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Why Self Driving Cars are a Big Scam

5G dangers and Male Birth rate exctintion W/Max Igan
Max from the CROWHOUSE Is back with me to talk about the serious reduction in males being born especially western men, PLUS 5G is all the buzz(no pun) and wh...

What the heck is gluten and why is it so bad?
You're seen the signs: "Gluten free"
What the heck is gluten, why is 
it suddenly a problem and is it really that bad? 
From our friends at Real Food.  Video:

Top seven fuels that feed the cancer 'fire' and mutate more cells 
1. Fluoridated municipal tap water
2. Genetically modified food – (laced with pro-cancer herbicides)
3. Artificial sweeteners – namely aspartame, sucralose and sorbitol
4. Vaccines and the yearly flu shot – often contain mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and MSG
5. Pharmaceutical medications
6. OTC (over-the-counter) medications for colds, allergies, headaches and fever – often contain heavy metal toxins, artificial sweeteners and toxic industrial-based food dyes
7. Chemotherapy and radiation

Gun Control | Bill Whittle and Stefan Molyneux

Deborah Tavares Did Evacuate, FEMA & FBI Ordered People Out OF Homes, FEMA Won't Let People Return ; 

Earth has 3 Primary problems NOW:
A: overpopulation @ 7 Billion humans
B: Factory Farming Animal Industry
C: Ironic punishment of VEGANS and NON-BREEDERS by
Importation of Muslims on the Dole having 7 or 8 kids each ... THEREBY wiping out ANY GAINS from well meaning Americans and Euros who DID NOT BREED and / or Ate lower on the FOOD CHAIN!
D: CHINA has over 1 Billion People
E: Did I mention Islam Breeds unsustainably?
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Flu shots scientifically proven to weaken immune response in subsequent years… researchers stunned   

A strange accident... 

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What happens when you look deep into the eyes of an animal - a fellow creature, sharing our planet?
What do you think of this clip? We're opening up for collaboration our new major documentary about the unique vision of the radical ecologist and economist, David Fleming.

We're putting online a dozen short tasters like this as we film them, for your feedback with ideas, events and people we could include. The place for extended versions, or to find out more, keep in touch and share ideas for us to follow up on is:

Robbie Williams- Me and my monkey (lyrics)

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If some might ask: who made this?  

Something Strange Is Happening To Hollywood

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WIFIRE Firemap
The "Official" Story Will be the ONLY Story We Get to Hear
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There is a reason sexual predators are well Politically Connected and that's because they are in the same crime ring

     David Icke
US-led coalition destroys everything but ISIS, should be dissolved – Syria

For anyone considering having children you should read this study. What it finds is that fluoride disrupts gene expression in the embryo during pregnancy. The authors conclude that the findings of this study suggest that at a minimum, the use of fluoride in dental care products may require re- evaluation for pregnant women and men who plan to father children.

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Sonoma County Scanner Updates was live. 
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