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Fri FEB 10 East Bay Burners Social Returns! Fri 19:00 Oakland 

Fri FEB 10 Club Exotica presents: Kiss Me 21:00 @ Slide SF 430 Mason St, SF Union Square 

On The Edge 7 Erotic Exhibition Valentine’s Wknd Feb 10-12 @ SOMARTS 934 Brannan SF @ 8th St  

     Sat FEB 11
Sat FEB 11 10:00–12:00 FREE! Big gardens in small spaces: The adventures of container gardening @ Wanlass Park 2999 21st St, San Pablo  

Sat FEB 11 Sat 21:00 Rhino Love - A Valentine's Party  @ Public Works 161 Erie St SF pre $10 door $20

     SUN FEB 12
NUDE VALENTINE'S DAY PARADE - SUN FEB 12 @ 11 AM Sunday, February 12, 2017 from 11:00 AM to 02:00 PM Jane Warner Plaza to City Hall and back in San Francisco, cross streets: Market and Castro

2A rally and march on the state capitol Sunday at 10:00 Raley Field...Sacramento RiverCats 

Second Halloween 2 Sunday at 15:00 BRIX 581 5th St Oakland 

     Valentines Day
48 Fun Things To Do on Valentines in San Francisco

Tue FEB 14 Valentine's Day Bridgewatch (Suicide Prevention) 14:00 SF Golden Gate Bridge 

DANGER: I lost 1/2 of my hearing in Left ear @ PillowFight 2012, within human voice range of 250 -500 Megahertz. loud permanent ringing prevents my good ear from understanding conversation in noisy environments
Dumb THUG hit me from behind with 7 foot pillow even though I did not have a pillow and was standing on sidewalk of Market st. SF Gathering emails.
Ask other witnesses, EMTs, attendees, etc. There is a gang of 6 or 7 thugs most years who gang up on weaker folks and just beat em down; to the ground
Was true in 2012 and 2013. 2011 had more like , you know, gun shot type of crowds running SW on Market after ? gunShots, WTF!
Pride has same problems, shootings at A: CIVIC CTR BART / Grove @ Hyde / market B: Larkin North of McAlister another year. etc. yada yada yada 
2 Shootings I've witnessed post Pride occurred   AFTER 6pm AFTER Sound permit is cut off and thugs wanna pop a cap 
Crowds of thugs run around 4:20 in Golden Park TOO! super Violent in 2015 @ 6/7pm when alcohol kicked in. Gang of 6 thugs running around assaulting innocents, SCREAMING: "WORLDSTAR! WORLDSTAR! hitting unsuspecting people and picking fights. Not very 4:20 at all. :( YouTube WorldStar FYI
4:20 Really went down hill in 2014. I have to call out this violence cause lefty Brainwashed PC NAZIs in SF will not. so the problem gets worse. ASK any EMT of FIREFIGHTER, they've seen and treated the bloody injured.
If you've helped clean up after pillowfight you may have hefted the sandbags within pillows, etc. hopefully you've not been hit / injured

Tue FEB 14 PillowFight SF Tues 17:50 @ Justin Herman Plaza 1 Market St SF 

Gourmet Vegetarian Bughouse Chess & Dinner Club Tue Feb 7 7pm 6420 Colby St Oakland

Wed FEB 15 18:00–21:00 Dandelion Chocolate & Anchor Beer Pairing @ The Chapel 777 Valencia St, SF @ 19th st
    March 2017
)'(  Burnal Equinox Art • Music • Performance • Theme Camps • Laughter • You!
March 4 6:00 pm – 4:00 am @ Public Works, 161 Erie St, SF (between Division & 14th St in the Mission)  
This year’s Burnal theme will focus on humor and rituals related to it! Humor comes in many forms and is an essential part of human survival, play, and even innovation. Laughter can change perspectives, open minds, and pave the way for understanding and deeper human experience. At a time when there has been grief, trauma and fear, we will seek to respond by creating a safe and sacred creative playground for humor and perseverance to unfold. 

MAR 4 2017 SF Onesie Pub Crawl Sat 18:00 

·      Sunday Streets Mission – March 12th, 2017
·      Sunday Streets Bayview/Dogptach -  April 9th, 2017
·      Sunday Streets Tenderloin – April 30th, 2017
·      Sunday Streets Sunset/Golden Gate Park – June 11th, 2017
·      Sunday Streets Mission - July 16th, 2017
·      Sunday Streets Tenderloin - August 20th, 2017
·      Sunday Streets Western Addition - September 10th, 2017
·      Sunday Streets Excelsior - October 1st, 2017
For more information about the events, visit 

Pi Day (Tuesday, March 14, 2017) BEWARE parking Meters operate until 11pm near Pier 15 SF @ Green 2 Blocks North of Broadway
Tuesday–Sunday 10am-5pm 

MAR 18 Beware the Brides of March 2017 Sat 14:30–20:30 @ Bar Fluxus 18 Harlan Place, SF @ Grant Btwn Bush / Sutter 

     April 2017
APR 1 Sacred Dance: 8th Annual 'white party' SydGris / Opel / Opulent Temple @  Regency Ballroom 1300 Van Ness Ave, SF 21:00–3:00 $30-40

APR 7-9 Lucidity Festival 2017: Eudaimonia @ pinShow MapLive Oak Campground 4600 Chumash Highway, Santa Barbara 
Lucidity Festival is stepping into the 6th and final chapter of its epic saga of personal and collective transformation

APR 19 Bicycle Day 2017 Wed 21:00 SF 

APR 20 Psychedelic Science Conference 2017: Digital Visionary Workshop Thurs 10:00 · Oakland Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 at The Civic Center Plaza

     May 2017
)'( )'( Sun May 7 2017 St Fair Howard @ 2nd St SF Come See Cirque Du Soleil performers walking the show… and more

MAY 7 The Summer of Weird 7 May at 12:00–20:00 How Weird Street Faire Howard St at 2nd St, SF Tickets Available 

)'( )'(  Bay to Breakers Sun May 21, 2017 SF 10am -Noon at GG park panhandle then Haight st.
Bring a Picnic Brunch to Pan Handle GG Park for 10am-Noon cause you will NEVER meet more 20 somethings in costume than today.

Free Community Night (after 5:00 p.m., Friday, June 23, 2017) BEWARE parking Meters operate until 11pm near Pier 15 SF @ Green 2 Blocks North of Broadway
Tuesday–Sunday 10am-5pm 

Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 14, 2017) BEWARE parking Meters operate until 11pm near Pier 15 SF @ Green 2 Blocks North of Broadway
Tuesday–Sunday 10am-5pm 

Free Community Day (Saturday, September 23, 2017) BEWARE parking Meters operate until 11pm near Pier 15 SF @ Green 2 Blocks North of Broadway
Tuesday–Sunday 10am-5pm 

Free Community Day (Sunday, October 22, 2017) BEWARE parking Meters operate until 11pm near Pier 15 SF @ Green 2 Blocks North of Broadway
Tuesday–Sunday 10am-5pm 
Full Moon Calendar 2017
- - - - - NorCal Festivals + )'(
HSBG BonFires Fri Sat Sun eves, fires out by 9:30. Cops sweep anytime, often 10pm and ask that no glass, alcohol or drugs…
May 24-29  Lightning in a Bottle 2017 presented by Do LaB in Monterey County Bassnectar, Kaytranada, Bonobo 
2091 New Pleyto Road, Bradley, California  

)'( JUN 9 Enchanted Forest Gathering 2017 9 June–11 June Laytonville CA 
)'( June 29-July 2 High Sierra Music Festival @ Quincy, CA
JUL 14-17 Northern Nights (5th Edition) Piercy CALIF 

)'( )'( Aug 17-23 EVENT PAGE :  $350 Super early bird payment plan on sale Jan 30

)'( )'( )'( Aug 27 - Sept 7 2017
Kiss - Burning Man 2016
"Kiss" is copyright by Prince Shot at Burning Man 2016 - watch in HD! Thanks to everyone who took part. If you liked this check out the other similar videos ...
#BurningMan2016 #YouTube #DroneVideo #BurningMan #BM2016 #BlackRockCity #BRC #playadust #WelcomeHome #drone )'( #
Drone's eye view of Burning Man 2016

Things you need to know about getting a ticket this year!
Well, hello fellow Burners.
Just a quick note about tickets for this coming Burning Man. The event itself begins August 27th and ends September 4th. Information about ticket sales can be found on this page: 
I also suggest you head over to and create a Burner Profile when you've got time. You'll be using that profile to register for tickets. Cost is $425 Each for the general sale. If you opt to drive in, you'll also need to get a vehicle pass for $80.
Some Important Dates:
March 22: Ticket Registration begins. You'll log into your Burner Profile, and on the toolbar on the right you'll see an option to register for a ticket.
March 29, Noon PDT, 3pm EDT: You'll log into your Burner Profile, and you'll have an option in the toolbar on the right to buy a ticket. It will queue you up, and gods willing one of us will get through and will be able to buy 2 tickets.
April 26th, Noon PDT, 3pm EDT: Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) opens. This is the system that Burning Man has built to allow folks to return unneeded tickets for a full refund. Thos tickets are then sold to folks in the STEP program on a first-come-first-serve basis.
July 26 Sign up for a final block of tickets, called the OMG Tickets. Same process as general ticket registration on March 22nd.
August 2, 3pm PDT: You log into your Burner Profile and follow the same purchasing steps as you did on March 29th.
So, all told that's three chances to get tickets.
I've never known anyone to not get a ticket if they commit to going, and in fact near the end of the summer, there are folks that are usually giving their tickets away because obligations keep them from going.
Finally: a quick note about getting onto playa
You should check out which is the website for the bus and air shuttle onto playa. This is, full stop, the best way to get onto site if you're not bringing a huge amount of gear with you and ends up being distinctly less expensive than renting a car.
Let's get dusty!
Mountie Regional Contact for Burning Man Meta Regional Member
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.