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California Cautions Cell Phone Users: Keep Your Distance 

Cannabis cultivation may threaten mountain lions of Santa Cruz mountains, scientist says

Wow imagine this is what we put in our temple
Censorship is truly █████████ and that's all I've got to say about it.

- - - - - Tue Dec 12

Please don't spray "Reddi Wip" on your pie... and warn your loved ones about these ingredients. These cans are filled with factory farmed milk, mono-and diglycerides (hidden trans fat), and carrageenan (linked to gut inflammation and cancer). Instead of this you can whip up some coconut cream to make the most delicious pie topping ever! Here's how to make it:

Former Facebook executive: Social media is ripping society apart by manipulating users


Joe Biden is a kiddie-touching Monster. - - - - Mon Dec 11 pm

Meet the woman who started a street revolution  

little Bang DeEr internet;
Youíre good at getting bored with stuff.
But letís make sure we kick abuse Out of our habits before we get bored with #metoo.
Letís stir the conversation until we stir the boat.
p.s. Iím aware that I get slightly Berzerk, itís temporary.
Iím aware I probably make a lot of mistakes. All hail the gods of imperfection : ) 

Beautiful animation on the cycle of nature! 

Stefan Molyneux Failed New York City Terrorist Attack

  Peking Clipper Ship Cape Horn
2nd try. Just found this rare old footage of a clipper going around cape horn. Was made many years ago by an old mentor of mine. Enough to make you give up the sea and become a date farmer. 

  But Sweden is making a huge transformation to being multicultural. Zionist Jews like Barbara Spectre say Sweden will just not survive unless itís taken over by primitives from Africa, the Mideast and ďAsia.Ē Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of ChristianÖ
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