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- Muslim cult 'trafficked woman for a decade, starting when she was 11, forcing her to work for free and subjecting her to emotional abuse'
- I was raped by THOUSANDS of men from the age of just 14, says victim of Asian grooming gang
- Uniport finally speaks on identity of student who raped, killed 8-year-old girl for ritual 

Muslim cult 'trafficked woman for a decade, starting when she was 11, forcing her to work for free and subjecting her to emotional abuse'

    Kendra Ross, 26, was a member of the United Nation of Islam (UNOI) from the age of 11 to 21 
    During that time, she says that the group forced her to work in UNOI restaurants without pay 
    After working full shifts, she was then expected to do all of the cooking and cleaning in the UNOI homes she lived in 
    She finally escaped the cult in 2012, and is now suing the group, now known as The Value Creators, for more than $450,000 in unpaid wages  
    Ross is also demanding more than $2million in damages for her suffering and $5million in punitive damages
    UNOI was founded in 1978 by Royall Jenkins, who claimed to have been abducted by 'angels' who instructed him on how to govern Earth

By Ashley Collman   19 September 2017
A  young woman who escaped a Muslim cult is now suing the group, claiming she was physically and emotionally abused and made to work without wages for the decade that she was a follower.

Kendra Ross, 26, was just 11 years old when her mother joined the United Nation of Islam (UNOI) in 2002. 

For the next 10 years, Ross says that she was sent to various cities throughout the country to work at restaurants owned and operated by the group. After a full day of work, she says she was then expected to go home and do all the cooking and cleaning in the group homes where she lived with other UNOI members. She says she never received a cent for her more than 40,000 hours of labor....

UNOI was founded in 1978 by Royall Jenkins, a former member of the Nation of Islam - itself an African-American-focused off-shoot of mainstream Islam.

Jenkins claimed that he had been abducted by 'angels and/or scientists' who took him via spaceship to another galaxy where he was given instructions on how to govern Earth. 

'UNOI doctrine focused primarily on the supremacy of Jenkins as God on Earth,' the lawsuit claims. 

One of the fundamental teachings was that the 'black man' is superior to the 'white man' and that men are superior to women....

He set up his religion in an impoverished area of Kansas City, Kansas, growing the religion to include several businesses that his followers worked at for free. Soon, he had branches of the religion in several other cities including Newark, New Jersey; the Harlem neighborhood of New York City; Atlanta, Georgia; Cincinnati, Ohio; Dayton, Ohio; Temple Hills, Maryland; and Mobile, Alabama. 

The communities are insular, with children being educated at UNOI schools, UNOI members living in group homes and working at UNOI owned and operated businesses without pay.

'UNOI forced its members to work in various businesses it owned, including, but not limited to, restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, gas stations, a sewing factory and a construction company,' the lawsuit says.

'As detailed below, many members (including Ms. Ross) worked every day of the week with no breaks. Many members worked at UNOI bakeries, restaurants, and school for eight hour shifts during the day and were expected to do additional work (cooking, cleaning, childcare) when they returned to the home where they were staying.'

While UNOI still exists, though under a new name (The Value Creators), many of these businesses have since closed - suggesting a plummeting in membership....

When she turned 12, Ross was taken out of her mother's home and sent to live in a UNOI women's home. 

During this time, she became malnourished after being put on a strict diet of rice, beans, fruit and salad. This may have had to do with the fact that female members of the church were actually required to pay a fee if they exceeded the 'ideal' weight.  

For the two years, Ross continued to work at the bakery and in the home.

At the age of 15, she was pulled out of school and never allowed to return again. 

It was also at this time that Ross was first sent away to work....

She worked full time at a restaurant and then was forced to prepare food, cook and clean the house. Ross only spent about four to five months in Atlanta before she was sent back to Kansas City for not having the 'proper attitude'. 

When she got back to Kansas City, she was sent to live in a new UNOI home with a few younger women, men and couples. During her time in this home, she says she was 'subjected to physical and emotional abuse by the caretaker of the home'. 

Seven days a week, she would work a nine-hour shift at a UNOI diner, and then return home to 'clean, cook and serve everyone until 8:30pm or 9pm each night'....

At the age of 20, she was married to another member of the group after a 'psychic doctor'determined that they were compatible. 

Once married, 'Ms Ross was forced to do all the cooking, cleaning and housework in the home she shared with her UNOI husband'. Like many UNOI husbands, hers practiced polygamy.

In 2012, after just a year of marriage, Ross finally 'gathered her courage and strength to escape from UNOI. 

Since 2015, Ross has lived in a safe house to 'avoid detection by her former traffickers'.....  

I was raped by THOUSANDS of men from the age of just 14, says victim of Asian grooming gang

    Caitlin Spencer - not her real name - was abused by an Asian grooming gang
    The mother-of-two has written a book outlining the terrible abuse she suffered
    She had seven abortions and two miscarriages and two daughters while abused
    She claims that the gang who abused her is still at large  

By Darren Boyle  20 September 2017

A victim of an Asian sex gang who was first raped aged just 14 claims she was abused by thousands of men over a 15-year period. 

The victim has written a book outlining her terrible ordeal using the name Caitlin Spencer, where she reveals she was forced to have seven abortions, two miscarriages and two children by the men. 

The book, Please, Let Me Go, said Caitlin was initially dismissed by police after making a complaint as being 'a prostitute'....

Although she got the courage to complain to police no successful prosecution has ever been brought.

She said: 'These men find it OK to rape non-Muslim girls. It's a brutal cult and needs to be stopped. There are other young British girls who are still suffering today in the way I suffered at the hands of Muslim men, who should be behind bars.' 

Commenting on the recent Newcastle grooming case, which did not involve her, where 17 men were convicted of grooming and raping 278 girls as young as 13, she told The Mirror: 'There is no way the gangs are that small, I can guarantee that. I would be taken to places across the country. I cannot count how many men raped me, but I believe it runs into thousands.'....

Last month, one woman and 17 men were convicted of or admitted to charges including rape, supplying drugs and inciting prostitution in a series of trials at Newcastle Crown Court in northeast England.

The crimes follow a pattern that has become grimly familiar from cases across Britain in the last few years. The convicted men mostly come from South Asian Muslim backgrounds. Their victims - who were plied with drugs and alcohol before being abused at parties, in taxis or in back rooms - are mostly white.

The prosecution of child-grooming gangs in Rochdale, Rotherham, Oxford and now Newcastle has raised uncomfortable questions. Some allege that the crimes were long ignored by authorities afraid they would be branded racist or fearful the allegations might inflame ethnic tensions.... 

Uniport finally speaks on identity of student who raped, killed 8-year-old girl for ritual 
August 30, 2017
By John Owen Nwachukwu 

The University of Port Harcourt, Uniport, has identified a 200-level student, Ifeanyi Dike of the Department of Physics, as the suspect who abducted, raped, killed and dismembered his 8-year old niece, for ritual purposes.
Uniport made the confirmation via a statement issued on Wednesday by the school’s spokesperson, Dr. Williams Wodi, in Port Harcourt.

Dike was said to have abducted, raped, killed and dismembered the body of his 8-year-old niece, Chikamso Nmezuwuba, on Aug. 19 for ritual purposes.

Members of a vigilance group arrested the suspect in the Eliozu area in Port Harcourt, while he was on the way to dispose the body of Chikamso, after using other parts of her body for ritual.  
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