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     Bite Size Vegan
Everything Wrong With Environmentalism In 11 Minutes Or Less!! 
The top environmental organizations and environmentalists should be fighting against the top…

      FT. Lauderdale Airport shooting HOAX
The shooting of this makes 3 cameras, HUGE cameras. WTF??!!  
Florida Airport Another Crisis Actor Busted

All my life I have been pro choice pro LGBT green party yet silly lefties think I'm on the right cause I critique oBOMBa ... SMH




NYT NBC CBS CNN ABC Haha! It's so true! He's not holding back. They deserve it though!

Clown News Network / Contrived News Network
Trump To CNN: You Are FAKE NEWS! - Press Conference Chaos - Awesome!

Media conglomerate Time Warner, which owns CNN, saw its stocks fall Wednesday after President-elect Donald Trump labeled the outlet “fake news,” a CNBC reporter says.
Time Warner Stocks Fall After Trump Labels CNN ‘Fake News’
"Your organization is terrible... I'm not going to give you a question. You are fake news"

The Real Obama Legacy... #BigGovSucks

Carey Wedler
#SHARINGisCARING... #BeTheChange... #ItsInOurHands.
From a former liberal to *a lot of* the current's time for a heart-to-heart. (Please share with your liberal friends!) 
I am not a Trump supporter by choice or default. I'm also not a Republican.
Find me elsewhere around the internet:
Youtube: Carey Wedler
Twitter/Insta: @CareyWedler 

Even his own home country doesn't want him!
Hungary Planning Major Crackdown on NGO's to 'Sweep Out'
George Soros's home country is preparing a major crackdown on…

Damage Control Trump V Obama Ben Garrison

MSM Logic: Don't you dare ask questions about #PizzaGate, you're a crazy conspiracy theorist.
Oh #PissGate? Yeah totally cool let's run with that

On Wednesdays Richie Allen Show on at 8PM GMT

Biased Politico attempts to fact-check and go with their own version of reality. Gets owned by Wikileaks #Wikileaks

Rape and violence has exploded across Sweden due it's immigration policies.
Watch to see what Sweden has done to itself.

Courier X – The film the CIA tried to stopThe film the CIA tried to stop
The film the CIA tried to stop Robert Tosh Plumlee

John McAfee and the FBI Finally Face Off On CNN (CNN Interview)
John McAfee On The Russian Hacking Says It's NOT Russia!
Clapper has ‘outright lied to Congress’ – former FBI agent
Obama bombed somebody on average once every 20 minutes for 8 years.


This Is Why Police Don't Let You Go Back To Your Car *Warning: Graphic - Public Domain Use

gold wedge here is the price of gold since 2001 what a total scam lol
- - - - - Tue Jan 11 2017

     FT Lauderdale False Flag
Evidence points to Ft. Lauderdale shooter being “Jason Bourned”
with mind altering psychiatric drugs and ISIS video indoctrination by U.S. intelligence operatives
Covert Mind Control Programs and Mass Shootings #MassShootings

     Max Igan
Max Igan - Quantum Connections - Truth Frequency Radio - Jan 10th, 2017

‘UK has blueprints for partitioning the Middle-East’ #Syria

Revealing evidence of Russia's hacking would be 'irresponsible' – US State Department #Russia #Hacking #Obama

Here is a sample of our December 16 rainwater that Patrick Roddie had analyzed by McCampbell Analytical:
-- Rain collected December 4th, 2016 contained
340μg/L of aluminum (reporting limit 50μg/L),
11μg/L of barium (reporting limit 5μg/L),
270μg/L of iron (reporting limit 20μg/L) and
21μg/L of titanium,
41 times its reporting limit of 0.5μg/L.
These are the metals proposed to be sprayed on us by geoengineer, David Keith.

#ChemTrails #GeoEngineering #SolarRadiationManagement #SRM

Obama exposed as White House 'salter' -- foreign CIA operative, puppet, with…
He's not an Islamic Muslim... He's a CryptoJew... He's catered more to Israel than any other U.S. President, including when they were murdering 10's of thousands on the Gaza Strip. He's done everything George Soros has ever wanted... The whole Muslim thing is a distraction... Oh, and then there's his ties to the CIA...

The Story of Your Enslavement #StephanMolyneux 

     Stephen Molyneux
Buzzfeed Publishes Shocking Fake News About Donald Trump 
#FakeFeed #GoldenShowers
- - - - - Mon Jan 10 2017

Day 53 - Where is Eric Braverman?
Petraeus' Odyssey Libya, Syria, Turkey, Greece Morell Apologizes For Getting Iraq WMD Wrong Mike Morell Charlie R...

Day 74 - Where is Eric Braverman? Part 1
Gaddafi's Gold, Hillary's FoPo and DoPo 1 2 Punch FoPo is short for Foreign Policy, DoPo is short for Domestic Policy FB Group #HRCRatLine Due to the…
Want to get really tuned in? George Webb is an amazing investigative journalism who has done a a fantastic job of connecting the dots. The videos are semi short - 12 mins and have information that is very hard to find....
Here's Day 74 in the well-documented, short video series exposing Hillary Clinton's ongoing operations in the Middle East and Haiti. Among many others, the operations involve The Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, Clinton Guistra Enterprise Partnership, General Patraeus, David Morell, General Grange, George Soros, HSBC, ISIS, and NATO and involve the theft of $300 billion and weapons from Gadaffi in Libya, attempt to overthrow Assad in Syria, child sex trafficking, and the construction of oil pipelines. Jump in wherever, but the series starts on Day 53 which is posted on my wall below. 
Day 77 - Where is Eric Braverman? Part 1
Who Killed Monica Petersen? Coup Countercoup Comey Has Had Marc Rich's Documents For 30 Years Who Killed Monica Petersen? More Police Powers…
You really can't write a better story than this, but it's not a story, it's actually happening right now. Here's Day 77 in the incredibly well-documented video series exposing Hillary Clinton's illegal operations involving the theft of $300 billion and weapons from Gadaffi in Libya, attempt to overthrow Assad in Syria, child sex trafficking, and the construction of oil pipelines in the Middle East, Europe, and Haiti. Check my wall for all the previous videos. The series begins on Day 53 and is updated daily.  

Day 78 - Where is Eric Braverman? Who Killed Monoca Petersen? Part 1
Finding Our Moral Compass Comey Has Had Marc Rich's Documents For 30 Years Who Killed Monica Petersen? More Police Powers For FBI? Trump…

Start with the FIRST LINK on TOP if you like for DAY 53 as the days flow from that video.

     9/11 was an inside job 
Compilation of a dozen explosions before the demolition of building 7 was recorded and never…

CGI Expert Blows Jerusalem Lorry Attack Fakery Wide Open
A CGI Expert has completely exposed the Jerusalem Lorry Attack Footage. What we are shown is complete and utter garbage and an insult to our intelligence.…

Ask yourself if IDF soldiers would really react that slowly, and stupidly, really, for real? 
Looking for a local or state fluoride-free campaign to join where you live? Visit our World Alliance to End Fluoridation to locate some of the existing campaigns throughout the world.
If you don't see a group in your town or state, and would like to get involved, email:

Fluorosis is on the increase, while tooth decay stays the same epidemic... #stopfluoridenow

Opinion: Fluoridation of NYC Water Useless, Harmful to the Poor - The Bronx Chronicle
The New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation says fluoridation is one the biggest public health blunders of modern times, not supported by science.
EDUCATE - Mike Adams the Health Ranger has created a testing lab ... check it out Monsanto Is Scrambling To Bury This Breaking Story - Don't Let This Go Unshared! 
I am frankly shocked this information is not making front page news right now. 
Monsanto will do anything to bury this story… and as of right now, it’s…

Is it possible for the BPA in receipts to get under our skin and into our bloodstream? Click the image below to watch the video:
BPA on Receipts: Getting Under Our Skin |
Using skin lotion or hand sanitizer before touching thermal paper (cash register receipts and printed tickets) can facilitate the absorption of BPA into the body.

see also as they BROKE THIS STORY! MOST toxic receipts in USA are CVS USPS and SAFEWAY BPA Coats Cash Register Receipts 

Study: Hand sanitizer increases BPA absorption by 100 times!
Using hand sanitizer is very much a new norm in American society, but should you and do you really need to use it? Studies show it’s actually dangerous! The...

see also as they broke the story that Thermal Receipt Paper is 1000 x more toxic with BPA than a plastic water bottle.
Trader Joes uses BPAb? BPAs? not sure which substitute they use; SCARY! Who Knows? 

SAFEWAY CVS and USPS are the 3 MOST TOXIC BPA thermal receipt papers! In that order. according to EWG also good resource

     Stefan Molyneux    
The Death of Nations: Globalism, Immigration and Migrant Crisis

Riots Have Erupted in Mexico Simply Because the Peso Has Plummeted Causing Gas Prices to Spike

Top 10 Times the United States Interfered with Foreign Governments

With Obama giving his farewell speech tomorrow in Chicago, I hope people share this video to fully under his legacy and what he REALLY achieved!
5 Things Barack Obama Wants You To Forget About His Presidency
In this video Luke Rudkowski addresses U.S President Barack Obama's farewell speech in Chicago and gives you context on his real legacy that you won't hear a...

Germans protest transfer of US forces to Europe

     White Girl Bleed A lot 
The Famous Hampton Back Pack Hold Up -- Black on White violence

Is Goldman Sachs Taking Control of the Trump Presidency? 
Pam and Russ Martens have compiled an amazing roster of
present and former Goldman Sachs executives ensconced in
the Trump transition team and announced as Trump appointees.
One of the thugs who abducted and tortured the white mentally disabled child made a video threatening to murder white people. THE VICTIM WASN'T TARGETED FOR HIS DISABILITIES, IT WAS BECAUSE HE WAS WHITE.

This is what society has come to. This is part 1. The four scumbags responsable have been arrested. The young special needs man being tortured is being treated at an area hospital. This took place on Jan 3rd 2017

- - - - - Sun Jan 8 2017      for when FB sucks
GAB allows you to write 300-character shares
yes people are migrating in HOARDS away from FB and into GAB 
due do FB Censorship, throttling of reach of posts,
annoying ads,
privacy invasion
not to mention top down Govt Control, CIA funding, etc.
The Awakening - Max Igan - Full Length Documentary (2011)
Links below to related topic; Poison from the Sky. And why the Self Destruction is a timely alt to FB censorship

Turmeric curcumin found to improve artery function ( For those who have to sit all day for work, turmeric may help counter the damage from lack of movement. However, one should still try to include 40-90 minutes of physical activity each day. 

A man on the street challenges people's core beliefs about food.
This guy is effing brilliant!!!
A Fascinating video by Earthling Ed. Visit his YouTube channel for more videos:
Be careful folks. It’s dangerous out there! You really need to do your research and be on your toes at all times when it comes to nutritional advice especially from someone in a white coat! 
With all the scientific data available that soy is not a healthy part of anyone’s diet, it shocks me how many folks are still on the “soy is good for you” bandwagon – even people who should know better like your doctor! (The first leading cause of death in the USA) #SOY #GMO #GMOSOY

3 Facts That Destory The CIA Russian Hacking Story
While the media goes on about the latest declassified CIA report that supposedly proves Russia's Putin Hacking the U.S Elections getting Donald Trump into…

NDAA 2017 PASSED - Tracking Foreign Propaganda - CENSORING YOU 
Scott Bennett comments on the bull-shit Russia hacking meme

Dr. James Fetzer comments on the bull-shit Russia hacking meme
Phil Schneider - Deep Underground Military Bases
Gods with Amnesia: Subterranean Worlds of Inner Earth

Jayda's Soapbox: M62 Shooting - Muslims RIOT in Bradford!

“F@&K White People” Chicago Kidnapping: Aftermath

This is a coup: the Homeland Security takeover of US elections

On Friday, the traditional day of the week for
quietly releasing big news that will hopefully be
ignored by the public—and also obscured by the
Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting—the chief of
Homeland Security announced that his office will
be taking over US elections. If you can’t see the
coup in progress, you need to keep looking until
the message comes through.

     Home Drones
Armies of drones may provide security for homeowners

See here: ISLAM is the RELIGION of PEACE ok? 
oh and also they will slit your throat, ok?
- - - - - Sat Jan 7 2017

Are you still drinking this poison?
Get Your Microchip for World War 3

This is why you cannot beat depression.

     Corbett Report
With Rule 41 the FBI Is Now Officially the Enemy of All Computer Users

Troops "may face combat" in areas of growing Taliban control...
U.S. Marines Headed Back to Afghanistan’s Helmand Province
Yet again, U.S. Marines are being deployed to Afghanistan's Helmand Province.

At the same time as the British government reclassify cannabidol (CBD) as a medicine, the DEA have somehow managed to brand it with the same iron as schedule 1 drugs such as heroin and crystal meth.
CBD Oil Reclassified As Medicine In Britain But Thrown In Same Bracket As Heroin In U.S.
The DEA considers CBD oil as dangerous as heroin and crystal meth.

How the Media Turned Al Qaeda into a U.S. Ally in Syria

The FBI and CIA have now both confirmed that Russia intervened in the 2016 U.S. election to help Donald Trump win–but Trump's not buyin' it.

     Facebook CIA connection
Do you have a facebook? First ask about the funding Follow the money trail... This video reveals the true aim of the Facebook conspiracy: Data mining for the...
Douglas Valentine on "The CIA as Organized Crime";
James Perloff says "USA is the new USSR"

Truth Jihad radio with Kevin Barrett 2017.01.06

Douglas Valentine on the CIA as Organized Crime
Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2016.12.27

False Flag Weekly News with Kevin Barrett, and Tony Hall 1/6/2017
Posted: 06 Jan 2017 03:59 PM PST 

James Corbett: The Revolution of The Mind
Thanks to James Corbett for this video. Visit his channel here:

     Muslim Gang Attacks
Muslim Gang Attacks a Tourist in UK for drinking alcohol on the street

As this video shows people are starting to get tired of the BlackLivesMatter bullies blocking the roadways.

When everybody realizes Walmart doesn't have enough security to stop everybody

The Pacific Ocean is currently at least 5-10 times more radioactive than when the US government dropped numerous nuclear bombs in the Pacific during and after World War II. This due to Fukushima.

     FaceBook Security
 I know some are not allowed. But others are INNOCENTS caught up in the simple 2 word search net. You are chopping off friends in your bycatch of your search.

you will be blocking innocent friends who just happen to have both words in their profile

For example if somebody says they work SECURITY at the TOYSTORE and post their VIDEOS on FACEBOOK. Then they get CAUGHT UP in this silly 2 word search for FACEBOOK SECURITY

- - - - - FRI Jan 6 2017

     FT Lauderdale False Flag?
Fort Lauderdale Airport false flag shooting, January 6, 2017 +Psy-op by government, police & media
This video exposes the Fort Lauderdale false flag shooting hoax of January 6, 2017, carried on by the…

Recent gun control talking points: a) mental health (perp was going to counseling, check!) b) veterans coming home are unstable (perp was ex-military, check!) c) no one needs multiple magazines (perp swapped out multiple mags until empty, check!) d) should TSA allow firearms to be transported in check in luggage (perp carried firearm in luggage and retrieved it in baggage claim, check!) And lastly, Florida Legislature was set to consider a bill allowing guns in airports next week. Senator Greg Steube unveiled SB140, aimed at overturning existing gun bans at airports and college campuses. This narrative was spit out on CNN as I'm laughing out loud as fast as I hear the words, it's almost too predictable. And they indicated that Delta didn't feel the need to call police. Yes, that is what they said. And the perp just laid down his weapon after shooting and waited to be arrested. Really? Cops are mowing down unarmed citizens for holding a cell phone because they "feared for their life." If this is just a crazy random happenstance then I'm a monkey's uncle.

False flag to get support for the UN Weapons Treaty...? At a gun-free zone
"Male Shooter age 22-24 Totally Calm, Random Shooting......." IS THIS A SET UP? 
 9mm..... with 3 Mags. "Shooter threw his gun down and had NO intention of leaving! 
#SOROS #ManchurianCandidate #Patsy #WhatAmIDoingHere #IwasPutUpToThis #Agenda21 
#WasNotMyGun #IdontEvenHaveAgun #IwasDrugged #IwasToldToDoThis #IwasForcedToDoThis

Shooters name is ESTEBAN SANTIAGO....Sounds like a Cuban Refugee that got plucked by Soros' agents.

Heard he came off a plane from Canada. Interesting also he has a military I.d. how did they find that out so far?


He claimed his checked gun from Canada… from baggage claim, went to bathroom to load. - Erin Elizabeth

     FT Lauderdale False Flag?
Here's what Jim Stone had to say about it... He's probably pretty right on:       

This was done by the U.S. military intelligence or CIA probably under final directive from Obama to convince Trump and/or set the stage for gun confiscation from the mentally ill and vets. I have read over several reports and this is my conclusion:
American military intelligence either found a susceptible military enlistee or a susceptible member of the public to brainwash and program and/or hypnotize into doing it. It may or may not have been real, but the so-called shooter thought it was. They made sure he got on the plane with a gun in his baggage, to use at his destination. It may have been loaded with blanks. When he got to his destination he executed his programming and woke up.

Under interrogation he remembered being taken by American intelligence (CIA or other) and forced to watch ISIS videos. He knew they were American intelligence, so they must have been wearing uniforms. He probably had it all happen in the jail of a large military base to keep it concealed as well as possible. He has specifically stated he was taken and forced to watch ISIS videos. And during this time, they probably programmed him to "convert to Islam" as the icing on their psy op, and he probably does not even know Al Fatiha or any other sura of the Quran which is required for prayer. It would actually be a complex job to accomplish that, and it appears his programmers were too sloppy for that.

My guess is that all of it was dreamed up and rushed to completion AFTER Trump won the presidency because the patsy is not adequately programmed and seems to be remembering everything. That would be a GIGANTIC OOPS. They are supposed to either be dead or so mentally wiped out that nothing of the sort that is being said by him would ever be said. They screwed this one up big time.

This was obviously done to justify more "terror checks" on airplanes, to back stab veterans, to get gun control legislation passed - and it was a HUGE SCREW UP. You do not have your patsy saying American intelligence forced him to watch ISIS videos before doing this unless it is a MAJOR screw job, SUCH A MAJOR SCREW JOB that it is my guess white hats screwed it up on purpose after receiving orders to do it that they did not agree with.

By all measure, they did a SH*TTY job of programming the guy, made sure he still had a huge amount of his memory, put him on the plane with blanks, and the rest of the story was scammed by a lying media and actors. If the bullets were real, whoever programmed him to do this screwed it up ON PURPOSE, AS A MINIMUM. There is no conceivable way he'd have arrived knowing he was forced to watch ISIS videos absent an enormous and/or purposeful screw up. 

 #FakeLivesMatter #CrisisActors #FalseFlag #FakeTerror #GunGrab #Agenda21 #UNagenda21 #FalseTerror #NWO #NewWorldOrder #SandyHoax #SandyHookHoax #SandyHookisFAKE #BostonUnBombing #BostonBombHoax #BostonHoax #TrouserBomber #2A #GunConfiscation #GunConfiscation #CalGuns

A powerful and educational article written by experienced medical professionals and thyroid experts, Richard Shames, MD and Karilee H. Shames PhD, RN.

Here's why they changed their minds on fluoridation:…
We Changed Our Minds About Fluoridation: Here's Why
Drs. Richard and Karilee Shames, experts on thyroid health, share their thoughts on why they changed their minds about fluoridation of water.
7 Insane US Government Conspiracies That Actually Happened | We Are Change
While it can be easy to dismiss some of the more outlandish conspiracy theories floating around on the Internet, it’s important not to lose sight of the fa

Political Insanity: Outgoing President Obama’s 'Operation Atlantic Resolve' against Russia. #Russia
Czech government tells its citizens how to fight terrorists: Shoot them yourselves
A couple of months ago, Czech President Milos Zeman made an unusual request: He urged citizens to arm themselves against a possible "super-Holocaust" carried…
"Encapsulated bacteria in this work, (Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus albus) and bacterial viruses (T7, T4, λ) managed to survive the electrospinning process while maintaining their viability at fairly high levels. Subsequently the bacteria and viruses remain viable during three months at -20 and -55 °C without a further decrease in number." -

White Girl Bleed A lot

White Girl Bleed A lot
Racist Cameras Catch More Black People Breaking into Cars

This is the Hypocrisy America is talking about.
This man in Chicago who was tied up & beat for no reason. If the tables were turned. Every store, liquor store on your block would be burned down 🔥. This is the Hypocrisy America is talking about.

 Fake News and The Truth
Florida Shooting Suspect ‘Lost His Mind’ In Iraq, Was Investigated For Child Porn
U.S. Special Forces, Tanks Arrive in Europe to Support NATO vs. Russia
FBI Says DNC Lied, Denied Permission to Inspect Server
U.S. Says Putin Directly Ordered Hacking to Help Trump
A Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dropped 26,000 Bombs in 2016
How the Media Turned Al Qaeda into a U.S. Ally in Syria
5 Major News Stories You Need to Know That Broke This Week
Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting: 5 Dead, 8 Wounded, Suspect in Custody
CES 2017: With Machines Taking Over, Is Car Insurance A Thing Of The Past?
January 5, 2017
January 4, 2017
January 3, 2017
January 2, 2017
January 1, 2017
December 31, 2016
- - - - - Thu Jan 5 2017
     Follow the money.
Why Japan Refuses Immigration and Multiculturalism
Bloggers and Videographers, if you want to get your material seen, Join our Homepage: Contact: Heather at: -…

’Foreign intelligence services’ may be linked to Istanbul club massacre – Turkey’s deputy PM #Istanbul #Turkey

Clif High-DOW & Gold $125,000-Hyperinflation Coming 
On gold and silver, Internet data mining expert Clif High says never mind the recent price drop. High says, “They’re real money, always have been, and you ar...

     WHOOLI'S BLOG 2017.01.05 Thursday
1 Kevin Barrett: US nuclear arms industry depends on worst strategists
2 EFR MID-WEEK NEWS with David James 1/4/2017
3 Chael Sonnen: Ronda Rousey Was A Media Creation, She Bought Into Her Own Hype

Kevin Barrett: US nuclear arms industry depends on worst strategists
Posted: 04 Jan 2017 05:33 PM PST
*9-11 Fast and Furious
*The New Babylon Those who reign supreme - free PDF

EFR MID-WEEK NEWS with David James 1/4/2017
Posted: 04 Jan 2017 05:21 PM PST

Euro Folk Radio Midweek News with David James. Sit back with your beverage of choice and let David James decipher some of the stories in the news.

Show-page   EURO FOLK RADIO      Download
Chael Sonnen: Ronda Rousey Was A Media Creation, She Bought Into Her Own Hype
Posted: 04 Jan 2017 05:17 PM PST
*9-11 Fast and Furious
*The New Babylon Those who reign supreme - free PDF

- - - - - Wed Jan 4 2017

Electromagnetic warfare: San Francisco hit with high frequency EMF, Central Valley hit with a much lower frequency, 1-4-17 -

#ChemTrails #GeoEngineering #SolarRadiationManagement #SRM
With Rule 41 the FBI Is Now Officially the Enemy of All Computer Users

What Pisses Me Off About The “F@&K White People” Chicago Kidnapping

#BREAKING: Chicago Police say four people are in custody after a young man was tied up and tortured on Facebook Live. The suspects can be heard yelling, "F*** Donald Trump! F*** white people!"
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.