silly asses. Dog innocent. Morons GUILTY.

- - - - - Sat Dec 9

Basically how #DanielShaver was killed. 

#Antifa says if you are not a COMMIE you are a NAZI 

CrossTalk: Jerusalem's Fate @ 17:00
 "It's this lobby that has erected such a hold
over congress and the political process to the
point where politicians cannot even launch a
campaign without tapping it and providing a
position paper giving away ... and supporting all
of AIPAC's positions. So it's a disastrous blow to
US sovereignty and national security to continue
letting Israel make US foreign policy.

CrossTalk: Jerusalem's Fate

- - - - - Fri Dec 8 2017  PM

For the love of humanity if you record Highway Hell snow crash, or Antifa BLM Zombie Riots or EarthQuake flood Fire Armegeddon then 
For Freaks Sake hold your damn phone SIDEWAYS!!! may
Car Carrier and Big Rig Semi IcyRoad Wreck: 94 in MI? I 80 east Wyoming?  32 car pile up on I-94 near mattawan MI.

And this is how heavy snow can wreak havoc. 

- - - - - Fri Dec 8 2017  AM - - - - - 

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