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R.I.P. FaceBook. Good Riddance. FB Censorship. Notice activists are banned now from FaceBook, after x number of Jail Terms. FB is now censored. 
For this reason you need to communicate with friends and associates VIA EMAIL. NOT via FascistBook. Use other Networks: 
SF events 
approx. 1x or 2x / week. just the Most Critical Posts! on these 6 networks above!  Frequent posting on all that matters, when not in FB censorship jail, which is why you might follow the 6 links above!

5G Is Electronic Warfare - DOCUMENTED HEALTH EFFECTS, 24/7 Surveillance, Control

The New 5G Technology: Why It Could Destroy Nature & Humanity (+Solutions)
     Stefan Molyneux     Freedomain Radio     VIDEO GAME ETHICS
- - - - - Thu Dec 28 

     Stefan Molyneux

"WHITE LEFT" : China's New Internet INSULT - Bugmen BTFO - Black Pigeon SpeaksBlack Pigeon Speaks

How The Banks Bought Bitcoin | The Lightning Network 
Video from Roger Ver, a Bitcoin founder-type person, offering an explanation of recent developments from a fairly geeky perspective ... If he’s wrong, I would surely like to hear someone tell me how so.
Kristie Bruce, in summary of the video wrote: "It is my opinion that all cryptocurrencies were promoted by the Central Bank long before BTC ever existed. Down in the crypto file you'll find a 1995 meeting with them and the Treasury Dept. detailing how they wanted the development of private electronic currencies. Why? They got literally hundreds of millions of dollars of free software development, most of which is now completely open source and free for them to use. The best hackers and programmers in the world have done all the heavy lifting for them. So now, they've got a completely designed system for them to eventually step in and take over. All that needs to be done now is to destroy the private coins and introduce their own."

- - - - - Wed Dec 27   

Berkeley Police chief speaks out against Antifa's violence there...
VFN on YouTube:

12 of the Worst Places to Live in the U.S.

The Fruits of Socialism.Downtown Los Angeles, Christmas Day 2017. 

GREATEST HITS: Dots are connecting themselves over black violence in San Francisco Bay area Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB Youtube and Patreon

 Colin Flaherty Documents Black Violence Daily 
#DinduNuffin #DinduNuffinn #Dindu #Nuffin 
#WhiteGirlBleedAlot #DontMakeTheBlackKidsAngry

Milo DESTROYS Black Lives Matter Myths with Basic Statistics
Milo Yiannopoulos DEBUNKS ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ myths with basic statistics.
5 Most Important Facts HERE->
Black men are 6.5% of the Population but they commit 52% of the MURDERS 

- - - - - Tue Dec 26  

Cognitive decline may be slowed by leafy greens

Earth's motion around the Sun, not as simple as we thought..!! 

- - - - - Sun Dec 24  

Ditch triclosan-laced commercial hand sanitizers! You can easily make your own sanitizer using natural and organic ingredients.

This is how a small Japanese town produces zero waste.

What blood types can give to eachother? A great tutorial.. we hope it will be shared a lot. 

How to Stop Fighting Between CatspetMD 

VibeSquaD surprise set 12.23.2017 

Socialism summed up in 100 seconds. A interesting segment from Russia Today
Who better to speak about Socialism, Communism & Fascism? 
Socialism summed up in 100 seconds. Conservative MEP Danial Hannan ponders why the ideology is still so revered 100 years after the Bolshevik Revolution.

Felidae Conservation Fund 110 Tiburon Boulevard, Mill Valley, California
Environmental conservation organisation

How To Make the Stealth Shelf! (Homemade Concealment Shelf)credit The King Of Random 

- - - - - Sat Dec 23 

Man plants a tree in the same place every day — 37 years later, the world is amazed by the result 

People are secretly cutting down trees in our rainforests, but our old cellphones can stop them.

Merry Christmas to the fakebook politburo and all security trolls constantly spying, stealing and squealing information (for profit) and props to all my fellow fakebook fugitives out there!! 
NEW INSIGHTS ON THE LAS VEGAS FALSIE: The Mandalay Bay shooting was a cover for a botched Saudi prince assassination attempt, then had to cover for all the illegal guns Paddock the gun runner (and patsy) was meant to deliver and be used in the attempt. These are ANON posts, but synch up with the events we've pieced together:

FRANCE - 26 Cars were burnt at parking Lott by the Arab Immigrants

- - - - - Fri Dec 22 post  
Found this.......Wow !!!
Mandalay Bay Saudi HIT LV NV sorry I am in FB JAIL for 30 days so can not share there :( FUCK ZUCK! 

URGENT! Twitter has deleted us. YouTube have censored us. I urge all of my supporters to open an account on Gab, our new social media home that won't be closed down! Find me here:

    CA LEGAL? 
See how to do an AK-47 that shoots cardboard.  Download Templates:

- - - - - Fri Dec 22 pre

A federal judge has ruled in our favor, to allow our lawsuit against the EPA to continue to move forward.  This ruling was picked up by a prominent law website, which in turn has been picked up by Reuters.  So the news is out: WE ARE WINNING. The next phase will be discovery. 
VICTORY: Judge denies EPA’s motion to dismiss our case!

Facebook Handing Over More Info To US Government: 'This Is What Facebook Was Designed To Do'

The Sun is Cooling Faster than Anyone Suspected

Recorded in slow motion for maximum effect and viewing enhancement.This view should have more people interested in learning about the "Solar Radiation Management" programs initiated by NASA and the chemically induced injection of heavy metal nano particulate compounds into our breathable oxygen supply.North Carolina6/19/2017
Mandalay Bay Saudi HIT LV NV sorry I am in FB JAIL for 30 days so can not share there :( 

     Jayda Fransen 
Wake up! Our homelands are being swamped! 

What do you say to a parent if their child acts like this in public? 

Two hours after birth this happy thumbsucker has been fed, held by her mother and she is ready for an exam in the presence of her family. As she is the third baby, the father has asked the grandmother to cut the cord before the midwife checks and weighs her.An Intact(placenta) Birth is about using common sense and a compassionate approach to childbirth - the separation of the placenta from the baby should not be hurried and thoughtlessly performed. Immediate cord clamping is unnatural, and even more harmful when the cord is still pulsating. There are no clamps or scissors in nature. We know that waiting to cut the cord restores the baby's blood back to her from her placenta, promotes crucial bonding (keeps a mother and her baby close together), and faciliates microbiome colonization by the mother. As research advances, the reasons to have an Intact Birth becomes more imperative. The baby's blood and cord is rich with stem cells.Even before much evidence emerged about the importance of the baby receiving all her blood, there was never a really good reason for premature clamping and cutting. Separation should be the exception rather than the rule. Even in emergency cases where babies need help, 
keeping the cord intact until it has stopped pulsating #waitforwhite is best thing you can do for your baby.(Follow/like the Intact Birth page to get updates and research) 

- - - - - Thu Dec 21
5G Is Electronic Warfare - DOCUMENTED HEALTH EFFECTS, 24/7 Surveillance, Control

The New 5G Technology: Why It Could Destroy Nature & Humanity (+Solutions)

Declan Waugh trump-epa-indefinitely-delays-bans-deadly-chemicals 

Take back the crosswalks. 

Our friends over at Save the Snowflakes have an important update. 
Even their efforts to help save snowflakes from being offended, they've unintentionally offended snowflakes.

- - - - - Wed Dec 20    

DO NOT PUT ALL YOUR EGGS in ONE BASKET, whether it is MY SPACE or FaceBook. These platforms ROT then Disappear. 

Keep a list of your EMAILs of Friends. DO NOT rely on FascistBook to be there in the future.

SF events 
updated throughout the week 30 day jail for being an activist. BOYCOTT FASCISTBOOK.

Don’t keep cell phones next to your body, California Health Department warns
Don’t Cut Those Trees!
#CaliforniaWildfires :: They may look dead after last month’s wildfires killed their leaves and blackened their bark. But most are not dead – and more often than not, letting them alone will result in vigorous new growth next spring, just a few months away.
“California’s trees have adapted to wildfire over thousands of years,” explained Sonoma Ecology Center research program manager Caitlin Cornwall. “That’s especially true of the many varieties of oak trees here, which really make up the backbone of Sonoma Valley’s forests and woodlands.”
Cornwall added, “The bigger the oak, the thicker its bark, the greater the likelihood the tree survived.”
     An Antidote to Chaos
With Jordan Peterson and Stefan Molyneux

     Stefan Molyneux
What Pisses Me Off About Leftist Propagandists


Three men used hammers to break into display cases at an Arnold area Target store and steal several Apple products worth at least $28,000.  More info:

  Water is healthy, less so when you add crushed up Xanax.

- - - - - Tue Dec 19   
Group of fellas put a white kid in a coma. Mom says media slandering her angel. YouTube drama 

Videos thwart another attack on another white family in Houston. Plus, what would Richard Pryor say? Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB Youtube and Patreon

     ISLAM is HATE
A man in Algeria attacked a naked female statue with a hammer

These explosions are insane!!!


- - - - - Mon Dec 18   

If animals treated us the same way we treat them...  

The FCC just killed Net Neutrality... It's not over, but it looks really bad.Let's talk about what comes next.

Why it's good to be anti-Islam

Crusades were a defensive response to ISLAMIC assault on Europe: MAP: 

Feminism Islam Western Civilization 

While the rest of U.S. workers are worried about sexual harassment allegations, workers in Oklahoma are worried about beheadings. 

Coincidence? Antifa Bragged About Sabotaging Train Tracks In Protest Of Coal Before Today's Deadly Train Derailment In Washington 

Flashback: Antifa Admits Train Track Sabotage Near Tacoma to ‘Stop Fracking’
Antifa behind Tacoma train wreck?

Antifa Website Admits To Pouring Concrete On Amtrak Tracks – May Have Caused Derailment?

BAM! Exploding decoy box uses blank 12-gauge shells to keep porch pirates at bay Would you get one? 

Dealing with Millennials made easy! #Millennials101 

- - - - - Sun Dec 17 
Feeling powerless about plastic pollution, right? Wrong! Here are 10 bits of plastic you can quit today. 

Workplace hazard. China is NOT CAL-OSHA compliant. 

- - - - - Sat Dec 16  

Pulsed microwaves drive wildlife from NSW World Heritage Park 
Broomhall states in his report that “it is evident that pulsed microwaves are particularly toxic”. He says that this matter “should be considered a National Emergency”.


- - - - - Fri Dec 15 

Guest Blog “Phonegate: The Health and Industrial Issues of a Global Scandal” by Marc Arazi 

Net Neutrality Affects Us All Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Episode 317 - American Voice Radio, December 15th, 2017 - Support The Crowhouse:

     Traffic design
Aus diesem Video könnten die Hamburger Straßenplaner noch so Einiges lernen 

     BITCOIN /

Immigrants Attack Security Guards in Sweden Subway

     Colin Flaherty
Gentrification drives the fellas to attack and kill two social justice warriors in Chicago and SC Black Violence Documented DAILY on FB Youtube and Patreon
Colin Flaherty 
Colin Flaherty YouTube Channel

- - - - - Thu Dec 14

Don't Drink Another Drop of Water Until You See This!!.
Please Don't Forget To SHARE This Video ! 
Voss SmartWater Ethos Dasani Aquafina plastic bottled water are all acidic 

     Pat Condell
Islam must go ! Its good to be Anti Islam

Sexual Civil War With Michelle Malkin and Stefan Molyneux BAIT BOX - Revenge is Sweet! MORE BAIT PRANKS!
Study Shows ‘Diversity Barriers’ Are Useless at Stopping Terror AttacksTotal Scam: Concrete blocks do not stop trucks

Surviving the ambush!The hottest new thing in firearms training is fighting from the vehicle. Watch this video and see why this new trend is a fallacy and never taught in accredited professional law enforcement agencies across the country.Keep safe

- - - - - Wed Dec 13 pm

Top 10 reasons to GO VEGAN 

US Schools are Banning Cell Phones in Classrooms 

Meet another one of Genifer's super-intelligent and super-cute relatives. 
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.