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Think Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are financial criminals? 
The privately-owned Federal Reserve's ponzi scheme puts them to shame.

The American Dream Film-Full Length 
re: the Federal Reserve Bank #ENDtheFED #FedReserve #FederalReserve #IRS #IncomeTax #TaxationIsTheft

Turns out all the Christian folk were pitted against one another during both ww1 and ww 2 by the #zionist jews who have been in the genocide business for a very very long time, they are the destroyer of worlds and will use all peoples against their own, till the world catches onto the very truth of their treacheries. 
- - - - - Wed Nov 22

The Australien Government just released an ad warning us of people who impersonate the Government, and it's surprisingly honest and informative
Political Derangement Syndrome
With Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux

15 Clever Psychological Tricks That Everyone Should Know

The New York Times just said Charles Manson was "far right."
Here's why they're very, VERY wrong...

One of the spate of carjackings caught on camera in Bury, Manchester against a female driver. 

Muslim Migrants destroy wildlife in Germany

OMG silly humans. Just cause a product date is "expired" does not mean you have to throw it away:
i.e.: SALINE, Isopropyl Alcohol, Table Salt, H20, etc do not likely a silly person who went through and REMOVED said items from these kits and now in the next earthquake somebody is going to DIE cause this FREAKIN LOON took out the alcohol, iodine, saline, gel etc. WHAT A FUCKING MORON!
Can I get an AMEN from an EMT or RN or MD?

IF shit hits the FAN would you rather have an incomplete kit or an expired FIRST AID KIT? WTF SMH

In SOUTH KOREA, during emergency, drivers pull fully to the OUTSIDE of their travel lane so that EMERGENCY VEHICLES can pass down MIDDLE clearing. 
So Korea is homogenous society so folks can act smartly. 
USA is getting DUMBER by the DAY and I will state that importing Millions of prehistoric muslims will NOT help us become smart. 

TRIGGERED! I saw some technophilic video today about future road travel with mythical dream bus / trains riding above traffic on skinny wheel pod legs, 
as if the motorists below would ever be well behaved drivers, as if accidents would never happen, as if protestors or mechanical failures would never cause chaos and take lives… SMH

- - - - - Tue Nov 21 

N.A.S.A. makes tornadoes in Mississipi (auto-censored video)

Rothschild died in Plane Crash? Nope that was FAKE news from DISINFO sites YourNewsWire and AltNewsNtwrk. I have listed disinfo sites: Scroll down to 3.4 on my blog:

     Fire Retardent
PBDEs forced on humans by Fire Departments are now KILLING FireFighters who took part in forcing same Fire Retardents on People

KTVU Channel 2 SF Bay segment 4:10-4:25 pm November 13, 2017 re: FireFighters exposed to PBDE carcinogens is just so sad. 

FIRE CHIEFS regularly cite vendors at festivals $1,000 per EZUP or TENT wall that is NOT TREATED with PBDEs / Flame Retardent. 

SAD IRONIC TWIST. NOW SFFD is spending $100,000 to study SFFD FireFighters who are chronically ill since fighting TOXIC FIRES in SANTA ROSA
knowing full well these FireFighters were inhaling CARCINOGENIC PBDEs required on Carpets, Couches, Beds, Pillows, Sheets etc by CALIFORNIA

What are PBDEs? Poly Brominated DiPhenyl Ethers. see also BPA etc. Enviro Working Group
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