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Faith hurts the most on R Shoulder with External Rotation and Abduction

L shoulder same but to a lesser degree. Whereas a year ago the right shoulder was better and less pain. 

R Shoulder is more painful for External Rotation and Abduction but it is stronger. 

R shoulder is also easier to do shoulder circles. R shoulder does bigger shoulder circles. Up forward. Up Back. Down Back. Down Front.

- - - - - 

118 / 56 O2 sat 97 96.9 temp. HR 55 Resp 18 Faith Kaiser Katherine Claire Larsen last home visit 

yesterday Faith reported that she woke up seeing double vision without her vision. Mon Oct 16 2017 and tue Oct 17

Double Vision where one image is atop the other 

Right eye sees image blurry to top Left 11:00 on the dial. this image is blurry fuzzy. This started 24 hours ago.

Hopefully tomorrow when we get the 16” focal length prism reading glass lenses installed… she will read well.

Dr. Larsen will Send a note to Dr. Le today describing lazy right eye… which used to be her good eye, but now that Kaiser has us in limbo for 3 seasons to perform cataract surgery for right eye. 

SADLY Kaiser did not INFORM us that the reason they would not perform bilateral Cataract surgery for infection danger from eye to eye. 

Had we KNOWN this we could have performed R eye Cataract surgery soon after L eye cataract surgery. :(

Now it has been 9 months and the RIGHT EYE which used to be her GOOD EYE…

remember the doc Chen said he was hesitant to perform cat surg on L eye as that had optic nerve damage and our hope was only 50/50 for improvement.
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